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About challenging community levels: 2/14/2017 10:26:29

Level 18
Hi all.

I like to play challenging levels, but most community levels I see are way too easy to be worth playing in my opinion (80%+ of community levels have stats like 150 attempts, 140 wins, this means a boring easy win).

It would be awesome if we had a search tool into the templates list:
-Order by winning rate percentage (the most interesting option for me, I would'nt have to search on page 30+ for some levels with 5% win rate that I missed).
But also eventually:
-Order by number of plays
-Order by number of likes
-Order by percentage of likes.
And maybe some more, up to the devs.

I'm myself working on making some challenging levels for those who like it.
Unfortunately my levels are not shown very long on the list, they are sent onto page 2 or 3 very quickly, and noone plays them anymore.

For now I made 5 challenging levels:
My 1st one: 3V5
It have nothing really special, it'a 3V5 on 'Double Earth' map, north VS south.
I don't really like it, because you are too much dependant on how good your teammates are doing.
Stats: 8 wins in 145 attempts, 1 like.

My 2nd one: Harder than it seems
(Level id is smaller than my 1st level because this map existed on local long ago, and I edited it to make it interesting for the community)
It's 1V3 in 'United States' map, west VS east.
Name is because you can expend easily and fast in the 1st few turns, so you might think this level is a piece of cake.
I'ts not luck dependant like my 1st map since you don't have teammates.
It's also good if you don't have much time and want a quick fight, because the map is small.
Stats: 19 wins in 399 attempts, 6 likes.

My 3rd one: Two fronts battle
The easiest of my levels, but one of the most interesting to play imho, because of the custom scenario.
It's still challenging, and you can easily lose if you don't take it serisoulsy.
It's on the map 'The lands of Ice and Fire'
Stats: 37 wins in 203 attempts, 15 likes.

My 4th one: Fortress
One of my most difficult levels.
I designed it to be very challenging, more than my previous ones.
It's on the map 'The siege of Feldmere', you start outside the walls, ennemy is inside, with much more armies than you.
Probably my most interesting level to play if you are looking for a hard challenge, if you are more casual you should prefer my 3rd level.
Stats: 3 wins in 150 attempts, 3 likes.
I guess the 3 likes are the 3 winners.

My 5th one: Fortress insane.
This is my hardest level by far, I designed it to be as close to impossible I can get.
I wanted to challenge the community and see if I could make a level that remains undefeated.
It's the same than my 4th level, except that ennemy is much stronger.
For now it remains undefeated.
Stats: 0 wins in 87 attempts, 0 likes.
It's still possible to win (i had to win to publish it).

I have one more template ready, the name will probably be Fortress impossible.
It's the same than Fortress insane, with the difficulty being even higher, but for now I always failed publishing it (Fortress insane was built starting with this template and reducing difficulty so I can handle it).
After failing 15 times to publish Fortress impossible, i found Fortress insane pretty easy, I managed to publish it on my 1st attempt.
I will try again to publish Fortress impossible if someone manages to win Fortress insane, but i'm not sure I will be able to win it.

Edited 2/14/2017 10:29:13
About challenging community levels: 2/14/2017 13:22:02

Level 58
Think you should check out https://www.warlight.net/Forum/106092-mulis-userscript-tidy-up-dashboard

It has options for most liked, played and difficult (lowest win%)

Only thing it also changes some other interface stuff but i personally feel like that it's even better then the default one
About challenging community levels: 2/14/2017 14:37:18

Emperor Justinian
Level 49
About challenging community levels: 2/14/2017 18:17:56

Level 58
Number of attempts: 161
Number of wins: 140

I wouldn't call that challenging which is the main reason why he created this thread
About challenging community levels: 2/15/2017 15:40:17

Level 60
If you're looking for an intriguing concept + huge challenge at the same time

Time to take a risk but something is wrong here

Created by Semicedevine (all)
State: Public
Went public on 1/14/2017
Number of attempts: 437
Number of wins: 18

Number of likes: 8

I mean I guess it intrigues people if it has 437 attempts lol


But if you're looking for more of the HARDCORE stuff

Minor Bug

Created by Semicedevine (all)
State: Public
Went public on 11/1/2016
Number of attempts: 249
Number of wins: 7

Number of likes: 2

This one has a much lower win-attempt ratio when compared to the last one



(good luck have frustration)
About challenging community levels: 2/15/2017 19:30:29

Level 60
If you don't want the script (you should!) your best option is to go after the creators.
Bunco O Impposible Levels there!
The 9 levels has an overall win rate of 2.27%, according to the script, that is the lowest of any of the top 100 levels makers.
About challenging community levels: 2/16/2017 19:38:15

Level 18
Thanks for your answers.

Time to take a risk, I already completed it.
1 attempt, 1 win, it was close, I got lucky I guess.
I let AI capture everything and focused on stealing Australia bonus, then I had ony Australia, AI had whole map except Australia, and I counterattacked.

I will check Bunco levels, 2% win rate looks promising.

I found lots of interesting levels, especially on last pages, there are much more hard levels than on 1st ones.

Here is a small list of the hardest levels I already won.

Multiple timelines needed
9/404 wins
To win you need good strategy and luck (you have 50% chance to fail on turn 1)

Two teams you VS 39 AIs
8/351 wins
Challenging but soooo long.
Record is 82 turns, I won in 96 turns.

Battle Perfection: Artificial intelligence I
4/315 wins
Very hard, and you need to be a bit lucky with IA moves to win this.

And here a small list of very challenging levels I tried but failed:
New Insane challenge
11/1697 wins
It's a 1V4 with commanders and some bosses (for ennemy only), I guess your only chance is to find where the commanders are hidden and hunt them down before being crushed.

Baltic sophistication:
10/627 wins
I almost found the good way to do it...almost only.

Edited 2/16/2017 19:40:44
About challenging community levels: 2/16/2017 21:34:36

Level 60
Two teams you VS 39 AIs
8/351 wins
Challenging but soooo long.
Record is 82 turns, I won in 96 turns.

This is rather easy level tbh, if you know how to play and make AI help you. Can be beaten in ~60 turns I imagine. My record has many autopilots turn in ut. Not recommended, as it takes a very long time to finish the won game.
Besides, I don't mind having the record :D
About challenging community levels: 2/16/2017 21:49:43

Level 60
fuck off TBest - showing off how easy that level is for you O_o
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