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Edge's Clan Rankings: 5/26/2017 16:00:15

Level 63
Many others have done it before me. Now i will follow their example and make my own clan rankings. The last ranking i found was from Benjamin at the end of 2015. So it's about time to make an update.

Of course i have to mention, that these are strategic clan rankings. I didn't took the strength of diplomacy into consideration.

Here are the pure stats of my rankings, explanations will follow below:

Before i start, i want to explain my rankings. I didn't took inactive players into account. I didn't took alt accounts into account. I didn't took players like timon into consideration for any clan, since his main is in the great Fizzer Appreciation Group.
I took a look into the players of 38 clans, listed 545 players into my rankings and looked up some more who I didn't included (no impact into final ranking). I ranked the players from 1-10 points. After i did that i got some first results. Now i wanted to get more accurate rankings due to the problem, that some clans got „punished“ because of their size, while other clans have just a small number of players. So i took the 10 best rated players of each clan to get more accurate rankings. Then i went through the results and took a look at the number of players who were included, because some clans just had 6 to 8 players, so i made minor changes manually to finalize these rankings.

Here is my explanation to the 1-10 point criteria:

10 – elite players, they needed to have done exceptional well on ladders, and all kinds of competitions in a long period of time
9 – close to elite players, they needed to have done exceptional well, too, they just have small areas where they still need to be better to consider them as elite players
8 – very good players, they had some success on ladders/competitions, just not on all kinds of competitions yet, i took a rating of 2050/2100 as a benchmark, through that doesn't mean i put them into that category if they just hit these ratings once on a run
7 – good players, benchmark of above 1900 to 2050
6 – above average players, benchmark of above 1750 to 1900
5 – average players, benchmark of above 1600 to 1750
4 – below average players, benchmark of above 1450 to 1600
3 – bad players, benchmark of above 1300 to 1450
2 – very bad players, benchmark of above 1150 to 1300
1 – newbies, benchmark of 1150 and below

As i said these are just benchmark ratings of all the ladders. I tried to follow them, but in some cases it didn't made much sense, since the highest rating can be very different to the standard one. The same goes along with the explanations of the highest categories. I tried to find some measurements to get results who are as objective as they can be. But of course unconsciously there are always subjectives views included, even if i don't want to. Especially in the two highest categories, some of you might take other players into account.

But whatever, let's start the fun!

(Due to the length I need to split the rankings in two separate postings, which will follow now.)
Edge's Clan Rankings: 5/26/2017 16:00:34

Level 63
1. MASTER Clan (8.9/10)

Despite the fact, that they didn't won the last Clan League, there is no doubt that the Masters are the best clan on Warlight today. They have high quality players in their clan including 4 players, that i rated as elite players. To name them: mod, MotD, Timi and QB. Others like Jz (who i rated close to elite) complete the strongest clan on Warlight today.

2. [Lynx] (8.5)

If any clan can challenge Masters, it's gonna be Lynx. They don't have the high quality numbers of elite players. I rated only andy into the elite category, but with Hades, AG and a new member in Rento they have 3 players who are close to elite. Their strength is their depth with 11 players rated in the very good category of players and of course their abilities in team games, which was one of the main reasons why they won the last season in Clan League.

3. |GG| (8.2)

GG are going through a pretty rough time, relegating last season into Divison B of Clan League and having quite an interesting fight for the promotion spots in B at the moment. The loss of Motoki really hurts them, not only because he's one of the best players around, but also because they get into depth issues. With Ollie and Mifran they still have two elite rated players in their clan. I put Mister T into the close to elite tier. Than there are some guys around them, who still can compete, but GG itself is in a critical state, where they have to fear the same destiny, that other clans had to face in the past. The latest addition of K might help them.

4. Icelandic Turtles (8.1)

Not close behind GG, the Turtles got ranked in on the 4th place. They did quite well in last years Clan League. They finished behind Lynx and close behind Masters on the 3rd place. In comparison to the these clans, they don't have the depth, through they still have 2 elite players in Buns and USA Biches and some very good players around them. The addition of Kaerox was important and as long as they don't lose any of those players the Turtles will be considered as one of the top clans.

