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Give Me your Mod Ideas: 4/18/2017 17:03:06

Level 56
Currently, I am running out of new mod ideas possible with the current mod framework version. So I am asking you to give me your ideas for a new Mod.

Please don't suggest something like:
-Mods for special Maps, cause a friend of mine is already working on that
-Different kill rates in different regions on the map)

just be creative, if I like your ideas maybe you will see them in the next days

Edited 4/23/2017 08:30:45
Give Me your Mod Ideas: 4/18/2017 17:42:32

Level 61
here is a dump of skype conversation we had brainstorming ideas for mods.

MOTD was supposed to copy paste them all into his google doc, but he left a lot of them out because he's a stooopid elitist.

not many of them are doable with the current framework, but here are some ideas anyways.

if you like some of them and need access to something to achieve it, ping fizzer about it, this is the right timing to ask for such access i believe.

[2017-04-04 11:37:13 PM] Filipe Cruz: mods seem pretty interesting and straight forward
[2017-04-04 11:37:20 PM] MotD: yeah
[2017-04-04 11:37:21 PM] Filipe Cruz: so who's picking it up? :p
[2017-04-04 11:37:27 PM] MotD: I'll make one
[2017-04-04 11:37:38 PM] MotD: if you have ideas we can brainstorm
[2017-04-04 11:37:46 PM] Filipe Cruz: i'm gonna create a thread about it on the forums atleast
[2017-04-04 11:37:51 PM] Filipe Cruz: or did Fizzer request not to?
[2017-04-04 11:37:52 PM] MotD: meh
[2017-04-04 11:38:05 PM] MotD: forums are a cesspool
[2017-04-04 11:38:09 PM] Filipe Cruz: with links to the twitch stream and the wiki pages
[2017-04-04 11:38:13 PM] Filipe Cruz: i'll post on programming
[2017-04-04 11:38:30 PM] Filipe Cruz: i'm sure there are interested folks who didn't catch the stream
[2017-04-04 11:38:40 PM] MotD: just find people who are interested and form a group
[2017-04-04 11:38:43 PM] MotD: yeah sure
[2017-04-04 11:38:51 PM] MotD: making a forum post for education is good
[2017-04-04 11:39:02 PM] MotD: but brainstorming on the forums may not work well
[2017-04-04 11:39:51 PM] MotD: he hasn't exposed a hook to alter stuff mid-game
[2017-04-04 11:40:00 PM] MotD: so you can only do limited stuff atm
[2017-04-04 11:44:53 PM] Filipe Cruz: you can already do a lot of things
[2017-04-04 11:45:08 PM] MotD: ok.. I don't have too many ideas atm
