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Choosing a map for Strategy games help: 8/16/2016 15:59:50

Fan the Apostle
Level 56
What would you recomend? Settings, map etc? What do you think is the "perfect" settings for maximum strategic experience?

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Choosing a map for Strategy games help: 8/16/2016 16:14:37

Level 61
There is no perfect setting for all maps. Some are more likely to not be used in a strategic template such as greater than 16% luck or Diplomacy cards.

While I have no experience making strategic templates I would recommend that you look at well known templates (such as from ladders + old and current clan league ect). Then think about what makes that an enjoyable template.

You want to think about what sort of game play the settings will make (1v1 2v2 3v3, brawlly ect). Then choose a map that would appropriately fit that 'theme'. Best thing would be to either use a map that has no good template for it (althought there might be a reason it has no good templates on it) or one that has a template for it and design drastically diffrent settings.

Just a few jangle thoughts, I would take it with a pinch of salt.

Just a general slightly ontopic questions; who do you think is the best template maker? It seems to me that it would have to go to either Qi or Sze.
Choosing a map for Strategy games help: 8/18/2016 03:05:32

Level 56
On my map. With this template: https://www.warlight.net/MultiPlayer?GameID=11730661

dont.play.this.ever....its a copied zoomed in version of a map(I believe its "A Tale of 2 Cities" is the original map, not that copied fake "Eastern Mediterranean " stolen thing
Choosing a map for Strategy games help: 8/19/2016 01:27:28

Level 56
honestly, better than your other copied maps and coffee and airplanes. but why do u stick to the east Mediterranean region so much?
Choosing a map for Strategy games help: 8/19/2016 02:22:20

Level 59
3.5+ rating
80-250 territories
Not linear (square territories)

That's really all you need to find a decent map for a strategy game.
Choosing a map for Strategy games help: 8/19/2016 07:55:49

Green Turtle 
Level 62
Strategic maps can be small. The map below has less than 10 territories, yet a 2v2 game on it could be very strategic.


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Choosing a map for Strategy games help: 8/19/2016 09:00:06

Level 58
Have you ever given a thought on "What is a strategy"? How to define it in environment like Warlight? There are more than one approach to strategy -> which do you prefer and how you tend approach it in Warlight is the correct question here?

Maybe I was too gullible to thought that "Strategy" sub-forum would be any more content-relative or qualitative than other sections. Not going to delve into the topic of Strategy and its variations in Warlight as thus far all attempts have been failures. So first, please put down your concept of Strategy in Warlight and what you aim to accomplish with it in game-play, maybe then we can give you advice for settings and map.

And if you don´t know where to start google "Game Theory", "game theory explained" then you should find more answers and keywords than needed for the reply. And may I offer great source for learning this in-depth in platform called gametheory.net (although is an old passive page, with lot of removed content this has till a lot to offer).
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