5. Outlaws (8.0)

Founded 10 months ago Outlaws are an uprising clan, who made its first appearance in those rankings. Despite the fact that they currently have a hard fight to stay in Division A of Clan League, they still managed to get into the top 5 in this ranking. The latest recruits of Odin and Widzisz played an important role for that. With Krzysztof and Odin i rated two players into the elite category. Since the foundation of Outlaws they managed to develope some of their players into very good players, like Njord. A large number of good players around them give the clan all together a great base for the future.

6. ONE! (7.7)

One are doing a phenomenal job in Divison A of Clan League. They seem to be pretty safe from relegation. One of the main reasons for that is Beren, who i have rated close to elite together with Holdway. PJ is doing an amazing job as well, going 5-1 in both his 1vs1 tournaments. With malakkan One has an uprising player lately, who completes a clan that not only manages to play to their potential, but also keeps up their developement, despite some of the losses they had.

7. French Community (7.6)

The French Community is doing consistently good on Clan League and had a huge addition in Qi before the current season started. Qi is at the same level as the top players today. The French have other very good players, like Wazz in their clan, but their biggest strength is probably their ability to play good together as a team, which they showed especially 2 seasons ago, when they were fighting for the championship.

8. M'Hunters (7.3)

M'Hunters are in an intense fight with VS and GG about the promotion into Division A. That will probably be interesting especially between M'Hunters and VS until the end. In this ranking i have them ranked ahead of VS. M'Hunters doesn't have the single player, who stands out as much as in other clans, but they still have some very good players, like AI, TBest or 90. There are a lot of other players on almost the same level around them, so M'Hunters can field a good depth.

9. [Blitz] (7.4)

Blitz don't play a good season of Clan League. Their performance is lacking in Divison A and so they will very likely relegate to B again. Their best player is Giantfrog who seems to be inactive, but i heard he's still playing sometimes on an alt (no, not in TJC). I'm not sure if that's true, but i decided to include him here as an elite player. (without him the rating would drop to a 7.0) Another reason is, that also a player like KKND doesn't play with them in Clan League, so there u have 2 of the currently 3 best players of Blitz missing. The loss of Wini hurts them, but the addition of Chris and also Xenophon were good for the future of the clan.

10. VS (6.8)

VS is an interesting clan to look at. They are doing really good in Clan League and are still in the promotion race for a spot in next seasons Division A. Their advantage towards M'Hunters lies in Inside and Varroa DeStructor aka Glamorous. Inside is a close to elite player for me. Ultimately i ranked Glam into the very good players category. A problem of VS is the depth, which is also the main reason, why the rating is that much lower than the ones of the clans ranked ahead of them.

11. [WG] (7.0)

Despite the fact that there rating is higher than the one of VS, they are rated below them, since i only could take 8 players into consideration for WG, while i took 10 players for the other clans into consideration. Inactivity is a huge problem for WG. I have rated smileyleg and alomsttricky as very good players. The others either seem to be past their prime (f.ex. Oh Noes) or are just not quite there for me. The last 2 seasons of Clan League seem to confirm that.

12. Hydra (6.8)

Hydra has the same rating as VS, but still need to prove themselfes in Clan League, so i kept them in opposite to VS behind WG. The biggest strength of Hydra is their depth. I think ppface is a very good player and they can field other good players, which gives them a good base for future events.

13. 7th Heaven (6.67)

Their rating is only based on 6 players. That's not as meaningful as the one for the other clans. They field some very good players, including Belzebu (who i took into consideration since i see him playing in future Clan Leagues for them as well). U could argue, that Belzebu is an elite or close to elite player due to my measurements, but i think he isn't as good as he once was, so that's the reason why i put him into the very good player category. Others are good as well. You habe to mention Zack Fair, who delivers a great performance on the MDL. So the clan has some quality, only the depth isn't existing, yet.

14. Statisticians (6.0)

Currently Math Wolf and Jackie Treehorn are the two best players in the clan. But I like what they are doing lately. They got some new players in their clan, giving them more potential and depth for future Clan League seasons. They are already doing fine and have a shot to promote to Divison B.