[2017-04-04 11:45:19 PM] Filipe Cruz: i'm thinking after a few versions we can go over everything listed on uservoice and point out what can be done with the mod framework
[2017-04-04 11:46:37 PM] Filipe Cruz: i like the idea of easily recreate games on specific turn
[2017-04-04 11:46:52 PM] MotD: yeah
[2017-04-04 11:47:03 PM] MotD: but I'm just worried it ruins strat gaming forever
[2017-04-04 11:47:20 PM] MotD: coz if you can do that, everyone will play 10 scenarios from every turn
[2017-04-04 11:47:25 PM] MotD: on ongoing games
[2017-04-04 11:47:49 PM] MotD: the only thing stopping people today is the difficulty in making that custom scenario
[2017-04-04 11:47:54 PM] Filipe Cruz: i don't see why that would be bad
[2017-04-04 11:48:01 PM] Filipe Cruz: it helps you think on strategies
[2017-04-04 11:48:20 PM] MotD: yes.. but it also means that someone who has 3 hours to spend wins out over someone who has 15 minutes
[2017-04-04 11:49:18 PM] MotD: oh actually I don't think it is possible for an ongoing game
[2017-04-04 11:49:40 PM] MotD: coz the API at least doesn't give you info on an ongoing game
[2017-04-04 11:49:52 PM] MotD: in which case this is a great mod
[2017-04-04 11:50:10 PM] Filipe Cruz: would be nice to use your client to map out possible starting spots of opponents and possible expansions atleast
[2017-04-04 11:50:40 PM] MotD: I guess it's just personal preference then
[2017-04-04 11:50:40 PM] Filipe Cruz: so you dont have to keep it all in your head
[2017-04-04 11:50:46 PM] Filipe Cruz: and helps you count expansion
[2017-04-04 11:51:00 PM] MotD: it amounts to bean counting imo.. and isn't something I'm a fan of
[2017-04-04 11:51:20 PM] Filipe Cruz: if you could do it visually it would be better :P
[2017-04-04 11:51:44 PM] MotD: nope
[2017-04-04 11:51:48 PM] MotD: still sucks imo
[2017-04-04 11:52:01 PM] MotD: if you can brute force the search space, then WL is no fun
[2017-04-04 11:52:14 PM] MotD: applying heuristics to reduce the search space is fun :D
[2017-04-04 11:53:31 PM] Filipe Cruz: this is the AI auto pilot discussion all over again
[2017-04-04 11:54:15 PM] MotD: haha yeah
[2017-04-04 11:56:46 PM] jz: what were the default mods he had, I saw the one for randomized bonuses
[2017-04-04 11:57:21 PM] MotD: there's only one default mod
[2017-04-04 11:57:42 PM] Filipe Cruz: he only had randomized bonuses
[2017-04-04 11:57:55 PM] jz: I'd like to see if a "make your opponent's" picks mod is possible
[2017-04-04 11:58:28 PM] MotD: [Tuesday, April 4, 2017 11:57 PM] jz:

