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Booting: 8/25/2016 15:35:58

machine-washed bliss
Level 58
I have been booted a few times whilst actively showing that I was still playing. One 3 vs 3 America battle in particular springs to mind. I make no big deal of it. There is a time limit, which everyone knows at the start of the game, and it is within people's right to boot especially if there other team makes no effort to say that they are still active. Gone are the days where I will wait patently for 15 minutes for someone who has vanished. Booting is in the game for a reason. Opinions?
Booting: 8/25/2016 15:40:25

Bayern München is the best!
Level 60
Booting is in the game to make the games finish. Try to report someone for booting and you'll receive the answer.
Booting: 8/25/2016 15:49:43

Master Ryiro 
Level 62
as long as your bootrate is below 10% you'll be able to play almost all open games,so its not a big deal if you get booted by cruel people once in a while
unlike other rts games though,most of the times people wait before booting on warlight and the community is less violent
Booting: 8/25/2016 15:50:47

machine-washed bliss
Level 58
People get bitchy for booting! As if a "blacklist" from a stranger online is the scariest most threatening thing in the world. Play real time games according to the time limit, that's what I think anyway
Booting: 8/25/2016 16:06:07

Tim (TIM CLAN) 😡 
Level 61
I set autoboot in my games so there is no argument.

If you don't use it, then you will get people who stall out the games.
This way no one has to boot the slow player, the system does it.
But beware, if you have a slow connection, you can get autobooted while the commit order has not been received yet.

So I try to submit while there are still 30 sec on the clock.
Booting: 8/25/2016 16:49:52

Luna {TJC}
Level 56
Autoboot helps removes most arguments regarding boots. Although setting it a few minutes after manual boot and waiting for the auto to activate is best sportsman in my opinion.
Booting: 8/26/2016 01:31:39

Level 22
I almost always uses autoboot exclusively.
Booting: 8/26/2016 02:09:46

Green Turtle 
Level 62
Use bank time with autoboot, just in case that someone cannot hold a giant dump.
Booting: 8/26/2016 02:25:12

Level 59
It's situational, but if players agree to wait on a player, or if it's clear there's a large amount of discussion they are involved in then it's best to wait. We once waited 20 mins for a player while he had his dinner, but it was a fun game we were all getting into and it was a chilled atmopshere.

Usually if someone boots a player in this situation then I'll blacklist them for it, in fact really if you don't at least say in chat "shall I boot player X?" then that's not cool.

But really, it depends on the game and the players, tactical booting is always shitty play, but if they seem to be gone then it's fair play.
Booting: 8/26/2016 04:15:41

Level 44
tactical booting is what poor players do when they think they are good players.
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