15. Fifth Column Confederation (5.9)

FCC is doing quite good as well. With Super Smoove they have a very good player in their clan, to help them developing into serious contenders for a spot in Division B. But also others like Drizzy Drake or Aura Guardian are doing good and supergamerz has made a good developement over the last months as well. Their depth is not quite there yet, but they are on a good way.

16. {101st} (5.9)

Blowfly is definitely the biggest legend in this clan. No doubt to that. Besides him krunx is very good, ranked 1st on the 1vs1 ladder lately. After the loss of Kurdistan to Lynx i needed to update the rating, so that's why they fallen out of the top 15. Besides Kantos, 101st needs to build up more quality upfront to keep up with the pace of the other clans fighting for a spot in B in the future.

17. Vikinger (5.9)

The Vikinger were rebuild lately and have already some good players in their clan. Brutus, Galan and AquaHolic. They have some depth, so right now they would be the strongest new clan who could enter Clan League next season.

18. Apprentice (5.8)

The best players of Apprentice currently seem to be Min34 and Gulius Jäsar. But u should keep an eye on Midazalom and Koope Troopa through, since both are doing good on the MDL and quite solid on the 2vs2 ladder. Apprentice has the depth to build up some more quality.

19. CORP (5.9)

Their rating is slightly better than Apprentice, due to Quicksand who is a very good player, but also someone who isn't here regularely as it seems. Dutch Desire, formerly known as Orange wasn't taken into consideration from me, since i heard he left GG, because he doesn't want to play startegic games anymore. Corp has a lot of other guys to build on, but without Quicksand they aren't yet on the same level as the other clans, ranked above them.

20. Acme Co. (5.7)

Acme was able to keep up the pace with Hydra and FCC, ranked on 12 and 15, which shows that they have a few quality players. ACL Tears is in my opinion close to elite and with biggreen15 and DarkNinja they have two other important players. They could get more quality for the players behind them, through.
Edge's Clan Rankings: 5/26/2017 16:00:51

Level 63
21. Brothers In Arms (5.5)

They were the early surprises in all of Clan League this season, but they fall back to reality. Although they don't have any shiny names as other clans, they are still pretty good on team games and especially the team on China 2vs2 is doing a phenomenal job, sweeping that tournament so far.

22. SNinja (5.44)

One player is essentially important for SNinja and that is rakleader. I rated him close to elite, because i feel like he's the main reason that the 2vs2 and 3vs3 teams with him had that success on the ladders and on Clan League. Beside him there are a few solid players. The depth is a problem for them. I could take only 9 players into consideration.

23. Glorious Vipers (5.4)

This clan is very difficult to rank in, since i know, that there are a lot of alts in this clan, so i'm almost certain, that i missed to exclude some alts. It's a relative young clan, with some really solid players, like Dar, Cendity and _ (indeed a name). Overall their biggest asset is their depth. They have a lot of players in the mid tier categories, to build on in the future.

24. New World Order (5.3)

Basically this clan is Ben. He has developed into a very good player. Besides him nWo has some mid-tier players. Not enough to overtake the clans ahead of them, but if they can manage to build up one or two more players, to a consistent good level, they could be able to compete in a possible participation in the qualifier stage of CL 10.

25. Huns (5.22)

I think it would be really interesting to see Huns participate in future Clan League seasons, so if someone of them reads this, please think about this option. With MG ♦ ɌeLite ♦ and Leonsver_HUN they have already two good players and Odabasz Kapitany isn't bad either. With some more mid-tier players they could field a competitive lineup for such a competition.

26. [V.I.W] (5.1)

Although their performance in Clan League isn't pretty good, they still have some solid players in their clan. Carlos Danger, AWOL GI's, elbee and lately ilpeggiore are players who could play an important role for VIW in the future. Unfortunately for them MoOoOoOoO seems to be gone into inactivity.

27. Lu Fredd (5.0)

First of all congratulations for getting into group C of Clan League. That is a pretty good result. Lu Fredd has some depth. Kalati, Nicat, max and Master Failure are all solid players who could become stronger in the future. Even if they lost Lucien Mueller lately, they could be able to compensate that loss pretty fast. It will be interesting to see their developement in the next months.

