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Coin game system: 5/29/2017 21:23:50

Word Walker 
Level 66
The coin game system currently inhibits many players from participating because there are a few very good players, I call them sharks, that dominate the games. I believe there would be more participation if we could control the games by including our black lists as well as the prerequisites.
Coin game system: 5/29/2017 22:14:31

Level 68
I dont really see a solution to it. Warlight isnt like poker, in that a noob can luck out with a good hand and beat a good player.

So if even just an average player deposits and plays coin games now then theyre likely to lose it all. So with what you're suggesting it would benefit them to just blacklist everyone better than themself? If everyone does that then nobody will play each other.

Warlight needs a bigger playerbase and a smaller rake to have any chance.
Coin game system: 5/30/2017 02:25:19

Level 63
Agreed. One thing that is annoying is not being able to make custom small wager coin games that aren't earth or small earth or turkey. I played a ton of 2 out of those 3 just to get to a decent amount of coins and it wasn't that fun doing it. Even if it is not that fun, I would still do it if it wasn't for the 1000 coins controled limit imposed on the entry for small wager coin games :(.

The coin system as it is right now is mostly beneficial to like +/- 15 players, that sometimes are over specialized in one particular template. You need to be elite or almost elite in my opinion if you really want to aim for that 7,5K of coins (minimum amount withdrawable), otherwise you are likely to lose your coins even if you are a good player.

Edited 5/30/2017 02:26:44
Coin game system: 5/30/2017 07:45:28

Level 64
I would like to see coin team games
Coin game system: 5/31/2017 21:17:44

Hidden Hand 
Level 56

Edited 5/31/2017 21:43:18
Coin game system: 6/1/2017 02:08:25

Level 63
It surely would be cool to be able to make custom team coin games that aren't forced to me tournament games.

Edited 6/1/2017 02:08:36
Coin game system: 6/1/2017 08:32:54

Level 53
Can we make the coin games to go below non-coin games? I always see coin games first.
Coin game system: 6/1/2017 10:17:42

Level 62
^Fizzer (the creator) on purposely did this to promote coin games. Chances are the coin games will stay where they are. If you installed https://www.warlight.net/Forum/106092-mulis-userscript-tidy-up-dashboard, then you could hide coin content.
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