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some small issues concerning WL: 2/5/2017 11:13:42

Level 57
Hello Fizzer,

Since it looks that you are preparing to move to another platform I'd like to brought up a few small problems concerning flash version. Perhaps you could solve some of them in unity, so that we get even better game experience with this new build.

1)Finding territories on large maps.
After I receive a ctrl-link inside message and click it,the territory gets highlited with this glowing, pink-colored, halo ring. Problem is that it is scalling with map zoom so when you look at big map it is sometimes very hard to see which one of houndreds of tiny territories is actually higlighted.
Could make this halo ring to scalle differently (similar to what you have done with army numbers)? That way it would be easily seen even on zoomed out view.

2)Discontinued bonusses. Some special bonusses have very spaced territories and it is really hard to find them on large maps. If u pick such bonus (so that all its territories are highlighted) you cant move around the map, because when you do, bonus gets automatically "unhiglighted". So usually one have to zoom out and then pick a bonus. But then, on zoomed out map, even higlited territories are barely seen....

3)Territories that belong to same team
In large scalle games with many teams, it would be very helpfull if players could switch to alternate view in which all territories from particular team would be seen in same coulour (practically it would look like whole teams being coloured as they were single players). It would help to analyze startegic situtaion in fragments of map, where many players from different teams have territories....

4)"Change color" option.
Right now we can change the coulor of our opponents. We can for instance make red-color player being displayed as blue-color. This option could be a good solution for previous problem (3rd) because one could change colors of opponents so that in particular teams colors of players would match visually (like making all players from team C being green-cououred (drak green, green, light green etc)). Problem is that this option is not memorized. After you change the color of particular player, the next time you open the game everythig is being reset to defalut.... Could you then make this "change color" option to persist longer?

I have just created a game in which every bonus has one wasteland territory. Problem is that I also implemented heavy fog. With this setting one cant see the value of neutrlas. Whch means that players must check game history anytime they plan to attack neutral territory, only to make sure whether it is wasteland or not. Also in normal-fog games I am sometimes forced to get back to game history only to check whether there is any wasteland inside the bonus which I am planning to attack.
It is very annoying, especially for those using mobile version.
Would it be possible to make wastelands graphically distinct? Or to implement a button which would temporally highlight all wastelands?

6)Finding commands on commands list.
Some times players decide to change their orders. They can easily adjust the number of armies being sent by clicking on particular command on game-map. But to change the order of moves player have to manually find such action on the list of commands. In lage games, where thare are dozens of commands each turn, it is very, very annoying, especially on mobile version.
It could be helpfull if orders which are actually being modified (on map screen) are also automatically highlighted on command list. Once you "open" any command (which means you have this small windowopened, in whichyou can adjust numbers of armies being sent etc) command list could be automatically scrolled so that such command is positioned in the middle of it. That way you can easily find it on such list.

7)Teammate's commands.
To check the detail commnads of ally, one have to use the option to check his moves. Nonetheless, it would be much easier if players could also check commands of their allies by simply clicking on thier territories. That way if player clicked on the territory of his teammate, game would display all actions (attacks/transfers/airlifts/blockades etc)taking place in this particular territory. Of course this would not give all information (sice to check move order one would still need to use option to see whole list of ally's commands) but this could be a very helpfull way to swiflty check on what our teammates are doing... This could be especially helpfull for mobile app users.

8) Inviting friends to open games.
I often find open games with free slots for whole teams. Problem is WL dont make it easy to play such games with your friends. If I join such game and sent mails to my buddies to join it too, It is very likely that by the time they log in, some random players would join such game and I would end up in one team with random players I dont know and perhaps dont want to play with...
Could you consider allowing for "reservations" of open slots in team games? That way if players takes first open-seat in empty -team, rest of empty seats in this particular team would be "locked" for some time (like 24h - this could be customizable by game creator). Player would be allowed to send invitations for such "locked" spaces to his teammates, and during this time period noone could be allowed to use such reserved seats without invitation. This option could be "optional" but I am sure manz more players would join custom games if it was allowed.


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some small issues concerning WL: 2/5/2017 13:21:26

Level 61
some small issues concerning WL: 2/5/2017 13:24:14

Level 57
Fizzer indeed
some small issues concerning WL: 2/5/2017 14:58:00

[NL] Willem van Oranje
Level 57
I agree with 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7 and 8
5: That is the reason why I don't use the wasteland options for dense, heavy or complete fog.

