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How do I review a map?: 7/23/2016 23:07:10

Level 54
I can never find the button to review a map and rate it and such. Where on the map page is this feature?
How do I review a map?: 7/23/2016 23:18:52

Level 60
it is not on the map page, it show up after you finish a game. GO to any past game, and hit game summary.

ALSO: https://www.warlight.net/RateMap?ID=7573 <that last number is just the map ID. so you could change it match the map you want to review.

Edited 7/23/2016 23:21:06
How do I review a map?: 7/23/2016 23:36:46

Level 60
Worth noting the map ID is the one found in the map page (the released ID), not the map preview link (which counts all maps and all versions).

Example on my own map:

Map Page: www.warlight.net/Map/25105-Basileia-Rhomaion-600-AD

Map Preview: warlight.net/SinglePlayer?PreviewMap=57132

Correct map rating link: warlight.net/ratemap?id=25105
How do I review a map?: 7/30/2016 03:58:07

Level 8
fizzer u shud mak it ezier to rate map mmm
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