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Hello, fellow map makers: 6/5/2016 11:15:42

Valendor Roulis
Level 15
First of all i want to say hello to the great map developing community of Warlight.

Its not long since i joined. My love for Risk brought me here and i wonder how did i not find you all this time.

Your dedication for map making from many of you is real as some of the various maps i have seen astounded me. The same passion for map creation is within me as well and this is what pushed me to create my very first.


This is a map with the usual medieval/fantasy background but with plenty of room for further expansion.

I would appreciate some feedback from experienced creators or even comments, both good and bad, on every aspect of my first created map.
Hello, fellow map makers: 6/5/2016 11:58:23

Master Sarah♦
Level 30
Try scaling your map down or making the SVG a bit bigger. That way the names of the territories in the south are readable and the map is more intuitive to navigate.

Some territories are very long and stretched out, i doubt armies could be visible on those (Hawkin Grand Road for example).

Try giving this a read: https://docs.google.com/presentation/d/1NTfstv7aP0zAOMnjkY0AR8BNM-v3pYbxbjvckyxgwII/edit?usp=sharing

It's not finished yet, but you might find some useful stuff in it

Edited 6/5/2016 11:59:18
Hello, fellow map makers: 6/5/2016 13:20:54

Level 55
Thats a good start for your first map. Your borders look good, which is the main deficiency with beginner maps. The main issue here, in my opinion is the territory size, as Farah already mentioned.. They're in general similar in size, so there is no need to make them so big. I recommend to select all territories and compress them all at the same time, except those little isles. your narrow streets will be to small afterwards, so you should also adjust them.
It might sound annoying, but it is worth the effort. those big territories force players to zoom in and out all the time, especially when thy play on small screens.

At least, what is so medieval about this map?^^
Hello, fellow map makers: 6/5/2016 14:47:50

Valendor Roulis
Level 15
Thanks for the replies both of you. I could reduce the size i know. But i thought i might increase its terrirories in the near future so this is the reason i made a big map.
However I will try to scale the map down once i figure how it is done.

I also did not consider people could play from mobiles which is something i need to also have in mind.

Thanks Farah for the guide it is really useful.
Ranek allow me to say that your maps are masterpieces and pleasing to the eye.
Well also on the Medieval thing i am sure it cannot be seen at its current state but hopefuly i will have the time to add the details needed to the map.

I thank you both for the feedback you have given me.

Edited 6/5/2016 14:48:15
Hello, fellow map makers: 6/5/2016 15:17:05

Level 55
Thanks mate and you're welcome. =)
Hello, fellow map makers: 6/5/2016 15:26:56

Aura Guardian 
Level 62
So Farah did finish the guide! cool!
Hello, fellow map makers: 6/5/2016 15:34:57

Level 60
Still not finished >.>
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