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Yet some cheating: 11/25/2017 17:18:15

Level 57
I think this game also is to be considered as cheating:

Only two picks found in order to not loose. And no information about this. Most low ranked players don't find these spots, and making other picks, and then simply loosing.

The player playing setup a lot of similar kind of quick games and win them all.

I think this is cheating.
Yet some cheating: 11/25/2017 17:23:41

Level 58
You've seen this, right? https://www.warzone.com/wiki/Cheaters

Given how Warzone works, there are more potentially terrible templates than there are playable ones. If you find an unplayable or sneaky template, best you can do is not play it, blacklist that player, and if you think it's worthwhile warn other people.
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