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Looking for clan: 10/28/2016 02:56:43

Art Vandelay
Level 53
I am getting back into this game after some time and I am looking for a good clan. My level is low but I have had this account since 2011. Please check my statistics. I have done competitive play before but I am not necessarily looking to constantly be in ladders/tourneys. I am looking for a group of players that play at a high level and either within the clan itself or with other clans. I am a big fan of 3v3 europes w/ scheveningen settings. Please let me know if you are interested.
Looking for clan: 10/28/2016 03:43:28

Level 56
Looking for clan: 10/28/2016 03:56:42

Level 33
Can I join CORP as well?
Looking for clan: 10/28/2016 14:23:59

Sherlock Holmes
Level 55
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