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War On All Fronts (Scenario/Developing Gametype): 6/29/2016 13:22:11

Level 54
I built a scenario from a Game of Thrones map. The inspiration came to me after the end of Season 3 of Game of Thrones. I really hated the Red Wedding, and I thought it would be interesting if there was a scenario in which you could play out the scenario precisely before the Red Wedding. When you take out the Red Wedding, you're left with a juicy war scenario, set right before the climax.

Here's the template : https://www.warlight.net/MultiPlayer?TemplateID=889953

However, as I was thinking, I began developing concepts to make it a more interesting scenario and perhaps invent a new game-mode altogether.

I'm calling it "War on All Fronts".
It works on the basic Diplomacy stuff, you have alliances and war declarations, but you also work with new mechanics that force you to play in a more roleplay-way to ensure you have all the advantages you need.

Two concepts right off the bat are sieges and Appeals.

Sieges - I noticed there are many cities on the Westeros map, and I used many of them in the scenario's portion of the map. I thought it would be interesting if cities were far more pivotal, as they are in the show. Thus I came up with sieges. I'm not sure about the specific numbers, but the idea is that if a city has too huge of a defensive pool, then you conquer the surrounding territories and then wait a finite number of turns for the siege to break. If it does not break, you take the city without losing any men (in theory). This could be resolved through gift cards. That's the basic idea though. I'm not sure if I want players to take all the surrounding territories, a majority or just 1. I am not sure if sieges should last 2 turns, 3 or 5 or however many. I do think that when a siege is commenced (it's called out in public chat or sth) then the defender cannot deploy to the city. That's all I have for this right now.

Appeals - This has to do with your faction's standings with the lots of your land and the realm in general. Your appeal is divided into 5 classes ; Nobility, Commoners, Army, Farmers and Bannermen. Furthermore, you have 2 different levels of appeal within your land and within the rest of the realm.
Nobility - Internally, if you have bad standing with your nobility then you lose privileges such as using gift cards or sth like that. Externally, good relations with nobilities of other factions will make diplomacy easier.
Commoners - Internally, good relations with your commoners will allow you to do whatever you want. But should you have poor relations with commoners, then you will not be able to declare wars or make allies at your whim. Externally, bad relations with enemy commoners will make sieges more difficult.
Army - Internally, if you have bad relations with your army then you will not be able to use reinforcement cards or you might not be able to deploy to the front lines, something like that. Externally, good relations with other factions' armymen will make war run smoothly. But should you have bad relations, then it is possible that other factions' armies will attack you without the consent of their leaders, acting irrationally based on their hatred. Something like that.
Farmers - Internally, you should strive to maintain relations with your farmers. Farmers will be obsessed with being treated fairly, and should you spoil relations, they'll demand you deploy security to them to resolve relations. You can't turn down their offer. If you refuse to comply to farmers, then you starve. No other choice. Externally, good relations with other factions' farmers will allow you to take enemy countryside easily. But, bad relations would allow somebody you're at war with to sanction you through means of scorched earth for a time.
Bannermen - Internally, your bannermen are loyal so long as you are winning a war. But if you are losing, then they will be demoralized and stop seeing the glory in your cause. They might not want to follow orders, and thus you might not be able to make a stack move or attack for a time, general stubborness. As long as you aren't taking crushing defeats, your bannermen will be more or less loyal. Externally, having sour relations with enemy bannermen occurs when they lose a battle to you. You get good relations when you make peace with their nation. Should you have sour relations with them, they will negatively impact your diplomacy and will negatively impact your relations with external nobility.

The Appeals stuff is not set in stone and I'm not sure how I'd implement most of it so it's in the air for now. Another thing I'm not sure of is if I'll follow through with an Internal/External system or keep it Internal, or for some reason make it universal.

I'm also thinking about faction-specific bonuses/traits. Probably stuff like this.

