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AWP World Tour Magazine: 3/4/2017 06:38:32

Level 55
Official Tour Rankings and Tour records updates - 02/2017

Edited 3/4/2017 06:39:43
AWP World Tour Magazine: 3/4/2017 12:51:29

Level 63
One of the events you metioned as ongoing has already ended 2 days ago:

Congrats to ANT!
AWP World Tour Magazine: 3/5/2017 05:31:20

Level 55
Yes, I know, if you check I already updated it in the google doc (Events tab).
My forum post is about the end of the last month status, just late a bit :(

Btw, I thought that that tourney will be finished the last from the 2016 events :O
But after NL Sander's defeat you guys were really fast :D
So the first event finished in March:

27. AWP World Tour - Masters 1000 - EastAsia & Oceania
Congratulations to ANT for his first major win, which was his second event win already!
He played on all the Tour event so far (Don the other one :D), and recently his performence getting better and better on the Tour, Arkanton started to play? ;)
With this 1000 points likely he will be in the TOP10 in the next month!
But congrats to Wini as well, his Masters performance incredible so far!
W, F, QF in the finished events, and playing in QF and R32 in ongoing events, really awesome imo.
And congrats to rakleader and Hades too, their performances are really good recently too!
The fights are very exciting for the TOP10 now!
Many good performances but there are only 10 places! :D

Here are the TOP16:

AWP World Tour Magazine: 3/6/2017 16:40:30

Level 55
And the "usual" analysis about the ongoing Events based on the updated Events google sheet (actually I checked the most fresh status this morning so based on it not the google sheet :D):

I collected the present finals (F, SF, QF) positions from the ongoing events (+ the Masters 1000 won by ANT), so here are the players with 2 or more finals (the + means still in the event):
  • 6 - MoD (1F+, 1SF, 3QF+, 1QF)
  • 5 - Edge (3QF+, 2QF)
  • 4 - Buns (1SF+, 1SF, 2QF), Panagiotis (1F+, 1SF+, 2QF+), rakleader (1SF+, 1SF, 2QF+)
  • 3 - MIFRAN (1F+, 1SF, 1QF), ACL Tears (1F+, 2QF+), Jackie Treehorn (1SF+, 1SF, 1QF), Wini (1F+, 2QF+), Timinator (1SF+, 1QF+, 1QF)
  • 2 - ANT (1W, 1SF), Ollie (1F+, 1SF+), 13CHRIS37 (1QF+, 1QF), Hades (1SF, 1QF+), awesomeusername (2QF+), Rob (1SF, 1QF+), culpa (2QF+).
Additionally I collected all present major events and QF+ small events point status for the TOP20 + players above + Emu Pub (becuase his GS final), and here are the Rankings based on those present minimum points (in the brackets the possible maximum points from majors):

  • Fight for the first place
    As you can see, Pana's first position is safe enough for a while.
    Only MIFRAN is near to him, but the Swedish genius already out all of the running majors so no chance to collect big additional points in the near future.
    Despite MoD's 6 finals from ongoing events, he hasn't chance neither, because he is only in one Masters final, the rest all smaller events which means very few points for him (because his already strong present best six results)
    Only Buns has got the chance to the overtaking in the near future, because he is still alive in the running Grand Slam (already in the semifinal)

    This game is very important regarding the fight for the first place topic.
    If Pana wins this, no chance Buns neither to overtake him in the near future.
    Btw if Pana wins, will be Buns vs. Pana in the semifinal, a very important fight too :O
    If Pana wins that too, he will have a very strong first position, but if Buns wins (and can win the final too) he will join to Pana's and MIFRAN's point levels (4000+)
    I am so excited to see what will be the end of that Grand Slam :D

  • Fight for the TOP10

    Wini, rakleader, ANT, all 3 players run very good recently on the Tour.
    Currently, they are the next "level" after the Big Four, with 2000+ points and all of them have a good chance even to reach the 3000+ level too in the near future! It is certain that they will be in the TOP10 for a while. So left only 3 places for fighting :O And many fighters :D

    FlyingBender missed 5 events (1 Grand Slam, 1 Master, 2 500 Series) during his break, and after his return, he wasn't able to win a game yet :( He was almost on the TOP, but something broke :( He is still in the TOP10, but the others are coming :D

    Milly, DR. Love, Hades the next "level". Hades came forward the most recently, but Milly has got the best growth potential in the near future among the three of them.

