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Make a recruitment post for someone else's clan: 7/3/2016 01:14:50

Level 58
j o i n waco

wapo wapo kazoo


we go wapo dis place up wapo

min lvel 4

pay ONE DOLLAR 2 jon if adrien waco no like u.
Make a recruitment post for someone else's clan: 7/3/2016 01:16:52

ayy lmao
Level 48
hi we r corp
we all lov japan nd own anime body pilows
evry1 in are clan lernd japanese on rosetta stone
kill al chinese nd koreans
praise hirohito

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Make a recruitment post for someone else's clan: 7/3/2016 01:27:15

Level 55
Hello this is the Poon Squad
The requirements to join Poon Squad is to be on Level 10 or higher,your boot rate is 20% at least,and be active
We are playing multi-day team games however if any member of Poon Squad is booted on a team game that member gets a strike on a Tier System
If you decline a Promotion/Relegation series or decline a team game without a reason,will get a strike on a Tier System
If you are below the Tiers then you will be in the Trial of Cumbat which Queefballs or Pooncrew choose it's champion in a 1 on 1 Trial of Cumbat
If the member in the Trial beats the Poon Squad champion Queefballs or Pooncrew choose can stay on Poon Squad but if the member of Trial lose to the Poon Squad champion will get booted out of Poon Squad
Edit:I forgot to include choose that Queefballs and Pooncrew choose a Poon Squad champion to challenge the Poon Squad member in Trial

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Make a recruitment post for someone else's clan: 7/3/2016 01:27:49

Level 55
That's how I can make a recruitment post of the active clan,Poon Squad
Make a recruitment post for someone else's clan: 7/3/2016 01:30:09

Level 63
hey, Mhunters here.
I wouldn't bother applying, you're probably not good enough.
We're basically the best, so you're not up to our standard.
We should be in division A of clan league, but we just couldn't really be bothered, clan league is too easy for us, so why bother?
Hey! who called us arrogant! name one thing we've ever said that was arrogant.
oh, that... that was just being realistic.
Make a recruitment post for someone else's clan: 7/3/2016 01:33:38

Level 58
If you're receiving this message, odds are you're already part of another clan and just came to our attention after beating multiple members in a tournament, possibly a ladder.

I'd like to invite you to join {101st}- one of Warlight's oldest, biggest and best strategic clans, outside the clans that are older, bigger, or better than us. We're mostly players poached ("recruited") from other clans, usually strategically solid players with some language barriers (it's okay; in 101st, you can spell "potato" any way you want to), and the sister farm clan of [Lynx], one of the two elite clans we could probably dominate head-to-head. One of the major benefits of joining {101st} is inheriting the legacy of Apollo, who had the brilliant idea of creating "regiments" alongside clans (not to mention a heavily unique username), and- of course- tutoring from that clan all of our good players created to ditch us and pretend they were elite (it's okay, like I said we can beat them now).

If you prove yourself as a good player in the clan, we'll let you stay instead of pushing you off to [Lynx].

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Make a recruitment post for someone else's clan: 7/3/2016 01:36:03

Level 44
Team P here, we're not recruiting, don't ask, don't apply, don't talk to me, just don't.

That is all.
Make a recruitment post for someone else's clan: 7/3/2016 01:37:43

ayy lmao
Level 48
someone else's clan
Make a recruitment post for someone else's clan: 7/3/2016 01:39:37

master of desaster 
Level 65


Kyntes is better :'(

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Make a recruitment post for someone else's clan: 7/3/2016 01:39:53

Level 58
Dear user:

I personally invite you to Felidae to be our Leader of Useless Position #23. Your official title with be " Head of Housecat". I like you personally even though we've never met and will continue to spam any thread you're involved in with invites to my underutilized clan. If you have an alt please let me know.

Movie Extra #4/Garfield

ps: btw cats rule :-)
pps: cats are better then dogs!
ppps: you should join
Make a recruitment post for someone else's clan: 7/3/2016 01:45:56

Leif Eriksson
Level 13
Its a joint victory here. The M'Hunters and Feladie are hilarious, great thread guys.
Make a recruitment post for someone else's clan: 7/3/2016 02:17:05

Emu Pub
Level 62
Dang Hades, you should write all our of forum posts.