<<< I'd like to see if a "make your opponent's" picks mod is possibleI don't think that's possible in the current framework
[2017-04-04 11:58:39 PM | Edited 11:58:47 PM] MotD: but I haven't looked too closely
Give Me your Mod Ideas: 4/18/2017 17:42:43

Level 61
[2017-04-05 12:07:01 AM] MotD: so did you have any cool mod ideas ps?
[2017-04-05 12:08:21 AM] Filipe Cruz: i just told you 2!
[2017-04-05 12:08:44 AM] MotD: what was it? I missed it :(
[2017-04-05 12:09:25 AM] Filipe Cruz: different kill rates on cities would be awesome, not sure it's possible yet
[2017-04-05 12:09:43 AM] MotD: it's not.. but it should be later
[2017-04-05 12:10:12 AM] Filipe Cruz: then the mod to recreate the game on specific settings
[2017-04-05 12:10:22 AM] MotD: yeah fizzer had that already
[2017-04-05 12:10:26 AM] Filipe Cruz: then the mod to paint the map to where you think your opponent is at
[2017-04-05 12:10:28 AM | Edited 12:10:39 AM] MotD: be original (doh)
[2017-04-05 12:10:53 AM] Filipe Cruz: mod for declared/enforced diplomacy
[2017-04-05 12:11:02 AM] MotD: he's doing that himself
[2017-04-05 12:11:29 AM] jz: missiles
[2017-04-05 12:11:32 AM] Filipe Cruz: how about improved LFD?
[2017-04-05 12:11:41 AM] MotD: improved in what way?
[2017-04-05 12:12:09 AM] Filipe Cruz: not forcing you to count wastelands, ensuring you have distribution in specific conditions
[2017-04-05 12:12:40 AM] MotD: hmm
[2017-04-05 12:12:44 AM] Filipe Cruz: only 1 pick per +2 territories
[2017-04-05 12:12:50 AM] MotD: I'm thinking of making map specific mods instead
[2017-04-05 12:12:59 AM] Filipe Cruz: yeah, map specific would be quite interesting too
[2017-04-05 12:13:11 AM] MotD: like different values for specific bonuses
[2017-04-05 12:13:19 AM] MotD: or wastelands certain chokepoints on maps
[2017-04-05 12:13:25 AM] Filipe Cruz: so you could do more interesting templates
[2017-04-05 12:13:29 AM] MotD: yeah
[2017-04-05 12:13:30 AM] jz: make wastelanded bonuses worth more
[2017-04-05 12:13:37 AM] MotD: I want to remove 20 templates from MDL
[2017-04-05 12:13:45 AM] Filipe Cruz: see, plenty of ideas
[2017-04-05 12:13:45 AM] MotD: and bring in modded templates
[2017-04-05 12:13:51 AM] Filipe Cruz: you just aren't noting any of them down
[2017-04-05 12:13:58 AM] MotD: that's what you think!
[2017-04-05 12:14:21 AM] Filipe Cruz: one way attacks!
[2017-04-05 12:14:38 AM] MotD: yeah it's on uservoice
[2017-04-05 12:14:50 AM] MotD: you mean can only attack one-way from A to B right?
[2017-04-05 12:14:56 AM] MotD: and B is not connected to A?
[2017-04-05 12:14:59 AM] Filipe Cruz: yes
[2017-04-05 12:15:11 AM] MotD: not sure how intuitive it will be though visually speaking
[2017-04-05 12:15:14 AM] Filipe Cruz: how about attacking one way you have a certain killrate, and another way you have another
[2017-04-05 12:15:28 AM] Filipe Cruz: so you can create areas with reinforced defense
[2017-04-05 12:15:45 AM] MotD: yeah.. not possible atm.. but once he enables hooks for turns it will be
[2017-04-05 12:16:00 AM] Filipe Cruz: how about local deployment remembering your expansion paths to move troops to border and auto deploy them by default
[2017-04-05 12:16:14 AM] MotD: dang! that's awesome
[2017-04-05 12:16:21 AM] MotD: tricky as hell though :P
[2017-04-05 12:16:30 AM] MotD: lot of graph theory there :D
[2017-04-05 12:16:42 AM] Filipe Cruz: just recall previous turn deployments and move orders
[2017-04-05 12:16:46 AM] Filipe Cruz: and replicate as possible
[2017-04-05 12:16:51 AM] MotD: I dunno how much cpu these mods can consume (think)
[2017-04-05 12:17:19 AM] MotD: the entire first page of uservoice has 1-2 ideas related to the game
[2017-04-05 12:17:20 AM | Edited 12:17:26 AM] Filipe Cruz: on big usa it might consume a bit yeah
