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Real time ladder problem: 12/17/2016 23:29:58

Level 68
I play the real time ladder for the variety of templates, even though there are a few I'm not too keen on. However, since the real time ladder update I have felt like I get some templates alot more than others. So I decided to count up the number of times I was given a template in my last 50 games (between my game against player12345 on the day of this post and my loss against Bbraw).

Commanders: 12
Greece: 7
China: 6
EA and O: 6
Battle Islands: 6
LD France: 5
Guiroma: 5
ME WR: 3
Treasure map: 0
French brawl: 0 (might have mistaken a brawl for France LD)

Maybe a sample of 50 games is too small 10 different templates, but not getting treasure map once for sure but getting commanders 12 times seems like bullshit to me.

Tldr: Why do I have to play commanders so much?

Edit: Reordered template list.

Edited 12/18/2016 01:30:45
Real time ladder problem: 12/17/2016 23:54:17

Level 60
I scanned through my last 50 RT Ladder games as well and here's what I got:

Commanders: 12
Greece: 9
Battle Islands: 6
China: 5
France LD: 5
EA&O: 4
French Brawl: 3
Treasure Map: 3
ME WR: 2
Guiroma: 0

So... I understand that I am pretty strong at Guiroma (some lucky wins on it), while of all the Greece games (2nd most common template) I won maybe 2, but zero Guiroma? That's pretty extreme. However, Commanders here - with 12 games just like in Buns post - are completely unexplainable, especially since it's also one of the two least liked templates on RT Ladder. -.- Does Fizzer really want to drive away people from RT ladder by shoving commanders down the players' throats? Does he believe we will start to like them after playing them so much?
Oh well.
Real time ladder problem: 12/18/2016 01:04:00

Level 63
Tally of Games on the RT Ladder by Template (50 games)

Template		Number of Games
EA&O			10
Commanders		9
France LD 		7
China			6
Treasure Map		4
Guiroma			4
Greece			4
Strat ME		3
Battle Islands		2
French Brawl		1

Tally of 3 Most Frequent Templates vs the Rest:

Top 3			Other Templates
26			24 

What's going on? When the top 3 worst templates on the RT Ladder are more frequent than the rest, I can't help but wonder whether the probability of getting one template is equal to another...

Edited 12/18/2016 01:11:32
Real time ladder problem: 12/18/2016 01:31:35

Level 63
From the last 1'000 games:
Template			Number of Games
----------------		---------------
Strategic Greece: 		107
Guiroma: 			106
France LD: 			106
East Asia and Oceania: 		104
Commanders on MME: 		102
French Brawl: 		 	97
Strat ME 0% WR: 	 	97
Treasure Map: 		 	96
China: 			 	96
Battle Islands V map: 	 	89

Edited 12/18/2016 01:32:39
Real time ladder problem: 12/18/2016 01:57:14

Level 60

Muli disspells the commander conspiracy

+100 dude

Edited 12/18/2016 01:57:42
Real time ladder problem: 12/18/2016 02:47:28

master of desaster 
Level 65

The solution of your problems. RT ladder be gone.
Real time ladder problem: 12/18/2016 04:09:53

Level 61
i would play RT ladder more if i could veto a few templates out of it, that's for sure.
and vote on replacements on a regular (automated) basis.

last change just didn't sit well at all, still not used to commanders, nor french brawl. and LD shouldn't even be in the options, certainly not when MA is missing and no option to veto any of them when you simply don't like those settings.

that being said, i doubt there is any conspiracy, just high numbers theory requiring high numbers to prove itself.
Real time ladder problem: 12/18/2016 15:10:47

Level 68

Thanks, I wanted a bigger sample but all I know how to do is open and close my previous games ;)

I just must be pretty unlucky when it comes to the ladder giving me my favourite templates.
Real time ladder problem: 12/18/2016 16:19:36

Math Wolf 
Level 63
Buns: p-value of about 1% under the nullhypotheses of equally assigned in theory (i.e. if equally assigned, a situation like yours would happen in about 1% of the cases (here, for 1% of the players over a randomly chosen timeframe))

Onoma: also p-value of about 1%

Awesomeguy: p-value of 7.5%

Muli: p-value of 96%

Note that p-values of 1% do appear approximately once in every 100 players and I would expect only the people to have something to complain about to post here (or make a topic).

So, in short, there is currently no statistical proof for the templates to be not equally assigned, but it is certainly possible. If we had the data of more players, this could be checked better.

Edited 12/18/2016 16:20:19
Real time ladder problem: 12/18/2016 16:25:49

Level 61
Math Wolf: with all that fancy statistic analysis you should probably create a statisticians clan.
Real time ladder problem: 12/21/2016 22:40:20

Level 60
yea listen to ps

he has all the experience when it comes to being in clans amirigh
Real time ladder problem: 12/21/2016 23:23:13

Level 61
what semice said.
Real time ladder problem: 12/21/2016 23:38:02

Level 60
The solution of your problems. RT ladder be gone.

There is a reason we talk about real time ladder as opposed to multi day one. ;P
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