Please try to bit a *touch* more condescending please when addressing messages to the masses, we have a reputation to uphold.

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Make a recruitment post for someone else's clan: 7/3/2016 02:48:21

Level 61
And the first M'Hunters guy to get upset! Expecting Norman and many others to come =)
Make a recruitment post for someone else's clan: 7/3/2016 03:04:57

Emu Pub
Level 62
I wasn't upset. I guess I should have made the dripping sarcasm more apparent.
Make a recruitment post for someone else's clan: 7/3/2016 03:10:51

Aura Guardian 
Level 62
@ knyte

that Felidae invite is purrfect!
Make a recruitment post for someone else's clan: 7/3/2016 03:13:19

knyte shyamalan
Level 4
we r da w o l f

hijack was an inside job

we no hijackd anymore since yesterday trust

good diplo strat mix

wolf s t r t t g c e1337 is 10/10 we have an asian and 2 corpies

we gona rek aoes shit in rpcl oh no no im an eagle lol
Make a recruitment post for someone else's clan: 7/3/2016 03:18:21

MightySpeck (a Koala) 
Level 58
Hey, Darklordio here.

I saw you joined Warlight and that made you eligible for a DarkLords! So congrats I already invited you and all you have to do is hit accept on our clan page (https://www.warlight.net/Clans/?ID=140) to become part of the biggest clan on Warlgiht. Catch ya later!

Edited 7/3/2016 03:18:35
Make a recruitment post for someone else's clan: 7/3/2016 03:23:57

[AOE]Orthrus Echo Five
Level 53
Hello everyone, knyte here. If you want to be in a strategic/role-playing/viking-themed/active-forum clan, then The Lost Wolves is for you! We have plenty of useless names and rules, such as "Ideally" >20% boot rate, no minimum level, and such. We have all sorts of cool fleets and such, all of which don't sound like fleet names, like Djevelen Hund, Slass Klubb, and my favorite: Albanian Brigade.

So, if you want to hang out with knyte and friends, here's what you do:
1. click on this link---->https://www.warlight.net/Clans/?ID=70
2. Search the lost wolves on Google, Bing, and Mozilla Firefox
3. Contact me, writing a 5 page essay on why you should be in TLW.
4. Create a 3v3 game with two random people who won't even join our clan, and on the other team put and 3 TLW members.
5. Win that game in under 10 turns.
6. Put a bunch of random things from your house in a brown bag, then pick three things out: You must get the hat with motherfucking horns, McMuller's virginity, and a first-edition copy of Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time for N64.

If you've done everything correctly, then congratulations! You've officially completed step 1 of 13 of the cult rituals. Put this profile -----> https://www.warlight.net/Profile?p=2771432182 along with myself, and we will tell you what to do from there. Are you ready for Freddy to make America great again? Stay classy, San Diego.

-Knyte, His Royal Highness, Majesty of the Court, Duke of Norway, Count of Denmark, Third Removed Cousin of Semice, and the wife's dog's mother's mailman's brother's wife's mother's boss's slave of the People's Republic of North Korea's 한국 의 국방 장관 의 가짜 이름
(hangug ui gugbang jang-gwan ui gajja ileum)

P.S. If you couldn't tell, this wasn't meant to dig at TLW in any way, they are really a great clan, and this was meant to be quite funny. I hope you enjoyed reading it as much as I did writing it.

