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How to rank up?: 10/19/2016 22:12:10

Level 29
What must I do to rank up? Do I need to play multi-player games? I've already played a hundred single player games.
How to rank up?: 10/19/2016 22:26:55

Level 62
Try to earn points. You can earn points by completing achievements. Achievements can be found by viewing a person's profile and then clicking on achievements. You can also earn points from winning games.
How to rank up?: 10/20/2016 00:49:55

Sherlock Holmes
Level 55
You can get the stars in Single player levels to get points;
to get more points-you need to play multiplayer games-which are ranked.
Like DanWL says there are achievements which will give you points, but playing more games and winning them are easier way to rank up.
How to rank up?: 10/20/2016 16:36:07

Level 58
also a good idea is to turn off any programs that will prevents add from being shown on the website so you won't get decreased experience after winning games because of that
How to rank up?: 10/20/2016 19:25:57

Level 60
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