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Imperial Dynasty is RECRUITING: 5/20/2017 13:33:12

Prince Louis of Anastoria
Level 41
Let's first make an introduction of our clan. Our clan is founded by domogoto201 ( AKA Domogoto the first or the Anastorian Emperor ).

1.We are very active and close knitted clan. We do not believe in creating factions between ourselves and protect each other when in need.

2.Genres of the type of WarLight games we play
1.Diplomacy (Most of the Time)
2.FFA (Occasionally)
3.Role Play (Rarely)
4. The list goes on here are just the three main games we touch on as a clan.

3. Do you have what it takes to become a Imperial Dynasty member?

Min Requirements:
1. Level 15 and above
2. Boot rate less or at 35%
3. Active at least once a week

Certain attitudes that we look for in our members:
1. Refrain from swearing too often
2. Maintain dapper
3. Respect everyone no matter what their views are
4. Communicate with each other often (friendly)

Certain things you can do when your application is accepted (Optional but highly recommended)
1. Tell us your KIk username ( Why? We will add you to our group chat so we can communicate with ease)
2. Create interesting scenarios for our clan to play as a game.

Ranks: You will start off from the bottom and you will be promoted in view of your various contributions and deeds to the clan.
Freedom of Speech: You have it here talk it out politely.

Here's the link to our clan page https://www.warlight.net/Clans/?ID=285

Private Message Me or Domogoto201
If you are interested and have what it takes to be a loyal courtier of the Emperor.

Rev1. Recruitment Document.

Edited 5/20/2017 13:39:07
Imperial Dynasty is RECRUITING: 5/20/2017 13:57:41

Level 60
Ok, so what do you offer that other 200+ clans don't?

Edited 5/20/2017 13:57:54
Imperial Dynasty is RECRUITING: 5/21/2017 13:54:12

Prince Louis of Anastoria
Level 41
We can offer you the Emperor.
Imperial Dynasty is RECRUITING: 5/24/2017 03:37:03

Hazel Wizard
Level 56
I never played diplomacy but I have been interested to try it. I guess I don't fit, but good luck with your clan and send me a message if you want to invite me to anything. :)
Imperial Dynasty is RECRUITING: 5/24/2017 14:54:42

{Canidae} Kretoma 
Level 58
"Respect everyone..." ok not for me then, anyone who wants my respect has to earn it first. :)
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