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RR TEAM tournament start without filled all slots: 3/23/2017 07:57:52

Level 60
Greetings, all!

Although I am not new in setting tournaments (and games), I never tried to start tournament (TEAM GAMES) where not all team slots are filled.

What would happen if RR tournament is not fillled up? If there are 4 players per game, and 20% of teams are not full (some are empty, some have 1-3 players) for example. Will tournament start only with full teams? Will Warlight engine try to push uncompleted teams in full teams?

What would happen with elimination tournaments? Will some teams advance uncontested to next phase and some will stay in first round?

Would like if someone can answer, thanks.
RR TEAM tournament start without filled all slots: 3/23/2017 08:12:13

Level 60
I don't think you can start tourneys when the teams aren't full. You get an error message.

It is possible to start RRs without maxing team number, as long as teams are full. (e.g. instead of 20 teams, 16 teams, but all of them with the required # of players).
RR TEAM tournament start without filled all slots: 3/24/2017 02:45:00

Level 61
tournaments currently don't start until all slots are filled.

there have been suggestions to create new tournament systems that allows auto-byes and such (check uservoice) but it's not on the immediate roadmap of Fizzer.

some folks have been creating those systems using the CLOT framework to automate game creation (clan league, AWP seasons).
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