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Plague game rules: 4/9/2017 18:58:38

Glory to Czechland
Level 53
A complex template rules.

Note: this template is still in the development, so there can be dramatic changes in the rules or template.

Template link: https://www.warlight.net/MultiPlayer?TemplateID=1018032

Player rules:
1) players cannot airlift from or to an upgrade territory.
2) players cannot trasnfer between each other in upgrades.
3) players cannot play blocade cards (unless played becouse of a special ability)

Plague rules:
1) plagues cannot gift to each other unless same plague has to leave the game.
2) plagues cannot airlift between each other nor between upgrades and real world territories.
3) plagues cannot play blocade cards (unless played becouse of a special ability)
4) same slots has special rules.

Virus. Starts in South America. Weak but spreads a lot. Can mutates quickly. No special rules. Draws the most world's attention.

Bacteria. Starts in USA. More resistant than virus, but mutates more slowly and cannot spread so quickly.
Special rules: can attck only odd turns (1st, 3rd, 5th...)

Parasite. Starts in Africa. Almost unkillable. Mutates very slowly and spreading is very limited.
Special rules: cannot airlift. From each territory can make only one attack order in a time (so samething like no-split mode, but doesnt have to attack with 100% of troops).

Player special abilities:
player casts special abilities by announcing in public chat. Each ablility takes effect one turn after announcing.
-each player can 2 times per game active protection masks. Plague cannot attack players with protection masks on. Does not apply on the parasite. Cooldown is 5 turns.
-each player can create 1 medic center. Medic center is one territory owned by player who creates medic center. M. center cannot by attacked by any playgue for 10 turns.
-each player can bombard 1 territory. If plague owns the territory, it has to blocade with at least 100 troops on it. Ability is unlocked by 1st upgrade.
-Russia and USA can use nuclear weapons. The territory where is nuclear weapon targere has to be blocaded with at least 250 troops on it. All adjected territories with 100 troops. Ability is unlocked by 2nd upgrade.
USA, China and India can use protective masks 3 times with cooldown 4 turns.
Plague game rules: 4/9/2017 19:18:40

Glory to Czechland
Level 53
Plague rules:
-possible upgrade for each class are given, parasit cannot attack upgrade for bacteria etc.
-each ability can be casted only ONCE. However, plague can decide to blocade territory wich allows it to cast ability A in the order to cast ability A again. Territory blocaded this way cannot be taken back again.
-each ability takes effect turn after its announced to public chat.

Parasite is the only plague wich abilities can take effect the turn same turn as they are announced. Only abilities marked with* can take effect this way. Only player who hasnt finished his turn yet can be targered by this ability (if parasit wishes the ability to take effect turn when it is announced)

-insomnia: players are tired and cannot cooperate for 3 turns (cannot transfer to each other nor airlift between each other)
-paranoia*: player has to give choosen territory to an AI
-seizures*: either one player is paralyzed and cannot transfer nor attack nor airlift nor cast an ability for 5 turns or all players are paralyzed for one turn (parasite chooses, if all players are paralyzed, ability takes effect turn after announcing).
-insanity*: targered player has to surrender and go AI. Can be casted only ONCE.

Nausea: targered player cannot focus on his orders, has to surrender an be AI for one turn.
Vomiting: player cannot research for 6 turns
Diarrhoea: soldiers cannot move for longer distances - player cannot use airlift.
Dysentery: even worse diarrhoea. Player cannot cross ocean with transfering nor attacking orders. Player cannot be given any territory (he cant move soldiers to it)

Cysts: targered player cannot attack for 3 turns.
Hyper sesitivity: player(s) have to blocade 3 territories with at least 20 armies in each. Targered territories has to be in equatorial belt (https://www.bibliotecapleyades.net/imagenes_ciencia/cinturonfotones16_01.jpg)
Inflammation: for 5 turns can player do only 3 trasnfer/attack orders.
Paralysis: for 2 turns all players cannot airlift nor pass ocean.
Abscesses: targered player cannot attack for 5 turns.
Tumours: targered player cannot attack for 7 turns.
Systemic infection: player(s) have to blocade 5 territories wich cannot take back

Edited 4/9/2017 19:47:47
Plague game rules: 4/9/2017 20:08:05

Level 61
Note to self: Don't read the forums while eating :/
Plague game rules: 4/10/2017 11:25:52

Level 60
Note to self: Don't read the forums


Pandemic 2/Plague Inc. anyone? :p
Plague game rules: 4/10/2017 12:02:43

Cata Cauda
Level 59
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