Stark (A) - Always good relations with all bannermen.
Night's Watch (B) - Start allied to Stark, start off with perfect relations in all internal fields, but start with very poor relations with Army.
Wildings (C) - Army and Bannermen internally start off with full loyalty/appeal, but external Armymen start off with very low relations. Starts out at war with Night's Watch.
Greyjoy (D) - Sieges last much shorter if you have more armies surrounding the city then the city has armies. Depending on my thoughts, perhaps you can start a siege with only 1 territory bordering the city. Starts out at war with Stark.
Harlaw (E) - Start off with good relations with all commoners. Can always use sanctions card.
Lannister (F) - Sieges last 1 less turn. So long as you are at war, maintain perfect relations with internal Army as well as external Nobility and Farmers.
Frey (G) - Can use Diplomacy cards. Starts off with very poor relations with Lannister and Stark.
Moonton (H) - Can use Diplomacy cards. Starts off with very poor relations with Lannister and King Joffrey.
Arryn (I) - So long as they are at war, maintains perfect relations with all commoners and farmers. Starts out at war with Grafton.
Grafton (J) - When at war, enemy's internal bannermen relations plummet drastically. Can use reinforcement cards at all time.
King Joffrey (K) - Can create new rules and legislations that all must obey unless they rebel. Start off allied to Lannister. Start with good relations with internal nobility, armymen and farmers but poor relations with internal commoners and bannermen.
Stannis Baratheon (L) - Start off with perfect relations with all external nobility and armymen. Start out at war with Tarth. Can never use reinforcement cards.
Swann (M) - So long as you control Stonehelm, maintain perfect relations with all internal appeals. If you control King's Landing, maintain perfect relations with all external appeals.
Tarth (N) - Cannot create alliances or become allies with anyone. Start off allied to King Joffrey. Cannot use sanctions cards.
Daenerys Taergaryen (O) - Perfect relations with all internal appeals always except nobility. You can use any card at a maximum of once per turn for any card (that means not once each card). If you could use a card under any circumstance, you may use it without regards to the previous buff.

I think stuff like that would be what traits could be.

As I type, I think these sorts of mechanics would make for interesting game mods. While not practical, I think it would bring new metas. Of course I'm not saying anybody should waste time on this, but it is interesting.

There are those who would say I'm creating an entirely new game that's not warlight, and they're wrong because stuff like "Sieges" has been around for a while. The concept of traits is just giving various buffs and debuffs, disregarding any other mechanics. The idea of appeals is the only completely fresh topic. I'm not sure how I would go about regulating and managing such things, but it does seem interesting. I'm not sure yet if I might scrap entire pieces altogether or introduce new stuff. This is what I've assembled so far, and I have the scenario anyway. If I don't see this project through, I might use what I have left for and invest in a Roman scenario I've been thinking about.
War On All Fronts (Scenario/Developing Gametype): 6/30/2016 00:18:19

Level 54
War On All Fronts (Scenario/Developing Gametype): 6/30/2016 00:24:07

Level 59
It's just too much, contact some {rp} clan members
War On All Fronts (Scenario/Developing Gametype): 6/30/2016 00:35:04

Level 54

Yeah as I said I'm just synthesizing ideas right now and developing new things that I want.

I'll probably be scrapping a lot. The faction traits stuff for instance, I am thinking that I will only give the major factions traits so that they have added distinction and bonuses.

The appeals stuff is something I thought up as a part of a side-project I am currently working on a scenario for. It's probably going to get way way downsized, as I said, I was just synthesizing stuff so that I have room to work with later.

The end result should be more simple than all this jibber jabber but more complicated than your average braindead diplomacy.
War On All Fronts (Scenario/Developing Gametype): 6/30/2016 00:35:25

Level 54
I think I created a nice scenario for diplomacy if nothing else though.
War On All Fronts (Scenario/Developing Gametype): 6/30/2016 15:15:02

[EIC] Cade
Level 45
I have an idea for the siege part.
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