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I hate people that use numbers: 5/21/2017 23:35:02

Belgian Gentleman
Level 57
Puisque "Les grandes importants personnes aiment les chiffres"

You statisticrats can write my advice down. You're outside the danger zone for too long. Too fragile for a soul yet can't compassionate and interact/behave normally. Is it the cause of the more adult way of profiling behaving. Because the creative way of a creative child and nostalgia can never take place in a statisticrat's mind

《Quand on veut un mouton, c'est la preuve qu'on existe》 elles hausseront les épaules et vous traiteront d'enfant! Mais si vous leur dites: 《La planète d'où il venait est l'asteroïde B 612》alors elles seront convaincues, et elles vous laisseront tranquille avec leurs questions. Elles sont comme ça.Il ne faut pas leur en vouloir. Les enfants doivent être très indulgentes envers les grandes personnes. Mais bien sûr, nous qui comprenons la vie,nous nous moquons bien des numéros!

One chance out of nothing. Numbers don't mean anything. They're necessary evils to coope easy dilemmma's with. My westerner's Karma can't take me on... no more. Numbers kill over and over.

- J'ai été sotte,
lui dit-elle enfin. Je te demande pardon. Tâche d'être heureux.

- Ah ! Voilà a subject. Bow for me, the king, when do you understand the small prince?

- mais les bêtes ...

No jokes in a statisticrat's adult mind. Only formulas are long enough to fit countless numbers in.

Asteroïde 361,362,363,364,...

ARGH >x< It's totally disgusting it's hitting the sound of silence ,but it's also all coming tomorrow again.

Well in fact. Don't just act like the 《big》adults. When a Turkish astronome non-famously discovered a star in 1902 and he showed this to a great geographic conference for all sophisticated dull people, he was not taken seriously because of his dress.
But when later a Turkish dictator rose to power and forced everyone to dress like the Westerners. The astronome tried again in 1920. Dressed in uniform he presented his sightings to the world in a great exposition for geography somewhere in a forgotten European city. The grandes importantes personnes saw that he was like one of them. So he was officially credited with his discovery of the planets and gained his name to stand in a couple of old, forgettable library books. Onwards the planet B620 was born. And why this name exactly? Because les grandes personnes aiment les chiffres. They are like that.

It's a life question I've asked this to myself earlier. We adults [this is ironic, I'm better referred to as a child, and perhaps you too] are obsessed with numbers.

To a point where you don't think the essential truth is really or interested in any of all.

When we engage in discussions we say "What's his age?" "How tall is he?" and "How many times have you..? " It's almost as if we're dependent on numbers. When we never say anything like "How deep did his voice sound?" "What's the color of his eyes?" "How did it feel when you first saw him?"
Because numbers are the only things adults care about in first place. We never know our true selves.
les grandes importants personnes ils sont comme ça

The truth is bare-naked as in a naked orang utang. Even now I'm indirectly getting all my information from a children's book "Le Petit Prince , I deeply made you reconsider to way you think. Maybe the essential way a child thinks is better than the way an adult thinks. And we need more childish goys in our society. It's what innovation really is.

The statisticrats have reigned their imperium for too long. If only we could drag less numbers into our daily lives.. and think more easily, creative and INTUITIVE like a child does! Its a sane boy in a sane body.

But you statisticrats are wolves.

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I hate people that use numbers: 5/21/2017 23:38:21

Level 21
I hate people that use numbers: 5/22/2017 00:15:57

Level 60
Yeah that was a thoughtrising book.
I hate people that use numbers: 5/22/2017 03:24:29

Castle Bravo
Level 56
tl;dr take your shit to reddit normie
I hate people that use numbers: 5/22/2017 04:24:42

Level 56
OP, you don't cite any statistics. Instructions unclear.
I hate people that use numbers: 5/22/2017 19:50:04

{Canidae} Kretoma 
Level 58
Belgian, you are a good guy. Sadly, they cannot understand anything you wrote. :P
I hate people that use numbers: 5/22/2017 21:23:07

Math Wolf 
Level 63
I write about people like you in my thesis. :-)
Rest assured though, my childish creativity is quite intact, my boss even complains about every day.

Le Petit Prince is a great book that shares a lot of wisdom. I have in fact read it myself. I like how you turn its fantastic childish nature of questioning our society into a message of hate towards a group of people. It shows that you are no better than most other off-topic trolls.
I hate people that use numbers: 5/23/2017 00:31:38

Belgian Gentleman
Level 57
Fellow warlight player @MathWolf I assume that through time you've been reading a lot of my content and I feel very flattered with it. You said you're writing a long paper and in fact you make me very curious what it is about. As you mentioned before , you're currently writing about me. I fear it's going to be negative, but at least someone lets me know he's actually interested in me. Hey! That's nice. I should be totally Weltfremd to you. Clearly I've some psychological stuff to clarify, right why I write all this weird mumbling, you ask. Well, the simple answer to that is that this is the internet. On the magical internet I neither get ashamed of myself no regret everything I say. Most of the things I say on the internet in messages or forum boards are things I never would say to a person face to face in an actual real conversation. I can spit out pretty much anything I want out here. And the beauty of it, is that some people actually adore it, while some, I presume you and some other statisticrats do not.

Also, Belgian Gentleman is merely a personality I play. It is not my true self. Humans are essentially all natural born actors. Meaning there's an actor inside all of us. We can manipulate, hide and dramatise our feelings in every situation and at any given moment we want.

The internet is an amazing plays to lie. Can I say that? Putting on a different mask and pretending to be someone else... its amazing

Of course that's only consequence of what this has become. Personally I'm a failed artist.
good joke.
I'm a satiricalist. But I have doubts over my talents. never intend what I'm actually saying. This whole life of mine is just like my profile picture, man. It's a joke, get over it. That also sums up Zeph's life pretty much. I never expect anyone to take it serious. You gotta be childish sometimes.

If you're wondering why I've posted this thread is because it was 1am, I was drinking some pils and I had to deliver the petit Prince book the same day. Subsequently I thought to myself why not rephrase it into something that ridiculises DanWales and make it extra random as well? It ought to include you as well , the statisticrat I never spoke to.

I like how you turn its fantastic childish nature of questioning our society into a message of hate towards a group of people.

Thanks! I secretly knew you always would love it 😄 ! It's great satire
The fact that you appreciate it gives me a huge confidence boost! I never expected to hear that from you. Besides I have to share with you a small anecdote. I put my le Petit Prince book on the same shelf I put my mellow cakes 2 days ago. Forgot about them till the next day until I saw that the cakes had melted on my book due to the hot weather. The melted chocolate clinged so hard on my book. I had to put it in the freezer. So then I could scrap it off without making any smudge. I'm telling you this because otherwise I've nobody to share the story with.

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I hate people that use numbers: 5/23/2017 00:56:20

Belgian Gentleman
Level 57
Kretoma I feel like you're treating me as a dog by your way of saying I'm a good guy haha
I hate people that use numbers: 5/23/2017 04:40:46

{Canidae} Kretoma 
Level 58
I like dogs. See it as a compliment. :D
I hate people that use numbers: 5/23/2017 05:29:48

Level 56
Stop spamming, Taggy
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