    Quicksilver, Ollie and Sultan unfortunately neither of them are in the Rankings business :(
    They skipped a lot of majors, so no real chance to the top...
    But this is not a real problem (only for me who would like a lot them for the Rankings :D ), because the fun of the Tour is not only the Rankings, but the individual events too, I mean win a Tour event is a nice challenge too, there are many hard opponents in every tourney!

    Very interesting that so far, in every Grand Slam there is an "outsider" who reach the final :D DR. Love, Quicksilver and now Emu Pub. And seems that Emu won't stop with this trophy like Quick :P, he start to join the Tour events (so I am so happy :D)

    awesomeusername, ACL Tears and 13CHRIS37, all have got a good chance for points boost! Chris is a veteran, and his fight againts Pana in the Grand Slam was mentioned above. ACL and awesome are not anymore newcomers, they are arrived ;), and I am wonder how long they will reach. I think long :D

    PJ017, my other favorite, is on a long holiday (a big Asian trip), he is relax instead of fighint hard on the Tour... :D

    Still waiting for Timinator's big results :P Joke aside, I am happy he is enjoy the Tour and joining to the events, and I am sure he will start to deliver the good results soon :D

    Ok, I stop writing... I did a new tldr...
    But I enjoyed :D :P

Edited 3/6/2017 16:43:23
AWP World Tour Magazine: 3/10/2017 14:06:40

Level 63
Excellent updates Ekstone,I am really glad you put all of your effort at them!I think every player enjoys reading your feedback and we want you to continue like this!
AWP World Tour Magazine: 3/10/2017 20:06:30

Level 63
Yes, thank you Ekstone!
Your work on the Tour and your updates are really appreciated! :)
AWP World Tour Magazine: 3/10/2017 20:19:52

Level 61
I did a new tldr.

No such thing as a tldr when it comes to the AWP Tour!
Amazing post, thanks for all the effort so far Ekstone!
AWP World Tour Magazine: 3/13/2017 09:42:00

Level 55
I enjoy itself to make analysis, collect statistics and running this second Tour (beside the ATP Tour), but it is an additional happy for me that you guys enjoy it also (despite my hard Hunglish ;) ).
Especially, since without you I cannot enjoy anything :D So this is a real win-win situation I think :D

In an event's forum topic I "promised" that I will write about my Tour development plans, so...

Immediate roadmap (immediate = months :P ):
  • Create a FAQs for the Tour
    This is a must, because I think many players still don't understand exactly how the Tour works :O
  • Create a better, simpler, more transparent forum/google docs structure for the Tour
  • Choose templates for all the 2017 Tour events, and update the google docs with them.
    And try to involve the community more somehow :O
  • Purge my Tour invitation list (remove alts, inactive players, and not Tour oriented active players)
My other plans (depends on my free time):
Well, what I will 100% do, those the four steps in the “Immediaty roadmap” section.
Likely I will write more news, analysises, statistics too, because as I wrote, I adore this type of activities, but the volume of this posts will strongly depends on my freetime :O

But speaking the remaining points, well, I am not really sure I will implement those (at least for the foreseeable future) :(
Not only because my very few freetime, but I would like a lot to start already the next AWP project!
It is a very exciting one (at least for me :D )
So there is only small chance for more work on AWP World Tour than I wrote above (the first 5 points) :|

But, feel free anyone to pick up one of those idea above, and implement it :P
Or make your own Tour idea. I am very open for any contribution!

I always “envied” how many volunteers the Clan League has got ;)
AWP World Tour Magazine: 3/21/2017 04:52:11

Level 55
A 2017 started event finished.

30. AWP World Tour - 250 Series - Unicorn Island
Congratulations to MIFRAN for his fourth (!) Tour event win.
The TOP2 ranked players were in this final, so it was interesting in Rankings point of view also.
If I count well, left only 50 points different beetwen Pana and MIFRAN after this (and the earlier finished Masters) :O Nice race :D
Congrats to Hades and ANT too, very good runs recently as I wrote earlier.
Here are the TOP16:

Edited 3/21/2017 04:52:49
AWP World Tour Magazine: 3/21/2017 04:58:41

Level 61
Ekstone: maybe we can do a livestream focused on AWP one of these days? would serve both as an overview of the current AWP status and as an introduction to it for new players... add me on skype (psenough) so we can discuss dates.
AWP World Tour Magazine: 3/22/2017 04:22:12

Level 55
It is a very good idea ps, but I am afraid my English is not enough for this at all :((((
Maybe if we use Hungarian? :D

