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Warlight Roast: 4/1/2017 23:03:15

Hidden Hand 
Level 56
We could take turns roasting our favorite players

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Warlight Roast: 4/1/2017 23:13:11

Level 59
At this point I'm 99% sure these YouTube channels' content really just comes from a recurrent neural network trained on a mix of generic marketing content, Adult Swim infomercials, and "English" acting demo videos by people trained in foreign countries where maybe 5% of the population can actually speak the language.

Maybe you're just a software program, too, because I refuse to accept humans can give up on their enough dreams to turn their very existence into a series of poorly-executed social media campaigns.

How's that for a roast?

Edited 4/1/2017 23:13:19
Warlight Roast: 4/2/2017 02:56:02

The Lord
Level 55
Why take out the link? It's a nice video! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WLuenizKvkc

Don't be too mean to him, last time his bubble was popped he had a mental breakdown and threatened Fizzer with a lawsuit if posts making fun of his "multimillion dollar empire" were not deleted.
Warlight Roast: 4/3/2017 03:54:30

Level 26
Knyte that was so autistic no one knows wtf you're talking about.
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