[2017-04-05 12:17:42 AM] MotD: everything is related to clans/forums etc
[2017-04-05 12:17:46 AM] MotD: not in-game
[2017-04-05 12:18:26 AM] Filipe Cruz: if you're making a list of mod ideas put it on the wiki or a google docs or something
[2017-04-05 12:18:35 AM] Filipe Cruz: sharable
[2017-04-05 12:19:02 AM] MotD: I will
[2017-04-05 12:19:17 AM] Filipe Cruz: territories being worth less income as certain number of turns pass
[2017-04-05 12:19:55 AM] Filipe Cruz: similarly: when you first complete them they are worth less and then slowly increase in value until a max cap
[2017-04-05 12:20:18 AM] MotD: are you thinking this should be map specific?
[2017-04-05 12:20:48 AM] Filipe Cruz: a generic implementation would work, but map specific could make for more interesting templates
[2017-04-05 12:20:56 AM] MotD: yeah
[2017-04-05 12:21:14 AM] MotD: I think I'll approach most of this from a map specific point of view and generalize only when it makes sense
[2017-04-05 12:21:30 AM] MotD: you can't keep state across turns atm :(
[2017-04-05 12:21:52 AM] Filipe Cruz: i would do it the other way around, make a generic first to fool around. maybe with a way to only assign it to certain areas/territories
[2017-04-05 12:21:58 AM] Filipe Cruz: not sure if that is doable
[2017-04-05 12:22:08 AM] MotD: or you could even have stuff like, every consecutive turn you hold a bonus it increases it's value
[2017-04-05 12:22:11 AM] Filipe Cruz: reading a list of areas and picking which ones are being affected
[2017-04-05 12:22:34 AM] Filipe Cruz: that's what i said
[2017-04-05 12:22:35 AM] MotD: but if I break the bonus for a turn and you reclaim it, you start from scratch again
[2017-04-05 12:22:45 AM] Filipe Cruz: yes, exactly
[2017-04-05 12:22:58 AM] Filipe Cruz: recreating what happens when a country is ruined by war
[2017-04-05 12:23:10 AM] MotD: ok.. I thought you meant a bonus value just increases as turns go by or the other way around
[2017-04-05 12:23:23 AM] Filipe Cruz: so tehre would be a lot more focus on just breaking a territory once
[2017-04-05 12:23:25 AM] Filipe Cruz: and not forever
[2017-04-05 12:24:37 AM] Filipe Cruz: what else... bomb card effects being variable
[2017-04-05 12:24:50 AM] MotD: meh.. it's not a used card
[2017-04-05 12:24:54 AM] MotD: it's member only too
[2017-04-05 12:25:13 AM] Filipe Cruz: different kind of vision cards
[2017-04-05 12:25:55 AM] Filipe Cruz: only be able to apply spy card on people you are in contact with
[2017-04-05 12:26:33 AM | Edited 12:26:58 AM] Filipe Cruz: scout vision, have temporary extended fog view, from only 1 neighbouring territory to 2 or 3 deep
[2017-04-05 12:27:58 AM] Filipe Cruz: veto AI actions
[2017-04-05 12:29:16 AM] Filipe Cruz: suggest plays to your teammates
[2017-04-05 12:29:24 AM] Filipe Cruz: so they see visually what you are suggesting
[2017-04-05 12:29:30 AM] Filipe Cruz: instead of having to read
[2017-04-05 12:32:04 AM] Filipe Cruz: different kinds of randomized neutral scenarios
[2017-04-05 12:32:31 AM] Filipe Cruz: where territory dimension affects +/- the value of the neutral for example
[2017-04-05 12:32:54 AM] Filipe Cruz: so +2's end up with neutrals of 2 and +4's end up with some neutrals of 2 and some of 1
[2017-04-05 12:33:48 AM] Filipe Cruz: issander's africa for everyone!
[2017-04-05 12:34:15 AM] Filipe Cruz: had enough yet?
[2017-04-05 12:35:26 AM] Filipe Cruz: capture the flag in maze like scenarios with multi attack :D
[2017-04-05 12:36:16 AM] Filipe Cruz: army cap only applied to stacks
[2017-04-05 12:37:22 AM] Filipe Cruz: fluctuating stack army cap based on the territory income or number of bordering territories
Give Me your Mod Ideas: 4/18/2017 18:38:41