28. Preußen Garde (5.1)

I have them on a 5.1 rating, because i included Anna into their rating. She is the best player of the clan, but seems to be gone inactive. Without her the rating would drop to a 4.8. Besides her the best players of the clan are probably cnxer, Aurx and Lux. Since i know some of their players, it would be great to see them developing into a clan, who could compete even stronger in future clan league seasons.

29. GGr (4.875)

The little brother of GG has some more work to do. They got some solid players into their clan. schubbei, Tiny Koala, Ryno Fury and shadowclaw to name a few. They are players to build a clan around, but as well as their big brother GG, GGr has to build up more depth in the future.

30. The Juggernauts Clan (4.4)

Since i excluded alts from my rankings i was really interested to see the rating of TJC. I'm a bit surprised in a negative way, but i think it shows the problems of the clan pretty good. They still have some good to solid players left with f.ex. dry-clean-only and Carlos. But they also have a lot of below average players at best. The lack of quality in their depth showed up.

31. HAWKS (4.4)

Hawks are another clan that misses a shiny player, but who are always doing just fine with the depth they have. Their best rated player is let's fight. Besides him there are other average to below average ranked players who are always good to surprise some clans in Clan League. They just don't have the consistency yet to comepte on a regular base with stronger clans.

32. [BR] FUDEW (4.3)

The Brazilians are another clan that doesn't participate in Clan League. Still u can see some of their players regularely on tournaments and ladders. JaponeSafado and others like xande are solid. They might lack some depth at the end, but alltogether they don't need to hide themselves and i do think they could also play a solid role in Clan League, if they would decide to participate in the future.

33. Divided We Fall (4.33)

I already said it about some other clans and i have to say it here as well. Their depth is concerning. There were only 6 players i could consider in this ranking. fireice is a good player, and they have some solid players as well, but all together a to little number of active players in their clan. DWF needs to get some fresh blood into their clan.

34. German Warlords (4.2)

The German Warlords are also a clan i know pretty well. With Suschel they have a good player in their clan. Others like prozac and jonas are solid as well and with Fc Bayern and Janine, they have 2 experienced players for team games. In Clan League they could do better, but i think they didn't take the competition that serious and gave everybody a chance to play.

35. [NL] Dutch Forever (3.9)

The Dutch are also interesting to watch in Clan League. They aren't embarassing themselves and give everybody a fight for the points. Their most successful and probably best player surfpizza did really good on Guiroma 1vs1 this year. Besides him they have a few others average players, like Mathjis, they just miss the depth of mid-tier players to be ranked higher.

36. Poon Squad (3.4)

They did quite good this year in Clan League, finishing 4th in Q1. Their best player is by far matrixtch, who is solid overall. They have some more okish low mid-tier players in their clan, but overall they really lack the quality, through they did ok on team games, so it seems the chemistry in the clan is quite good.

37. Footballguys (3.11)

We just had with Poon Squad the 4th best clan of the Q1 group and now we have with FBG the 5th played clan of Q1. FBG has some really old players in their clan. From them Dragons is a solid player. This Guy and Tick are ok as well, but other than them FBG is too short of quality.

38. Olympus (1.5)

Last but not least Olympus. The wrath of the gods will hit me, but there isn't much to say about this clan. Their best player Cerberus is inactive, so not considered in my rankings. All together there aren't much active players in the clan, only 6 who i ranked in and all of them aren't exactly that good, to be kindly.

Not included clans due to a less amount of active players:

Thanks for reading and I hope you enjoyed it. Now i'm looking forward to your opinions.
Edge's Clan Rankings: 5/26/2017 16:13:23

ZaZa The 🐧
Level 55
Nice list! Master vs. Lynx would totally be epic, and very cool to watch. Just wondering, was cats not included?
Edge's Clan Rankings: 5/26/2017 16:34:41

Level 63
Unfortunately i can't include every clan, so i took the ones into consideration who participate in Clan League and who catched my attention on other competitive events.
Edge's Clan Rankings: 5/26/2017 16:53:46

Sherlock Holmes
Level 55
Cool one Edge :)
I have been waiting for such a post for long time.