Joke aside, it is a really good idea, and would be very good if you would do this :)
I don't know, we can chat about these topics (my "chat English" is useable I think), and after that you can do that livestream. With some of the Big Fours for example (inviting them to the livestream instead of me).
AWP World Tour Magazine: 3/24/2017 05:07:51

Level 55
The third Grand Slam finished (it was really quick :O ) so congratulation time :D

29. AWP World Tour - Grand Slam - Strategic Greece
Very big congratulations to Buns for his first major event win (this was his third event win btw).
Congrats to Emu Pub too, this was a nice entrants to the Tour! And congrats to Rob and Pana too.
Btw, with this Grand Slam win, with the 2000 points boost, he likely will get the second place in next month.
The present situation is (after 3 finished events in this month):
1. Pana		4510
2. Buns		4270
3. MIFRAN	4100
Very close in the first three positions.
Only one member of the Big Four haven't won any major event yet, MoD.
But based on the pattern, he will win the next Grand Slam (the MA one :O )
Because so far, always one of the Big Four won the Grand Slams (MIFRAN, Pana, Buns) againts a "totally outsiders" (DR. Love, Quicksilcver, Emu Pub) :O
Will MoD really win the MA Grand Slam events? And who will be now the "outsider" in the final?
We will see, but MoD very should win that Grand Slam, not because he tail away from the TOP3 (he has 2495 points now) , but the others are coming hard (Wini (2295), rakleader (2105), ANT (1895), etc.)
I love this race :D

Here are the TOP16:

AWP World Tour Magazine: 4/8/2017 04:14:18

Level 55
Official Tour Rankings and Tour records updates - 03/2017
  • Rankings

  • Tour records:
    • The most tournament wins:
      • 4 - MIFRAN, MoD
      • 3 - Panagiotis, Buns
      • 2 - rakleader, ANT
      • 1 - FlyingBender, Krzysztof, Beren, PJ017, Wini, Jefferspin, Quicksilver, awesomeusername
    • Players with most finals:
      • 12 - MoD (4W, 2F, 3SF, 3QF), Panagiotis (3W, 2F, 4SF, 3QF)
      • 10 - MIFRAN (4W, 2SF, 4QF), Buns (3W, 3F, 2SF, 2QF)
      • 7 - rakleader (2W, 1F, 1SF, 3QF)
      • 6 - ANT (2W, 1F, 2SF, 1QF), FlyingBender (1W, 1SF, 4QF), Milly (1F, 1SF, 4QF)
      • 5 - Wini (1W, 1F, 3QF), Hades (4SF, 1QF), awesomeusername (1W, 4QF)
      • 4 - 13CHRIS37 (3SF, 1QF), Krzysztof (1W, 1SF, 2QF), USA Biches (1SF, 3QF), Sułtan Kosmitów (1SF, 3QF), Pushover (3SF, 1QF)
    • Players with best win%, 20+ games minimum (win-loss):
      • 78% - Buns (53-15)
      • 75% - MIFRAN (57-19)
      • 74% - MoD (54-19), Panagiotis (61-21)
      • 68% - rakleader (46-22), Hades (30-14), Edge (15-7)
      • 65% - awesomeusername (24-13), PJ017 (22-12), Timinator (22-12), Sułtan Kosmitów (15-8)
      • 64% - Wini (38-21), ANT (42-24)
      • 63% - FlyingBender (26-15), USA Biches (20-12)
      • 62% - Rob (18-11)
      • 61% - ACL Tears (17-11), Pushover (19-12)
      • 60% - Krzysztof (29-19), Beren (24-16), Master Jz (12-8)
        Plus some more good win% between 10-20 games:
      • 88% - Quicksilver (14-2)
      • 69% - Juan (9-4)
      • 67% - andy903 (12-6)
      • 62% - Ollie (8-5)
    • Players with most win(events number) (win%):
      • 61(24) - Panagiotis (74%)
      • 57(23) - MIFRAN (75%)
      • 54(23) - MoD (74%)
      • 53(18) - Buns (78%)
      • 46(24) - rakleader (68%)
      • 42(26) - ANT (64%)
      • 38(22) - Wini (64%)
      • 32(22) - Milly (59%)
      • 31(23) - 13CHRIS37 (57%)
      • 30(14) - Hades (68%)
    • The highest ranking points (maximum is 19000)
      • 4510 - Panagiotis
      • 4270 - Buns
      • 4100 - MIFRAN
      • 2495 - MoD
      • 2295 - Wini
      • 2105 - rakleader
AWP World Tour Magazine: 4/8/2017 04:17:57

