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Easy Victory Tips and Tricks w/ Provided Game: 8/23/2016 04:24:10

Level 48
The main purpose of this will to show noobs and newcomers to Warlight how to easily win on most maps with this nearly impossible and meta level strategy. By Turn 5 this game was already over for the poor lad I had to spar against for this stunning victory.


Picks: The key with picking territories is to pick all the good ones you think that are good, then when your opponent gets them all, you've actually surprised them 200% of the time with them not expecting your new found picks that the Super Computer AI of Warlight strategically placed for you.

Turn 2: When nearly all your armies smash into neutrals and "die", hint: they don't die! It's actually a clever ploy against your foolish opponent for them to think you just lost all of your starting armies when in reality you've only lost 90% of them.

Turn 4: Is when you can see the beginning on the end here, my opponent pitifully completes three bonuses bringing his income that of 21 basic infantry vs my 7 high quality "space marines"

Turn 5: Once your opponent blindly rushes into your territory killing the other 10% you had stashed away don't panic! You're simply letting him overextend himself till you can surround and crush his sorry stack, and by this turn it was pretty much over for him as I was flanking from the bottom eventually.

Turn 8: Just like you planned half of the map is owned by your opponent, spreading their forces to the extreme while you remain clustered ready for a breakthrough. The one bonus you do hold with no available troops in it acts almost as a biscuit for the dog that is your opponent which will quickly be put down with the tactic I call the "Old Yeller"

Turn 10: Following the rules of history you change the battlefield to your liking, with around 12% of your enemies forces being rendered null in the North with your province as a distraction (The "Yeller" part of the term) with your main force splitting off to recreate the stunning victory for The British and HRE coalition at Marseille. (Pretty much winning with flair at this point for me, also known as the "Old" part)

Turn 15: Brilliant! Its a common strat to make your opponent force himself into a corner while you flank him from the bum rear as I did with Corsica. Realizing that it will stall his few "hundred" stacks off while I push from Monaco.

Turn 16: Congration you done it. The Warlight Meta is pretty easy now for you huh? Now all thats left is to tease your opponent with the release of death while you enjoy the easy victory, all because you used F.U.C.K.I.N.G H.A.X

F- Feign Defeat
U- Undercut Armies
C- Capture Important Provinces
K- Kill all Armies
I- Ignoring Advice
N- No Mercy
G- GG (Or gamer speak for Great Grapes)

H- Hard? More like Very Easy
A- An Easy Win
X- Xenopusal Victory
Easy Victory Tips and Tricks w/ Provided Game: 8/23/2016 04:28:06

Level 61
Who are you exactly?
Easy Victory Tips and Tricks w/ Provided Game: 8/23/2016 04:34:18

Level 59
Thanks for letting me get a stack of 1000 on French Brawl, I should get a medal
Easy Victory Tips and Tricks w/ Provided Game: 8/23/2016 05:29:33

Level 44
+1, true pro
Easy Victory Tips and Tricks w/ Provided Game: 8/23/2016 10:06:41

Lord of Turnips
Level 59
I used to play with that strat!

Here are some of my best victories with it:



And best for last, a "win" against Buns:

However, I now use the strategy of thinking about moves and expanding like crazy it usually works better as this one is too complicated.
Easy Victory Tips and Tricks w/ Provided Game: 8/23/2016 13:16:57

Level 60
You're not following your clan's rules about how you talk on Tuesday.
Easy Victory Tips and Tricks w/ Provided Game: 8/23/2016 13:28:21

Level 60
O it da chmnz 2sdy agin!

Gud strtg cchchch u da bezt aftr god kng chmb ofc
Easy Victory Tips and Tricks w/ Provided Game: 8/23/2016 13:46:37

Level 59
I used to goad players into attacking me, but I don't do that so much now since most people don't seem to like it and get upset. It's just a game though :/
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