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Movement Routes: 10/14/2017 22:03:16

Level 21
Movement routes or deployment routes is an idea for an improvement to reduce micromanagement load throughout Warlight, and especially in Local Deployment games. I've played one or two Local Deployment games, and found that you spend a very long time finding the right locations for deployment and placing all the armies, and then giving those sets of armies orders every turn to move toward the front--though this is also the case at times in a non-Local Deployment game. This suggested improvement would greatly reduce the MM load for Local deployment. I suspect some people completely avoid Local Deployment games due to the MM load. I know I have.

Basically, the idea is that you can set up automated routes for your troops to follow. Right click and drag from any of your territories to another of your territories. From then on, all units placed in that territory will automatically have their orders set to move to the second territory. Right click the territory once to remove the automated route. Left click still works like normally. This way you can set up gather points for your troops to then manage them more closely. Especially useful with Local Deployment since you won't have to set up a bunch of move orders for individual groups of armies--just have them all automatically move to the front.

Further, you can right click and drag across multiple territories to rapidly set up automated routes, or modify your current routes. A solid colored arrow will be shown pointing from one territory to the next, showing the direction of automated troop movement--probably a deep golden arrow with a thick red outline, so that no matter what color you've chosen for your territories, the arrow is always visible.

And if for some reason right click can't be used for those functions, perhaps a keyboard key could be used, or possibly a new button added to the interface if necessary.

If possible, it would be nice to combined the routes with a new deployment system as well. The player could be given an option to either let them manually place their armies, or have them automatically deployed into the territory or bonus they're created by. Armies deployed in bonuses would probably be randomly sprinkled across them, but there would be no more than a a difference of 1 allowed between the highest and lowest deployment--so you could have a bonus with armies deployed like 1 1 1 0 1 0 1, but not 1 1 0 2 3 0 5 1.

I think this idea would be very useful and save oodles of time, making Local Deployment a much more viable feature, particularly in multiplayer.

You can find the Uservoice entry here: https://warlight.uservoice.com/forums/77051-warlight-features/suggestions/31886488-deployment-routes

Please vote it up if you like it.
Movement Routes: 10/14/2017 22:23:04

Level 60
Right click and drag from any of your territories to another of your territories.

Have to work for both pc and phones so right click is not the way to go. But you could do something like what is done with Buy Cities (M. only atm. It is basically just a button), that is only there for LD games.

or have them automatically deployed into the territory or bonus they're created by

Unfortunately, I think Fizzer have stated that auto deploying is hard, due to super-bonuses. {some technical explanation here}
EDIT: nvm, Beren is right. That^ was why superbonuses are not in LD.

I think everyone wants a feature like this, and hopefully it will come to unity at some point. But first, we need Unity to be released :P

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Movement Routes: 10/15/2017 02:15:00

Beren • apex 
Level 63
Overlapping bonuses wouldn't be an issue for LD games since they're not allowed in LD.
Movement Routes: 10/15/2017 04:27:39

Level 58
Just have to appreciate how someone with the username Iconian is interested in speeding up movement. Have you thought about having Gateways?

Edited 10/15/2017 04:28:00
Movement Routes: 10/15/2017 06:02:37

Level 21
lol No, honestly I had not thought about gateways for Warlight. I've generally seen Warlight as more of a planetary-based game. Gates are less applicable. But still, yes, I suppose that could be cool if there were ways to rapidly transport troops back and forth over your territory.

But I do love stargates in other games. Loved Stars! in particular. I actually started using "Iconian" way back in 1998, playing the now ancient Space Empires III and Stellar Crisis. There was just always something about the Iconians that fascinated me, even though they had almost no coverage . . . incredibly advanced, misunderstood, destroyed out of ignorance . . .
Movement Routes: 10/15/2017 14:34:49

Level 52
I think it would be possible to make a mod for this in Unity. I know mods can add/change orders, so you could make a mod that automatically adds orders at the beginning of each turn so you wouldn't have to manually set them.
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