Good job :)
Edge's Clan Rankings: 5/26/2017 16:56:12

[V.I.W] recruiting time! Join us !
Level 63
Dear Edge,

Can i ask you , my ranking in your view?

Last time i was ranked 7.5 on 10 by Myhandisonfire, but I cant remember how many years ago it was.

Just curious
Edge's Clan Rankings: 5/26/2017 17:04:08

Level 63
I don't have a list of how i rated every player, i just went through them all and put them in.

But i think i rated u into the 6-point category.
Edge's Clan Rankings: 5/26/2017 17:09:50

Level 57
This is very nice, thank you for this. Very glad to see an onlooker who notices some of our clan's talent. Make sure to check out the tiered clan war rankings every now and then when you can!
Edge's Clan Rankings: 5/26/2017 17:22:30

Level 56
Cool list. Would be cool if you had the list of how you ranked players.
Edge's Clan Rankings: 5/26/2017 17:39:05

Level 61
Lmao Olympus always have existed to be last.

Overall I solid ranking I have a few squibbles with it (for.ex DutchDesire is playing tiered clan league and expressed Interesting in CL for CORP) but as a whole it is a phenomenal list.

Raw skill , Depth , Vitality , Future promise. All affect ranking but look like you took them into account well.

Edited 5/26/2017 17:39:17
Edge's Clan Rankings: 5/26/2017 18:17:18

Level 63
Motoki is now technically in GV, did that been taken into account? Also, what ladder(s) did you took into consideration? Only 1v1 or others like 2v2 3v3 RTL and MDL? Your rating is quite interesting and seems to be for the most part accurate.

Edited 5/26/2017 18:30:41
Edge's Clan Rankings: 5/26/2017 18:26:33

Level 62
i think motoki is seen as inactive
Edge's Clan Rankings: 5/26/2017 18:27:28

Level 63
Is he? I didn't know, but i can't know every alt.

I tried to take everything into consideration. 1vs1, 2vs2, 3vs3, RTL, MDL, AWP, CL, seasonal ofc as well

Edit: Motoki wasn't included, since i just knew, that his main isn't in a clan. Same for Pana, same for timon, who is in to much clans to rate him into one specific.

Edited 5/26/2017 18:31:00
Edge's Clan Rankings: 5/26/2017 18:31:33

Level 63
You see the guy high on coins leaderboard...I have been told that's his new main...

Your rating of clans is very interesting Edge, but ofc some parameters of clans are harder to judge. For example, M'Hunters might not have that many very good players, close to elite or elite, but they have an incredible depth compared to some other clans like VS for example. Your rating of clans is very dependent on a somewhat objective measure (ratings), but it is still arguable how much a rating represents the true level of a player. I understand though that other than the ratings on the different ladders, it seems to be hard to come up with an objective way to rank clans. Maybe some bonus points of some sort could be given to clans that have a lot of activity and/or lot of depth, because I think for me that's an important aspect to determine how a clan should be ranked. A lot of activity and/or depth shows that the clan is active and have new interesting prospects that are being trained.

Edited 5/26/2017 18:38:46
Edge's Clan Rankings: 5/26/2017 18:37:42

Level 49
First, Amazing job Edge! The first impression is that this gives a good overview of the ranked clans.

Unfortunately, as much as I would love to discuss specifics, it's very hard. Since you didn't keep a record of how you ranked the players. For example I have no clue who you have as MH's very good players (3) and who is MH's good players (7) in this ranking. Also makes it hard to see if you got the right alt's/inactive players considered too.

Also, kind of odd to see that having 1st on the 1v1 ladder, only makes you a Very Good Player?

However, this is a very good write-up and ranking of clans. Just that if we had the raw data behind, it could be peer-reviewed. Right now it's impossible to argue about the numbers you present, since we don't have the numbers. For example I can't say clan X should be ranked higher cus player Y is ranked low, but player Y did Z. So while I think some clans may be misranked, I don't won't to point it out, since I can't back it up.

