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Cheating?: 11/25/2017 16:58:44

Level 57
I consider this game is cheating:


The setup gives there're only one pick to make at the beginning if you don't want to loose. So If you don't make that pick, then you loose.
The opponent that not make and get this first pick, loose the game as no units are provided at all from the beginning.
The player who get the only pick gain 1 unit at first turn, which is enough for expanding and begin to earn more bonuses.
The settings also give big favor when attacking.

So basically, you need to get this single spot already from the beginning in order to be able to win.

Edited 11/25/2017 17:00:55
Cheating?: 11/25/2017 17:10:22

Level 60
There is at least two viable picks. (1 territory bonuses)
Cheating?: 11/25/2017 17:11:19

Level 58
That's still even odds (Cyclic move order). It's a lottery template.

I wouldn't play on it personally, but it's not cheating either.

@TBest: What's the second viable pick? I only see Paris as a 1/1, the other 1-income bonuses are each 2/1.

Edited 11/25/2017 17:13:12
Cheating?: 11/25/2017 17:19:25

Level 60
Going to admit it took me some time to find it the first time.

Right side of the map, the bonus/Territory Belfort. (Pink)
The other one is Paris, as you mentioned.

Edited 11/25/2017 17:19:41
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