Level 56
I could also paste them into his google sheet, the only problem is, he isn't moving them out of his post your ideas here sheet. But most of the ideas are too unspecific or not possible yet.

Edited 4/18/2017 18:48:48
Give Me your Mod Ideas: 4/18/2017 20:15:49

Level 56
I think I will try one-way connections as next mod

Edit: Mod works in Singleplayer but not in Multiplayer

Edit: I don't find the error and hope now that prints will work in multiplayer too in one of the next updates

Edited 4/21/2017 10:28:22
Give Me your Mod Ideas: 4/18/2017 20:31:34

Level 60
A "transport-only" airlift card where you can only airlift to territories where you don't border an opponent.

Or an airlift that happens at the end of the turn. If the receiving territory gets captured, the airlift is canceled.
Give Me your Mod Ideas: 4/18/2017 20:47:43

Level 68
A fog setting where adjacent territories are normal fog and territories behind them are light fog. So then you could see an enemy behind a neutral but not how many armies they have stacked.
Give Me your Mod Ideas: 4/18/2017 20:51:31

Level 59
Capitals that when capture make the game end (pretty much working like commanders that can't move)

With capitals you can also add supply lines (encircled territories can't get reinforced)

Bonuses income increase, when you first get a bonus it starts with a lower income and it growes to a maximum when you keep it safe (like an economy that gets better after getting conquered)

Splited bonus income

Army cap per province

Deployment cap per province

Victory conditions mod, you don't have to get a full elimination, just complete objectives to end the game (really useful for huge maps). Could be great for scenarios.

Team switching inside a game

Progressive picking phases. Instead of having just one picking phase you could pick in one area of the map, and then get extra picks in other parts of the map as time passes.

More cards: shield for a territory, increased defensive/offensive power, nukes, offensive airlifts (like paratrooper drops: could have some limitations such as no move for a few turns, a limited ammount of troops, supply lines ... to avoid overpowering), nullify a bonus income, limited airlift (allows an airlift through a limited ammount of provinces), ...

Just some ideas, idk if anyone proposed some of the above, but I guess it'd be cool if someone worked in some of these
Give Me your Mod Ideas: 4/19/2017 05:31:41

Level 56
Capitals that when capture make the game end, youst in multiplayer is a little bug, where I am waiting on Fizzer for some days, nukes are also done but some other ideas sound cool and I think I will do some more of them.
Give Me your Mod Ideas: 4/19/2017 10:27:02

melwei [PG]
Level 57
What about a player (or enemy) Boss as Medicus, who heals some percent of the fallen soldiers in adjacent territorys and takes them to his own territory?
Give Me your Mod Ideas: 4/19/2017 10:29:07

melwei [PG]
Level 57
"Victory conditions mod, you don't have to get a full elimination, just complete objectives to end the game (really useful for huge maps). Could be great for scenarios."

I had this idea, too. It is kind of problematic yet since there is no possibility to include UI on the client's ingame screen, but when UI arrives, I'm probably going to create a scenario like this, with a fitting map (maybe built on my own)
Give Me your Mod Ideas: 4/19/2017 16:06:04

Level 58
Are you able to defog territories and conceal their army counts? If so, an intel mod would be nice.
Give Me your Mod Ideas: 4/19/2017 17:03:41

Level 52
An ARMY LIMIT per territory is what is needed. I really hate the strategy that many people use of STACKING up and then bulldozing everything in their way. It really spoils the game.
Give Me your Mod Ideas: 4/19/2017 17:13:12

Level 52
I would suggest that a TIME LIMIT game option be given so that the winner would be the one with the most territories captured. This would encourage more people to join games with large number of players. The idea of eliminating 20 players to be crowned the sole winner is not very encouraging.
Give Me your Mod Ideas: 4/19/2017 17:20:33

Level 52
please give POINTS FOR SECOND PLACE finishes for games with 5 or more players.

this will discourage players from quiting. Does it have to be All or Nothing?
Give Me your Mod Ideas: 4/19/2017 17:41:16

Level 52

Allowing a multi-player game with one or more territories controlled by an AI with greater starting number of armies. This would add a Kim Jong Un factor to the game.
Give Me your Mod Ideas: 4/19/2017 18:01:53

Level 60

Allowing a multi-player game with one or more territories controlled by an AI with greater starting number of armies. This would add a Kim Jong Un factor to the game.

How is this different from using custom scenario?

Regarding points, that would never happen. If it did we could make a mod to get us to whatever level we wanted.

An ARMY LIMIT per territory is what is needed. I really hate the strategy that many people use of STACKING up and then bulldozing everything in their way. It really spoils the game.

That could work well as a mod.