EDIT: To make it very clear through, this is a great ranking thing you have done Edge. Must have taken some effort too! Good Job!

Edited 5/26/2017 18:42:37
Edge's Clan Rankings: 5/26/2017 18:51:59

Level 63
A 1st on the ladder doesn't mean anything for me. I even have players ranked in the good player category, who got 1st on a ladder.

U get trophies for all kind of stuff. Sometimes luck that better players/teams leave, sometimes just 1 good run, sometimes people even stall to get a high rating, so a 1st place or a golden trophy doesn't mean anything for me, because it not necessairly defines the skill of a player.

I tried to look behind it. How did the player got the trophy? Was he able to sustain his rating over a longer period of time, or did he just dropped down in his rating after he got ranked. What about other ladders.

I really just put players into the 2 highest categories, who had longterm success on all kinds of competitions. If there is someone who is a great single player, but can't play team games, he isn't included in the 2 highest categories. If there is someone who can play really well on Multi Day base, but can't play RT games well, than he isn't included. As i said in the explanation to the close to elite category. These players just have small things to progress to be considered elite and elite is just the absolute best. I really didn't wanted to fill these two categories with to many players.

I could have made a list to rate each player, but that would have taken even more time. I started to work on these rankings a week ago. With more work i could have make it even better. I'm pretty sure on it. Ultimately i think i put more time in these rankings than others did in the past, although i don't know how they did theirs, but that's the feeling i have.
Edge's Clan Rankings: 5/26/2017 18:54:31

Level 60
Nice one Edge - this is a good attempt at a tricky thing.

TBest ... I mean it's pretty obvious ... you can easily guess who are rated very good in MHunters, you don't know the best players in your own clan? O_o

Besides Edge makes it easy for you and just tells you - TBest, AI, 90 :P
Edge's Clan Rankings: 5/26/2017 18:59:43

Level 63
Right. These are the 3 i rated there. I wasn't sure about Emu Pub, also not about 90, but i know he's underrated, although his stats might not show it, so that's one of just a handful of players were i rated also after a personal feeling.
Edge's Clan Rankings: 5/26/2017 19:23:43

Level 49
"Besides Edge makes it easy for you and just tells you - TBest, AI, 90 :P "
On the last internal MH skill ranking, neither of those players are number 1 in MH. A ranking which, I do think is right.

Not really blaming Edge for not having super knowledge of all players in all clans :P

Also, I don't know how much time other clan rankings spent time on doing the rank. But you Edge, by far covered the most clans. Which, is natural, as there are way more clans atm, then it was before. Would certainty not except anyone to put down more time. More like, put down a few random clans and call it a ranking ;) The way you approached the ranking is very good!
Edge's Clan Rankings: 5/26/2017 19:43:25

Level 57
I see it sort of like an overview. Of course the list isn't perfect and there will be some mistakes, but it's an overall good list that evokes productive conversation ( just as long as no one gets upset that their clan isn't ranked higher.)
Edge's Clan Rankings: 5/26/2017 19:44:54

Level 61
Very nice list Edge. Very good job! Im going to give some comments, but they are more about my personal experience rather than real mistakes in the list.

they still have 2 elite players in Buns and USA Biches

I dont think Biches is on the same level as Buns. I'd rate Buns a 10 and Biches a 8 or 9. Even though Biches is a very good player, Buns is clearly on a completely different level.

Beren, who i have rated close to elite

Personally I wouldve rated Beren as an elite player :O

With malakkan One has an uprising player lately

IMO Malakkan is no longer an uprising player. He's been on a good level for a while now. Although I know you take the lenght of ones succes into account, I think its safe to say that malakkan is not really below PJ or Holdway anymore.

Currently Math Wolf and Jackie Treehorn are the two best players in the clan.

I know you didnt count Yeon since you counted him as inactive. But he is still around and IMO by far the best player of Stats. Its kind of hard whether or not to take him into account. But I think it wouldnt hurt to do so.

The best players of Apprentice currently seem to be Min34 and Gulius Jäsar.