Edited 7/3/2016 03:27:22
Make a recruitment post for someone else's clan: 7/3/2016 03:29:33

Level 56
join darklords, were super powerful(cuz were the largest clan on warlight) so we r the best. we r also very inactive but that doesn't matter. we also invite EVERY player on warlight first so u should join DARKLORDS.
Make a recruitment post for someone else's clan: 7/3/2016 03:33:03

Level 58
Hello brother have you thought about joining an elite community of both strategy and Diplomacy players?
You're invited to join CORP the topmost clan on all Warlight
We have very much activity
And also have high forum use as well as chat and game creation
Not to mention many tournaments and participation in Clan Leagues and such and Role Play Clan league
My dream is to make CORP an elite clan
If you meet the requirements you should join
The requirements are low boot
And to be a good player wanting to be the very best they can be
We have done well in our 1v1 2v2 3v3 and FFA and we have big strong solid group for diplomacy too that plays regularly
We also have many active clan members to answer questions and give you their honest opinions
I am sure you will enjoy our clan bro :-) :-) :-)

Edited 7/3/2016 03:34:15
Make a recruitment post for someone else's clan: 7/3/2016 05:38:07

Level 58
Good afterpoon brother

Do you get a hard-on from gratuitous sexual humor? Feel a little warm inside your pants every time someone says "that's what she said"? Are you a seemingly well-adjusted, competent adult who still just can't pull out of the hilarity of your mom jokes?

Well then cum on board the Poon Squad! We only have enough spot for 40 up-and-cuming players, and looks like there's a hole in here for you ;) Our clan's just gonna snatch you up with somewhat cuntroversial settings on boot times but clever tournament names like "From Queef to Shining Queef," "Meat flappy bird," "The Great Hairy Clam Invitational" and "xD I said made a sex joke lolol." Not to mention well-to-do players like cumburper, QueefBalls, and- of course- Pooncrew.

What are you waiting for? Stop dicking around and ass-cept the invite. ;)
Make a recruitment post for someone else's clan: 7/3/2016 05:43:44

Level 55
^no, this is very unrealistic. Pooncrew never makes crude jokes, they've said this several times.
Make a recruitment post for someone else's clan: 7/3/2016 06:36:10

[RE] Lord Kira
Level 56
Hello, I would like to invite anyone to the World League Clan. If you have a strong feeling and want for a good and fun community, if you enjoy a strong bond between everyone in your clan as if they are brothers or sisters, or you even just like having a good time and wish to be around others of the same mindset then I strongly implore you to join the World League clan.

P.S. We also have cookies

P.P.S. that was the incorrect part of the post, we don't have cookies nor will we give you cookies for joining

P.P.S.S. Note that this does not mean we never have any cookies, we just do not have any cookies at the moment because of the last Batch of recruits.

P.P.P.S.S. We did not bake nor eat the last Batch of recruits and we never have nor will.

P.P.P.S.S.S. This does not include if the recruits are or have been Cookies.

Edited 7/3/2016 06:38:30
Make a recruitment post for someone else's clan: 7/3/2016 06:40:27

Level 55
as an add-on to Lord Kira's excellent post

Make a recruitment post for someone else's clan: 7/3/2016 08:26:02

Cookie Bunny
Level 41
Unsure whether to hate or love lord kira
Make a recruitment post for someone else's clan: 7/3/2016 08:44:50

Level 58
Hi everyone! Alpha Theta Epsilon here, but most of our members and other people call us AOE because we were made with a letter that isn't on most people's keyboards.

We're one of the 5 failed attempts of Conservative trying to make his utopia clan, and as a result, we've been passed down to uncaring, trollish, and semi-inactive management that probably won't help the clan get better.

However, we do have senate elections every 43 months so other players can pretend that they have power in the clan, as we're the last real remnant of "Clan Government" with players claiming that it is a success. Also, the management is trying to make a goal of letting in as many trolls / kids as possible. So far, throughout our history we have got: Karl, manchester united, Bayern, among others. I mean, 2 of the 3 left us for a better clan that would accept people like them, but "Of The Athenians" were a good placeholder clan for people who realistically can't get any higher =)

We have a clan constitution which is useful because it makes us think of the country we love to talk politically about (at least our 3 active members do).

But don't worry! We have like, 1 really good Role Player (inactive), 1 good strategic player (inactive), and 1 funny guy (literally dead, RIP Wombat) who I'm sure, if you think about them while in the clan, you can think of our peaks when only 6 people had 50%+ boot rate.