Edited 4/19/2017 18:02:16
Give Me your Mod Ideas: 4/19/2017 21:01:56

Level 52
How is this different from using custom scenario?

Is it possible to start with an AI in mult-player game? How would I set this as custom scenario?
Give Me your Mod Ideas: 4/19/2017 21:10:47

Level 58
@SharK: Yes, you can just add AI players to multi-player games- with or without Custom Scenarios unlocked.

That said, the mod is still valid because you lose a lot of the pick strategy when Custom Scenarios get involved.

Edit: once mods are able to store data, how about an expiring income mod? If you don't use the armies gained during a certain turn within some number of turns, you lose them.

Edited 4/19/2017 22:25:10
Give Me your Mod Ideas: 4/19/2017 22:35:47

Level 52
you can just add AI players to multi-player games- with or without Custom Scenarios unlocked.

I usually play 6 player FFA with Random cities distribution and random wastelands. I want to add an AI with one territory with a large number of armies to start the game. (ie. Small country with nukes - North Korea). I would even prefer if this rogue nation was also random.

With custom scenario I lose the random distribution. I don't want to play the same game environment over and over again. Plus this would give me, the game creator, an advantage over other players.
Give Me your Mod Ideas: 4/21/2017 09:04:09

Level 68
Give Me your Mod Ideas: 4/21/2017 09:20:24

Level 56
deployment limits sound interesting, I will make a mod for that

Edit: Mod is ready, just waiting on Fizzer for a promotion

Edited 4/21/2017 10:24:32
Give Me your Mod Ideas: 4/21/2017 10:49:28

Level 56
so mod late airlifts is also ready and also only waiting on Fizzer for a promotion
Give Me your Mod Ideas: 4/21/2017 14:59:35

Level 52
Thanks for all your efforts dabo1.
So, only members can create games with MODS?
Give Me your Mod Ideas: 4/21/2017 15:02:00

Level 56
yes and only members can play games with mods at the moment.
Give Me your Mod Ideas: 4/21/2017 21:02:36

Level 60
hey dabo1, is the nuke card mod ready? When I create a single player game vs AI with reinforcement and reconnaisance cards, I cannot access the card menu at all (the card pieces don't show up). There must be a bug.
Give Me your Mod Ideas: 4/21/2017 21:35:51

Level 60
similar question for Late Airlift. Just tried it and didn't airlift at all
Give Me your Mod Ideas: 4/22/2017 02:23:24

Level 49
The Nuke mod works for me. @dabo You might want to mention in Mod description that the nuke card ALSO works as a recon card. As in - you see through the fog. Oh, and it would be cool if you added an option for fallout to it? So that a nuke will work over several turns.... well when Fizzer allows us to store game info.

However, the airlift mod seem to have a bug. This: (Line 18, serverAdvance
if(order.FromTerritoryID == order.ToTerritoryID)then

doesn't look right. I assume it should be ~= ?
I wonder, is that check needed? I mean WL should take care of it for you, right?
Oh wait. Since it happens after orders, you need to check that the player still controls it. That is what you meant to do :D Not check the territory ID :D but the owner of the territory ID

Edited 4/22/2017 02:26:56
Give Me your Mod Ideas: 4/22/2017 08:25:53

Level 56
sorry about the bug with the late airlifts it is fixed now

The nuke card bug is a little big more complex cause I skip all orders and then add the orders again, with the nuke orders injected. But a player won't receive card pieces through this option cause no attack was made from the viewpoint of the system. This bug might take around or two days to fix or maybe more. This bug might also exist in other of my mods, which use the same technic. The Mods Stack Limit, Deployment Limit and Nuke Card are effected through this bug

Edited 4/22/2017 09:11:48
Give Me your Mod Ideas: 4/22/2017 15:34:05

Level 56
Nuke Cards receive now the card pieces again. The other two Mods will follow soon.

Edit: Deployment Limit works now too

Edited 4/22/2017 18:51:33
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