Not certain I would put myself at the top of Apprentice. Scrooge is already at a high level and Phucilli has recently come back and has some serious skill as well.

ACL Tears is in my opinion close to elite

Kzry and ACL are on the same level imo. But they are rated differently :O

rakleader. I rated him close to elite

IMO Rakleader is elite.

9. [Blitz] (7.4)

Blitz don't play a good season of Clan League. Their performance is lacking in Divison A and so they will very likely relegate to B again. Their best player is Giantfrog who seems to be inactive, but i heard he's still playing sometimes on an alt (no, not in TJC). I'm not sure if that's true, but i decided to include him here as an elite player. (without him the rating would drop to a 7.0) Another reason is, that also a player like KKND doesn't play with them in Clan League, so there u have 2 of the currently 3 best players of Blitz missing. The loss of Wini hurts them, but the addition of Chris and also Xenophon were good for the future of the clan.

This is the rating I have the most problems with. IMO it is silly to count GiantFrog as active (especially when counting Yeon f.e. as inactive. Chris is no longer in the clan. I think you overrated this clan quite a bit tbh.

Edited 5/26/2017 19:46:32
Edge's Clan Rankings: 5/26/2017 19:47:23

Level 63
Great job Edge!

I have never heard something about an internal MH skill ranking :P
I think Edge has a pretty good feeling about how to rate players because he's very active. For example I have 19 common games with him from 4 different ladders. Of course, you could argue if CL performance is more important than ladder performance and stuff like this, but I think all in all Edges ratings are pretty accurate.
Edge's Clan Rankings: 5/26/2017 19:47:59

Level 63
It would be nice to have many different collaborators voting on this and make some sort of an aggregated score. The value of the score would hence be increased. It would also be nice asking the ratings of some guys Like EmuPub or me or guys like that that play a lot with less known guys in open real-time games that are probably better than most people think. Just don't ask Pichu (aka Scarlett), she is likely to give excellent grades to everyone hahaha ;)

Edited 5/26/2017 19:53:13
Edge's Clan Rankings: 5/26/2017 20:02:15

Olkani [PG] 
Level 63
Wow ... nice work Edge !
Edge's Clan Rankings: 5/26/2017 20:12:40

Level 63
@ Min

Biches did so well on so much different kinds of competitions. Personally i felt i need to include him as an elite player. But the players are so close, that it's always debateable and i do see why some say Biches shouldn't be there. For Beren, it were the 1vs1/MDL performances which holded him back for me. He's undoubteable one of the best when we're talking about team games.

I had malakkan as a very good player. I'm pretty sure on that, so on one level as PJ. I had Holdway as close to elite, maybe also debatable. PJ is doing really good on CL, maybe switching them would be better.

Krzy and ACL i think i might have put Krzy to high. I heard that a lot now. Others say Widzisz is to low, so at least it would negate itself here for the clan rating.

Rakleader was a tough one. I think there will be different opinions of players to put him from the elite category to the very good one.

To the other things. I put Yeon as inactive. I would have done the same with Giantfrog if i wouldn't have heard, that he plays on an alt from time to time (i don't know if that's true), so i decided to put him in. I didn't knew Chris left Blitz when i posted it. So yeah that would change things again.

Basically my ratings go back to last weekend, where i watched through every clan. During the week i finalized it, didn't look over everything again, just some small things and took clan changes into account.
Edge's Clan Rankings: 5/26/2017 20:31:10

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This is a an exceptionally solid ranking. Had to cost you a lot of time. I'm amazed.

People may disagree with you on some parts because personal opinions on players vary a lot, but from what I've seen the only suggestions are to move a bunch of players 1 rating up or down, not more, so that indicates that you nailed the ratings pretty damn good.
Edge's Clan Rankings: 5/26/2017 20:32:50

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It is why ratings would be way more accurate if let's say 1 person per clan would do the ratings and we would come up with an aggregated score.
Edge's Clan Rankings: 5/26/2017 20:37:34

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But it's not gonna happen as hardly anyone would be willing to put such an effort in it. That's the reason why Edge deserves an applause.
Edge's Clan Rankings: 5/26/2017 20:50:54

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