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Looking to join a clan: 1/29/2017 04:27:45

Level 58
Hey everyone, i was wondering if theres any clans that hold tournaments often or team up together for games/tournaments
Looking to join a clan: 1/29/2017 08:34:18

Level 8
you should look into hydra or fcc
- downvoted post by GeniusJKlopp
Looking to join a clan: 1/29/2017 08:39:22

Level 60
Don't wish us to die like good ole Bayern here did and we won't ;)

Wrong account.

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Looking to join a clan: 1/29/2017 08:53:26

Level 59
^ That's me.

On the serious side, the FCC is a great choice for any player looking to take a step to become a better player, or to find a good community to play with. We currently have three divisions:

The Order of the Sword

Clan P/R League
Skype chat with regular advice and people happy to help
Clan League
Regular tournaments
And even more.

The Order of the Diplomacy

Invitation to FCC exclusive diplos.
Regular assistance with template creation.
Advice on better strategy and fighting in diplos when requested.

Order of the Maps

Chat with several different mapmakers in our clan.
Receive advice and tips when making a map.
Testing on maps made by clan members.

Best part? You don't have to be in that order to receive benefits from other orders.

If you'd like an invite, set up a game with me, [FCC] Aura Guardian, or Don'tAttackMe. We'll be glad to give you a shot.
- downvoted post by Marigold Sunshine
Looking to join a clan: 1/29/2017 09:15:02

Level 58
^^^ Haha, wrong account! That's gold! :P

But yeah, as Deadenne says FCC and Hydra are good options. GGr, 101st and Outlaws are good clans for what you (@OP) are looking for, too. To be fair though, FCC of all clans has the most to offer in terms of game-play by the sounds of it.

But regardless, good luck in finding a clan!

Edited 1/29/2017 09:15:16
Looking to join a clan: 1/29/2017 17:30:17

Hazel Wizard
Level 56
If you are also looking to improve your gameplay then Apprentice is a good choice. If you have Skype that's another huge plus for Apprentice.
Looking to join a clan: 1/29/2017 18:45:46

Aura Guardian 
Level 62
The FFC is a drama-infested AIDSfest. Not worth the energy

And the thing about getting kicked out for saying something against Aura's opinion is pretty accurate. Aura thinks hes right and anyone that doesnt agree with him is sub-human trash. Its basically like how Wally Balls blocks everyone that makes him cry.

I would recomment Apprentice. They're a very good clan that can teach you a lot and you can have lots of fun with them.

I don't even know who you are. You don't even know who I am. And this is a very, very inaccurate assessment of me. It sounds like Bayern's Assessment of me. Which means you must have actually listened to Bayern. Why don't you set up a 1v1 with me so we can chat, since I have never met you. Perhaps we can clear up some of these clouds of uncertainty that you may have about me.
Looking to join a clan: 2/2/2017 08:07:46

Level 59
Skype chat with regular advice and people happy to help

We now have a discord server as well.
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