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Clan League History: 9/20/2017 19:20:29

Level 61
In case you are wondering...

Podium places

CL1 - WM*
CL2 - Apex/WM, WM/Apex, AHol
CL3 - WM, Apex, AHol
CL4 - WG, WM, Apex
CL5 - Apex, WG, WM
CL6 - Apex, GG, WG
CL7 - Apex, French, GG
CL8 - Lynx, Masters, Turtles
CL9 - Masters, ONE, Outlaws

All the Clan League details are shown on our clan website:

*Note: CL1 has no score sheet, I just have some tournament links I found and they are listed. Since many of those players have changed clans, I did not take the time to sort out who was competing for what clan. If that was done by someone, the scores could be tallied. If anyone wants to do that, it would be really cool.
Clan League History: 9/20/2017 19:41:11

Level 60
ahaahah, CL1 had drama :D

Why did I think otherwise :D

Thanks for shearing Chris!
Clan League History: 9/20/2017 20:02:00

Cloud Strife
Level 61
I think Onoma is trying to reconstruct season 1.

Good to have all this, thanks.

Edited 9/20/2017 20:02:51
Clan League History: 9/20/2017 20:06:05

Level 62
Thanks Chris!

First 3 seasons of CL finished inside a year....
Clan League History: 9/20/2017 20:12:07

Rogue NK
Level 59
Much obliged, Chris.

The first CL was before Clans were introduced and people just put it in their name, right? What was the first CL after Clans were introduced?

Edited 9/20/2017 20:28:27
Clan League History: 9/20/2017 20:30:48

Level 61
There were quite a few before Fizzer made the official clan system. WG did not exist for the first couple, not sure if we have any clan that has competed in all 9 now.

Also, they used to be much less template wise with more participants in them.
Clan League History: 9/20/2017 20:35:20

Level 62
101st might have played in all of them? VIW maybe?
Clan League History: 9/20/2017 20:36:40

Level 61
101st and VIW both missed the first season.

relevant link:
https://www.warlight.net/wiki/Clan_League (unfinished work)

Edited 9/20/2017 20:47:12
Clan League History: 9/20/2017 23:38:20

Level 59
Season 10
Will start in 2019.

Lol - aren't you a bit optimistic though ?
Clan League History: 9/21/2017 01:18:32

Level 56
i think FBG might have participated in every clan league
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