We have tri-monthly clan games and weekly lottos, as well as 50 8-player RoR tournaments which give us the illusion of activity. We also placed first in RPCL2 by some miracle (everyone calls us "tryhards" for some reason) and we're currently getting booted in CL8.

So, to summarise.
  • Do you have 50%+ boot rate?
  • Are you an alt?
  • Are you a redneck?
  • Have you got banned at least once?
  • Do you like clan governments?
  • Do you want to see The Conservative well up in joy if he sees his corpse creation get another active player?
  • Are you 12?

If you meet any of these things, feel free to join ALPHA THETA EPSILON today!


im so sorry xd

Edited 7/3/2016 08:51:05
Make a recruitment post for someone else's clan: 7/3/2016 08:46:50

Level 51
Are you a sheltered, halfway-literate, 12-year-old male looking for mature political discussion? Tired of getting called a "britcuck faggot" on Steam when you talk about the greatness of Winston Churchill and how Ronald Reagan was his intellectual predecessor? Have you mostly given up on competitive strategy after losing and sought refuge in diplos where you can play out your revisionist historical fetishes? Do you see yourself as perfectly fit to be the leader of your country even though you know none of its history outside some obscure political figures or events you've memorized and idolized to cover up your actual ignorance?

Well, then, there's a community for you! Warlight has many "rp" clans oriented toward a proven working method of democratic governance, completely necessary and functional elaborate government schemes, and weird combinations of culturally-specific titles that often make no sense. Oh, and not to mention 120-page, typo-laden constitutions dwarfed only by 300-page fanfictions about our members written by those of us with too much time on our hands (hint: that's all of us). Congratulations! You've found the Warlight diplomatic community- a network of closely connected groups that like to talk about their fetishes in leadership chats and sometimes even play games together. If you meet our stringent requirements- <100% boot rate, >level 5, and have played at least 2 games- you too can be part of this glory.

(18+ only)
Make a recruitment post for someone else's clan: 7/3/2016 11:13:38

Level 54
Mongols isn't like that :D

Everybody in mongol loves Supreme Leader Genghis.

We have an administration system to keep track of players, no true hierarchy. Gouvernance surveillance weeee.

I've had tu deal with some autistic clan leader chats yeah.
Make a recruitment post for someone else's clan: 7/3/2016 12:19:00

Level 46
Are you a trollish hijacker?
Do you have fun being other people?
Is inefficiency your favorite word?
Then I have the clan for you! It's called the R̶o̶y̶a̶l̶ ̶E̶n̶t̶e̶n̶t̶e̶ World League.
It is headed by the I̶m̶p̶e̶r̶i̶a̶l̶ ̶M̶a̶j̶e̶s̶t̶y̶ President Colonel H̶a̶r̶t̶h̶a̶c̶a̶n̶u̶t̶e̶ ̶ H Cardwell.
Bootrate requirements are ever so high, so that even the most obvious alts can slip by their inexistant security. So you'll have no problems getting into this clan.
If you are searching for power, then your search stops here if you meet these requirements:
-You are "active"

Don't meet the requirements? Don't worry! In about three weeks, the clan will probably be hijacked due to C̶o̶l̶o̶n̶e̶l̶'̶s̶ ̶i̶n̶a̶b̶i̶l̶i̶t̶y̶ ̶t̶o̶ ̶f̶i̶n̶d̶ ̶a̶l̶t̶s̶ Zeph's continued slyness.
NO matter what, your membership will continue to make you relevant.

R̶o̶y̶a̶l̶ ̶E̶n̶t̶e̶n̶t̶e̶ World League: Because the only security you need is fun.
Make a recruitment post for someone else's clan: 7/3/2016 12:39:00

[WL] Colonel Harthacanute
Level 51

You can talk...

Dear Sir/Madame,

If you'd like to join a leaderless clan with no structure, activity or purpose, then join us, The Royal Falcons today, and we promise we won't boot you in a few weeks when you start complaining that we're inactive because we booted the person that made us great and condemned ourselves to the dogs.

Join The Royal Falcons today!
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