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Rigged game: 12/3/2016 09:42:36

Level 56
adveriser states that is not rigged, yet it is
Rigged game: 12/3/2016 19:18:26

Level 46
The system is rigged, and we all know the riggers!!!
Rigged game: 12/3/2016 20:50:30

Level 62
It's clearly a lottery game. There are special rules when creating lottery games:

If you're creating a lottery game, please be sure that the word "lottery" is somewhere in the game or tournament name. This allows players who don't want to see lottery games to hide it with the check-box on the Open Games and Open Tournaments pages.
When creating a lottery game, it must be won by random chance. You cannot give yourself, or any one player, an advantage. All players must have the same chance at winning.
It should be reasonably clear how to win. If the winning strategy is well hidden, you should not explain it in the game description.

Source: https://www.warlight.net/wiki/Lottery_game.
This game breaks the first two rules. Report and blacklist the creator.
Rigged game: 12/7/2016 23:19:22

Tim (TIM CLAN) 😡 
Level 62
If someone says

"hey this game is not rigged cone and play"
That should be an indication that it is in fact rigged.

We call that a REDFLAG in my country
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