Level 55
Events informations:
AWP World Tour Magazine: 4/8/2017 04:56:47

Level 55
Meanwhile, during my (very) lated... monthly update, two new events finished in April.
So congratulation time! :D

23. AWP World Tour - Masters 1000 - China
Congratulation to MoD for his first major event win! :D (this was his 5th (!) event wins btw)
So MoD repelled Wini's attack for the 4th place now, but to be continued :D
Wini's performance on the Masters is incredible so far!
1 Win, 2 Finals, 1 Quarter Final! (so he reached finals in ALL of the 4 Masters so far)!
Big congratulations to Milly and Treehorn as well, very well performance too!
Milly likely will be back to the TOP10 with this result.

Here are the TOP16:

35. AWP World Tour - 250 Series - Malvia
Very big congratulations to Edge for his first Tour event win!
It was likely after his very much finals (I wrote about it in one of my earlier anaylizing post)
Congrats to Swisster too for his first final.
They two did an excellent performances, especially if we check who are behind them in this tourney ;)

Here are the TOP16:

Edited 4/8/2017 04:57:03
AWP World Tour Magazine: 4/8/2017 08:56:17

Level 61
Congrats Edgey!! wooooo good job :)
AWP World Tour Magazine: 4/8/2017 18:27:10

Level 63
Thx Styxie.

And thx for the update. I'm really interested to see how the rankings develope, when the next wave of tournaments get finished.
AWP World Tour Magazine: 4/12/2017 04:09:45

Level 55
You are welcome Edge!
I am interested to see as well what to expect about Rankings, so I made my monthly ongoing events analysis, based on the state of yesterday morning. Here are the updated google docs:

I collected the present finals (F, SF, QF) positions from the ongoing events (+ the China Masters won by MoD, and the Malvia 250 Series won by Edge), so here are the players with 2 or more finals (the + means still in the event):
  • 6
    MoD (1W, 1F+, 1SF, 1QF+, 2QF)
  • 4
    Edge (1W, 1F+, 1SF, 1QF)
    Panagiotis (1F+, 1SF+, 1QF+, 1QF)
    Wini (1F, 1SF, 1QF+, 1QF)
    Timinator (1F+, 3QF)
    Jackie Treehorn (2SF, 2QF)
    rakleader (1SF, 1QF+, 2QF)
    ACL Tears (1F+, 1SF+, 1QF+, 1QF)
  • 3
    MIFRAN (1F+, 2SF)
    ps (3 QF)
    Doron Hoh (1SF+, 2QF)
  • 2
    dry-clean-only (1F+, 1QF)
    Hunta (1SF+, 1QF)
    Ollie (2F+)
    malakkan (1SF, 1QF+)
    culpa (1SF, 1QF)
    ANT (2QF+)
    Muli (2QF)
    Rento (2SF+)
Additionally I collected all present major events and QF+ small events point status for the TOP20 + players above, and here are the Rankings based on those present minimum points (in the brackets the possible maximum points but only from majors):

As you can see, counting the ongoing events, Pana still has got a nice (actually higher) point lead.
Interesting, but all the Big Four already out from the Battle Islands V Masters :O MoD already out from the Guiroma Masters too, but the other three still in, so the fight in the TOP3 is very close!
MoD, after he won his first Masters, is closer to them, but as I wrote, he is already out from all the running majors, so his only hope (for the takeover) the coming MA Grand Slam event ;)

Additional interesting stuff, that seems Buns started to play only in the important events, which means the majors (Grand Slam and Masters). Logical step in Rankings point of view, because the best six results of the Big Four already very high, the only possibility them for bigger additional points from this section is winning 500 Series events. So I would do the same than Buns, but join to the 500 Series events as well (and those new results will be good as well when the old results start to expire!)

Wini, build on his excellent Masters performance so far, getting closer and closer to the Big Four, although he lost the important Masters final againts MoD.

