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Comprehensive List of Useful Mods: 4/9/2017 04:19:29

Aura Guardian 
Level 62
Before the number of mods get crazy and we can't keep track of them, I think it would be a good idea to keep a running record of completed, "useful", mods. What "useful" means is still up to interpretation but some common ties to this list should be:

-little to no bugs
-Either Stratically Provoking/Casually Intriguing
-Does not break game (reference- Fizzer's "all neutral" example)
-Easily understandable what it does

*Meaining, actively played by many players. I do understand that since mods are just beginning, this isn't exactly applicable, but hopefully as things progress we can see this criterion be more useful.

If you want your mod listed, I would suggest replying to this thread and including:

1. The Name of the Mod
2. A link to the Mod (github, game link(when applicable): Ideally both)
3. A description of what the Mod does.

The community then can decide whether the mod satisfies the "useful" criterion, and we can add it to the list.

Considering that this thread will likely age out, I would probably maintain the list on google docs. If I become inactive, I can always send editing rights over to someone else who could continue to maintain the list.

This would make navigation and access to the mods easier.

I will post a link to a doc when it is created.

Also, if there is already a list somewhere, please tell me. Hopefully I don't look like a babbling idiot whose idea has already been wrote.

Comprehensive List of Useful Mods: 4/9/2017 04:46:52

Level 60
1. BonusValueQuickOverrider
2. https://github.com/TBestLittleHelper/WarLightMods/tree/master/TBest_Mods/BonusValue_QuickOverrider
3. Override starting bonuses in common ways. Supports numTerriroties + N, numTerriroties * N, deafultBonusValue + N, deafultBonusValue * N. Can ignore 0 and negative bonuses.

Planned: Implement an option for randomness. (Change N randomly by X) Once that is done, I plan to publish it!

This is a great thread! Personally I hope we will end up with a mods (akin to Maps) page eventually.

PS. I am happy to recive feedback on my mod, including feature requests.

Edited 4/9/2017 04:57:38
Comprehensive List of Useful Mods: 4/9/2017 05:54:29

Level 64
Or you could use the list I've been maintaining :p

Comprehensive List of Useful Mods: 4/9/2017 06:09:26

Cata Cauda
Level 59
You left out plenty of good mods suggested in the thread. Far from being complete.
Comprehensive List of Useful Mods: 4/9/2017 15:05:15

Level 62
I'll start putting the list of mods on the wiki in an hour or two.
Comprehensive List of Useful Mods: 4/9/2017 16:52:34

Level 61
wiki is prefered imho, easier to edit by everyone.
Comprehensive List of Useful Mods: 4/12/2017 15:10:27

Level 66
Added multiple commanders/bosses mod:

Mod puts selected special units to all starting locations. Also requires there is no more than 3 start per player and won't work otherwise (due to Fizzer suggestion in other topic).
When players pick will be accessible most likely i'll change it to put selected number of units in highest picks, but at this moment it's all or nothing (don't want to put it randomly if number of starts is bigger than number of special units)

If there's anyone to test:

It's ladder settings with Boss1 on every starts (no idea how Boss1 works though:P)

https://www.warlight.net/MultiPlayer?GameID=13285691 (this is with Boss2)

Another one, with Boss3:

Edited 4/12/2017 17:36:55
Comprehensive List of Useful Mods: 4/18/2017 21:17:17

Level 60
Shouldn't we just use the wiki?


This way anyone can modify the list and we don't have to find this thread?
Comprehensive List of Useful Mods: 4/21/2017 03:31:41

Aura Guardian 
Level 62
@ViralGoat, yes, but its debatable what sort of mods should and should not be put on the mod wiki. I still believe this list would be useful, as it would provide specific, meaningful mods. Maybe we can make a wiki page for it, but what should go on the main mod page on the wiki is a good question.

I think creating a "mod page" like a "maps page" may be the best idea here.
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