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Sonnet, NN & Tensorflow: 4/10/2017 16:29:33

Level 61
DeepMind has released Sonnet, a python thing to simplify creating neural networks that can then be run on tensorflow:


this reminded me of an older idea of hooking up a new warlight AI to use neural networks somehow.

atleast for medium earth there should be enough games available on the database to train something interesting. there is the game API to scrape for data.
Sonnet, NN & Tensorflow: 4/10/2017 21:19:44

Level 62

Warzone Creator
I've always wanted to see someone try this. It's one of the reasons I keep refusing to shut down the AI server, even though it just sits there unused.
Sonnet, NN & Tensorflow: 4/10/2017 22:24:14

Level 60

Now it is no longer unused! :P

(also Chat is kinda funny)

@Fizzer MegaBug. The ServerBot is not Blue in Unity under the players tab xD

Edited 4/10/2017 22:27:17
Sonnet, NN & Tensorflow: 4/11/2017 00:18:36

Level 59
Interested in working with this to make a WL AI but don't have the time to build out a whole system myself- I can take responsibility for two or three major components though. If anyone else wants to collaborate, PM me.
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