Milly seems will come back to the TOP10, and join to the illustrious group of rakleader, ANT and Hades (although reakleader has got the biggest potential (regarding present and possible maximum points) among them to reach the Big Four in the near future)

FlyingBender's falling continues :(((((
I hope that he will be able to solve all obstacles and can start again the focused play on the Tour ;)

Unfortunatelly I don't have more time to continue the analysis :(
Only one more thing. Timinator still couldn't get his first Tour event win, what means (for me) the avarage field of the Tour is quite strong :D
AWP World Tour Magazine: 4/12/2017 09:17:39

Level 58
Could you limit it so that players can only compete in 1 tournament of any size at once, I skimmed the rules so you might already do this.
AWP World Tour Magazine: 4/12/2017 09:23:22

Level 61
What would be the point of that rule?
AWP World Tour Magazine: 4/12/2017 10:32:31

Level 65
that would only make sense if all tournaments would be realtime. i see no point in that for md though...
AWP World Tour Magazine: 4/12/2017 12:26:50

Doron Hoh
Level 61
Thx for the analysis Ekstone.
Really cool:) as all the AWP tour.
The best and strongest 1v1 by far in warlight.

Now I just need to climb a bit up in this thing....

Edited 4/12/2017 12:30:17
AWP World Tour Magazine: 4/13/2017 03:59:33

Level 55
Maybe tomjh speaks about that the smaller events are filled up very quickly, I don't know.

@Doron Hoh
You are welcome.
And good luck for the mountaineering, you are on a good way ;)

New event finished, so congrats time :D

31. AWP World Tour - 500 Series - GME III
A very huge congratulation to MoD for his 6th (!) Tour event win!
This performance is marvellous! I think his base play level is one of the highest, however, seems that he has problems when he should raise this base level and should play in a more focused way? (regarding his missing (compared to his other results leastwise :P ) major results) Who knows :D
Congrats to Edge as well for his second final in a short time.
And congrats to malakkan and culpa too.

Here are the TOP16:

Just for fun, I checked what the rankings is if we consider only the smaller events with the best six results limit. Here are the TOP10 of this virtual Rankings:

Edit: this list is without the two event finished in this month, but no time to update it now :|
Edit2: MoD has got now 1930, and Edge is the TOP10 too with 755 points :D

Edited 4/13/2017 04:13:26
AWP World Tour Magazine: 4/15/2017 05:45:06

Level 55
Two finished events, so congrats time again :O

22. AWP World Tour - 250 Series - Georgia Army Cap
Congrats to dry-clean-only for his first Tour event win!
With this win he will be in TOP50 sure (so one Wild Card released for others :D )
Congrats to ACL Tears as well for his first Final (after one QF and SF).
And congrats to BigMack for his first SF, and Buns too (although no points counted for him, because his already many best six finals :P )

Here are the TOP16:

32. AWP World Tour - 250 Series - Sri Lanka
Congrats to MIFRAN for his 5th (!) Tour event wins!
With this win he will get 160 additional points, and likely will regain the second position, but (far) not enough for the first one.
Congrats to JV for hist first Final (it took a long time :P ), and likely will be in TOP50 too (so again a released Wild Card :D ).
Congrats to Jackie and Edge as well, they performances recently are very impressive!

Here are the TOP16:

AWP World Tour Magazine: 4/23/2017 04:14:35

Level 55
Congrats time, because new events finished again (a lot of finished events in this month :O )

37. AWP World Tour - 250 Series - Basileia
Congrats to Hunta for his first Tour event win!
His good rank is not a coincidence, I mean I didn't know him earlier, but seems he is a good player. He is a new (? :P ) Odin (if I remember well, Odin from Norway too)
Congrats to Nynwhen for his first final!
Congrats to Rodolfo and Rento for their first semifinals!

Here are the TOP16:

The last Challenger were finished too.
Reminder: no Tour points for these Challengers, but the TOP4 win Wild Cards (=Monday invitations) to any Tour events. The winner won 4 Wild Cards, the 2nd won 2 Wild Cards, and the two semifinalists won 1 Wild Card. Just write me (PM or any Tour topic) in which events want to use them.

26C AWP World Tour - Challenger - Discovery
Congrats to vicnus for this Challenger win!

Here are the TOP16:

Edited 4/23/2017 04:23:47
AWP World Tour Magazine: 4/23/2017 04:54:17

Level 55
Besides these new result announcements, I would like to write a few words about the templates, especially in the "Clay season".

You can read more about the Tour templates here:

And about the different Tour seasons (and other concepts) in my 5th post.
I tried to translate the tennis surface into the Warlight AWP World Tour.
So the SR templates will be the Hard courts (the most tennis courts are hard)
The WR templates will be the Grass courts (the luck is the Grass factor :) )
Finally, the Clay courts will be the templates with extra settings (like LD, MA, Commanders, LFD, no split, not normal fogs, kill rates, bonuses, etc.)
This is the grouping method (G-Grass, H-Hard, C-Clay) in the previous post too.

