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Single player map "A different approach": 9/26/2017 03:10:18

Level 7
Hoy ! This map is god damn hard. I tried like everything, if i focus somewhere the AI just seems to attack me together, if i try to expand, the AI stop me like 2vs1 or 3vs1, if i try to chase the commander i lost everything but i don't seems good enough to just focus on expansion, AI is way better for this.

Seriously, i'm the only one who can't win this one ? I'm on this one since like an eternity and it make me hate this game.

Help :c
Single player map "A different approach": 9/26/2017 03:27:28

Level 43
That one took me a couple tries too. Here's what I did:

Expand on the main land only. Do not expand into the ocean. It will just make you a target. Fill up North America but stay a territory away from Britain and Ireland. The two players in Russia and Africa will fight it out while you head south into South America and Antarctica.

I met my first enemy right at the bottom tip of South America. Send everything you have trying to beat him and when you feel comfortable that he's beat start hitting all the oceans to protect your mainland.

I think I went from Alaska into Russia before I ever finished South America but didn't make it a huge priority. By this time the other two AI'S should have thoroughly beaten each other up and it should just be a matter of slowly working in to their generals. I did it by going up from south Africa and west through Russia.

Hope this helps. It felt pretty good to finally get that one out of the way.
Single player map "A different approach": 9/26/2017 03:33:05

Level 60
Oo, I beat that level in zero turns?! LoL @Fizzer, I got a bug report for you :P

Anyways, the level is pretty easy, just keep expanding. Oh, and keep in mind that you don't need to move your armies with your commander in the beginning. The commander can eat neutrals all by itself.

There is no AI team here, so in order to beat the AI you don't need to fight them that aggressive, just don't loose ground. (Through for gold star you need to be aggressive.
Single player map "A different approach": 10/25/2017 12:36:53

Level 60
I took me 11 turns to beat this lvl. After retrying 3 times. I basically tried to find out if ais spawned somewhere near their previous spots, i basically just went over seas, attacking most areas leading east and west. When i met an ai i defended before then countering it the next turn. When i finally had found em i went all in on the commanders one by one. If the ran u could still use my stack to keep tryn to kill it. While i fought the others. Eventually i killed two of em at the same time(one of em was surrounded by my stacks).

And as TBest pointed out the commander help u alot by killing neatrals for "free"(attack/defends as 7 usually).

Ofc you gotta keep youre trace on those borders, where the ais can attack and not.

I was pretty agressive after i found their spots. And killed em off fast at turn 9,10 and 11.
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