Moreover, for multi-attack games on large map, this flash version is terrible
Is it possible to make fast orders for multi-attack? because on large maps it takes hours to make multi-attack orders, moreover it is impossible to make those orders on your smartphone.
For example: https://www.warlight.net/MultiPlayer?GameID=12523498
some small issues concerning WL: 2/5/2017 17:15:09

Level 59
Hi Kain!

2) This is annoying both on mobile and PC. An idea for fixing the PC version is to make a player double click somewhere else in order to deselect a bonus. (The same fix could be implemented on phone, too.)

7) This is a good start - I think what it really needs is just a "View Teammate Orders" button - so you can exactly see where your orders lie with your teammates, and what orders they are in. (And should still be able to view individual teammate orders.)

8) I feel like WarLight has been needing this for a long time. No doubt it would be hard to implement because of these questions, but possibly they should be found in create-game settings. Who is allowed to invite? How many people can they invite? Can they invite players on [the game creator]'s blacklist? What happens when a player stalls a game by inviting an inactive player? (One that never joins.) There are more questions, but I'll leave it there.

some small issues concerning WL: 2/5/2017 18:38:23

Level 57
8) I see it that way.
-this option should be "optional" so that game creator may chose to switch it ON or OFF
-even turned ON by game creator, the players who join the game also dont have to use it and they can just sit ad wait for other rendom players as it is played now
-to be able activate it player must first find an empty team and take a first seat inside it
-once active, this options locks the reast of seats avaiable for this particular team for fixed amount of time (i suggest 24h, however this could be customizableDurong this time only players with invitations can join this team
-invitations could work as a unique game-link which could be sent by player to his friends via mesages / forums
-players should be allowed to send this invitations to whoever they want and to as many players as they desire. For instance if player have 3 empty seats reserved for 24h, he should be able to send invites to many of his friends. Of course only 3 of them (probably the ones who responded first) would be able to join.
-after reservation period (24h) is off, if there are still empty spaces inside such team, they shpuld be unlocked and now any players could use them
-players should be allowed only use reservation option only once for each game (to prevent game stalling by continuous reservations)
-players blacklisted by game host should not be able to join such games even if they are invited
-perhaps it could be good to allow game creator to switch this option On/Off also while waiting for players to join. That way if game creator decides that he dont want to allow this option any more he can just swich if off (same way as he can arrange players/teams)

that way there shuold be little option for satlling the game. All in all game creator can always remove players manually. I suppose that this option would in fact decrease the time needed to start a new game as it would encourage plyers to joins such games. Right now most experienced palyers simply dont join open seats in team games because they are afraid that they will end up with some random noobs in their team...
some small issues concerning WL: 2/6/2017 21:43:16

Level 56
I definitely agree with the concept in clause three. I think it would be better if there were more colors. You could label a whole team different forms of one color (i.e, green, pine, hunter green...etc) that way, you won't be confused when looking at an opposing team's individual members.
some small issues concerning WL: 2/9/2017 22:14:43

Level 59
This is the best list of possible game improvements i've ever seen here. Kudos!
some small issues concerning WL: 2/9/2017 22:29:41

Cata Cauda
Level 59
I agree with all mentioned. You should become a consultant for Fizzer.
some small issues concerning WL: 2/10/2017 04:17:26

Marigold Sunshine 
Level 59
please send this list to Fizzer. he doesnt seem too fond of the forum posts. i've posted things and they have gone unnoticed. but when i messaged him directly, he implemented my ideas (yay. lifetime membership is available again) and actually talked about why it was a good idea or why it could not be implemented. you have very good ideas which i agree with
some small issues concerning WL: 2/10/2017 13:58:18

Level 57
Hmmm, but how to sent this list directly to Fizzer? By sending him a link to this thread via mail system?

Maybe somebody could tell him about this list during one of his "development streams" (unfortunately I don't have enough time to attend to his streams personally)
some small issues concerning WL: 2/10/2017 14:42:12

Marigold Sunshine 
Level 59

send him a mail. its not that hard. and hes not that scary to talk to.
some small issues concerning WL: 2/10/2017 14:50:11

Level 55
some small issues concerning WL: 2/10/2017 22:01:43

Level 57
Ok, I'll sent him a message and let's see what it will do... 8]

BTW - any other ideas?

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