On the ATP World Tour there are seasons, like Clay, Grass seasons.
My plan (if the majority can accept it :) ), there will be seasons in AWP World Tour too.
  • After the Guiroma Masters (first week of March) until the Poland Masters (first week of June) will be the "Clay" season (using templates with extra settings).
    It means three major and three 500 Series events, plus (depends on the Mondays in the given year) seven 250 Series events (25% of the Tour events)
  • After the Poland Masters (first week of June) until before the Treasure Map Masters (the last week of July) will be the "Grass" season (using WR templates).
    It means one major and two 500 Series events, plus (depends on the Mondays in the given year) five 250 Series events (15% of the Tour events)
  • From the Treasure Map Masters (first week of August) until the Guiroma Masters (first week of March) will be the "Hard" season (using SR templates).
    It means eight major and seven 500 Series events, plus (depends on the Mondays in the given year) sixteen 250 Series events (60% of the Tour events)
Many of you probably noticed, that recently I create Tour events in row with weird settings.
Well, this is because we are in the "Clay season" ;)

I should have written this here earlier (before the "Clay season" started...) but I have a slight backlogs in the Tour administration tasks :|
But better late than never, so here are the templates in the present and the next "Clay seasons":

Here are the current one:
And here are the next one:
(of course if there will be a (some) new popular template(s) this can be changed in the future)
I (helped by a Template Panel) chose these templates because they cover almost all special settings!
  • MA
    Snow Mountain MA, Battle Islands V - MA
  • LD
    Turkey LD, Greece II - auto LD
  • Commanders
    Strategic Commanders
  • No-Split
  • Kill rates
    Fast Earth
  • Extra armies
    French Brawl
  • Army Cap
  • Fog Level
    Macedonia (Dense), Greece II - auto LD (Light), French Brawl (Light)
  • Distribution
    Greece II - auto LD (automatic), Sumo (automatic), Great Lakes (LFD) and more other dist. combinations
  • Weird maps (bonuses)
    Poland, Elitist Africa, Sumo
  • Cards
    OP, OD, Diplo, Airlift, Sanction, Emergency blockade, Blockade, Reinf., Gift, Recon, Bomb, No Cards
    Only the Spy and Surveillance cards weren't used in any templates above
I hope that you will enjoy the 13 weeks during the "Clay seasons" as well (I will make separate summaries, statistics about these "Clay seasons" btw. Who will be Nadal in Warlight? :D)

Edited 4/23/2017 04:59:50
AWP World Tour Magazine: 4/23/2017 22:58:10

Level 59
Actually, there is template with Spy card too, created by Qi. And quite "clay" in more settings. In case you don't know: https://www.warlight.net/MultiPlayer?GameID=2864348

Edited 4/23/2017 23:00:24
AWP World Tour Magazine: 4/23/2017 23:07:21

Level 62
Reading the chat of that game you would almost think dunga is an alt of ekstone xD
AWP World Tour Magazine: 4/25/2017 04:16:37

Level 55
Thank you very much for your template proposal!
(And would very welcome from anybody else if you give your template suggestions here or in any other way (e.g. PM) anytime in the future!)

Although, this template "was discussed" in the Template Panel, and seems it is "terrible" :O
Btw, as I wrote, almost all the card will be used in the templates of the "Clay season", so I can accept that won't be a template with many cards (anyway, I like a lot the many card templates, this tourney was one of my favourites for example: https://www.warlight.net/MultiPlayer/Tournament?ID=4456)

Hehe, Dunga reborned in Hungary, with a much weaker English :/
Another difference between us, that I would easy beat Qi in that game :D :P

Jokes aside, it was a very cool idea, 1 year before I join to this magnificient game, Warlight :)
(and he seems was obsessed of the competitions just like me :D)
Anyway, there was another ATP World Tour clone, the WSOW by Ineffable

In that time, I didn't adore the tennis yet, so I have no idea that system is based on the ATP World Tour, I just simple enjoy it (until the evil ChrisCMU broke my dreams :P :D )
Oh man, those good old days... when I still had enough motivation fuel for the competitive play :|

Ok, coming back to the present, Ollie, join to the Tour events more :P
AWP World Tour Magazine: 4/25/2017 21:15:26

Level 62
I wish i had the time mate :/
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