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The USA League - Season II: 5/27/2016 05:42:33

Level 63

The USA League - Now in HiDef!


This league is a revival of the old USA League created back in June 2014. For further information, please see: https://www.warlight.net/Forum/45143-usa-league

Brief Overview:

The USA League is for players of all skill from the great country of America to come and do what Americans do – have some friendly competition to see who is the best at an online strategy game. It doesn't matter how good you are; what matters is that you represent your glorious country in a (figurative) armed conflict against other people.

League Format

The template for the USA League is once again undecided. Participants can choose whether to play on the same template every season, or have the winner of the current season decide the template for next season.

  • No alts. If I see anything that looks suspicious enough to be considered an alt, you can’t play (unless you clear it with me via PM).
  • No one outside the United States may participate. You must e-mail me a copy of your birth certificate, social security number, and a valid credit card if you are a United States citizen living abroad and want to participate. “British” people don’t count, even though you speak American like we do.
  • If you are booted from over half your games, you are automatically removed from the league.


GROUP A: https://www.warlight.net/MultiPlayer/Tournament?ID=18014
ACL Tears (2-1)*
USA Biches (2-1)*
Master of the Dead (2-1)*
Master Miyagi • apex (0-3)
Master Atom ◆Elite◆ (Removed)

GROUP B: https://www.warlight.net/MultiPlayer/Tournament?ID=18015
Oh Noes (3-1) (1-0)
Jefferspin (3-1) (0-1)
Motoki (2-2) (1-0)
Pushover (2-2) (0-1)
Tony Sodano (0-4)

GROUP C: https://www.warlight.net/MultiPlayer/Tournament?ID=18016
Kenny • apex (3-1) (Removed)
almosttricky (3-1) (1-0)
ChrisCMU (3-1) (0-1)
rocky1 (1-3)
Scorched Earth (0-4) (Removed)

GROUP D: https://www.warlight.net/MultiPlayer/Tournament?ID=18017
Botanator (4-0)
Super Smoove (3-1)
smileyleg (2-2)
Master Turtle (1-3)
Tac(ky)tical (0-4)

GROUP E: https://www.warlight.net/MultiPlayer/Tournament?ID=18018
PhucilliJerry (4-0)
Ξ Nanaimo (2-2) (1-0)
zanbato (2-2) (0-1)
Benjamin628 (1-3) (1-0)
Semicedevine (1-3) (0-1)

GROUP F: https://www.warlight.net/MultiPlayer/Tournament?ID=18019
ViralGoat (4-0)
indibob (3-1)
THE1AJK (1-3)*
DontAttackMe (1-3)*
Des {TJC} (1-3)* (Removed)

GROUP G: https://www.warlight.net/MultiPlayer/Tournament?ID=18020
clhkph (3-0)
[wolf]japan77 (2-1)
Billy-Bob_Joe (1-2)
Conquerre I (0-3) (Removed)

* denotates unbreakable ties

I will create tiebreaking tournaments today for Groups A and F to determine the final results. (Here's the TL;DR)
In the meantime, those who want to join/leave the league for Season II can start doing so, either via PM or replying to this thread.

I will figure out promotions/relegations once I see the total count for people participating next season. As is, I already have a good idea of what the groups are going to be like, but I am going to wait for a definite number before announcing next season's groupings.

Sign-Ups, as mentioned above, start right now - currently, there is no set deadline yet as to when I will stop accepting players into the league.

Make America Great Again!

-Tony Sodano

Edited 6/5/2016 22:44:08
The USA League - Season II: 5/27/2016 05:47:37

Level 63
Here is the poll for voting on changes that will possibly be implemented for next season: http://goo.gl/forms/Sm0aaKybv8O0g4UK2

I feel like I haven't stressed this enough, but - this league is open to everyone, regardless of your skill level. If you are unsure about joining due to the fact that you think you aren't skilled enough, there is no reason to worry. You will be matched with players of your skill (given one or two seasons to accurately judge your skill level in relation to those already participating in the league) eventually, so there's never a concern about playing players way above your skill level.

In addition, all newcomers start at the bottom. No exceptions. Unless your bank account looks exceptionally well-off.

Here are the tie-breaking tournaments:

Group A: https://www.warlight.net/MultiPlayer/Tournament?ID=19128

Group F: https://www.warlight.net/MultiPlayer/Tournament?ID=19129

Edited 5/27/2016 06:04:03
The USA League - Season II: 5/27/2016 06:13:35

Level 64
Damn that tiebreaker :(

We're going to win win win. We'll win so much you're going to get tired of winning!!
The USA League - Season II: 5/27/2016 16:39:55

Level 39
I would like to join
The USA League - Season II: 5/27/2016 16:52:11

Aura Guardian 
Level 62
Oh why not... I will join
The USA League - Season II: 5/28/2016 02:33:16

Level 57
Do I need to say join, If I was in last season?
The USA League - Season II: 5/28/2016 03:13:37

Level 63
No, you are automatically included in next season unless you tell me you want to leave.
The USA League - Season II: 5/28/2016 03:29:54

Level 61
What is the 0-1 after my record?
The USA League - Season II: 5/28/2016 03:32:57

USA Biches
Level 61
you lost to almostricky for the tie breaker since the other guy will no longer participate
The USA League - Season II: 5/28/2016 05:32:15

Level 63
Chris, Use-a-Birches summed it up exactly.
The USA League - Season II: 5/28/2016 10:24:40

Beren • apex 
Level 63
Are the group's going to be the same size next season?

Edited 5/28/2016 10:25:43
The USA League - Season II: 5/28/2016 14:26:27

Level 63
The number of people in one group is being added as a possible change in the poll above.
The USA League - Season II: 5/31/2016 00:38:01

Sugoi - すごい
Level 57
@beren are you going to join?
The USA League - Season II: 5/31/2016 13:15:53

Master Turtle 
Level 61
I'm planning on staying in the League. I don't care about the template as long as it's good 😂

4 player tournaments may be nice as the league would finish quicker but I think some slow players may make it last a while and there would be several ties with people going 2-1.

5 or 6 would be best imo!
The USA League - Season II: 5/31/2016 14:47:22

Beren • apex 
Level 63
I'll join if the groups don't get bigger.
The USA League - Season II: 5/31/2016 16:51:03

Captain Black 
Level 56
I'm in
The USA League - Season II: 5/31/2016 17:14:15

Level 57
I'd join, but unfortunately, I reside in the greatest nation of them all, Texas!

Just kidding. I'll join this. Texas couldn't get annexed quick enough by the US, and the balance of power between slave and free states was the only thing that kept us from immediately joining the union. We were American before we even left Mexico.
The USA League - Season II: 5/31/2016 20:08:14

Level 59
I'll join if there is another spot.
The USA League - Season II: 6/1/2016 03:49:01

Level 63
All newcomers have been noted.

Also, everyone who is participating, please take a few minutes to take the poll: http://goo.gl/forms/Sm0aaKybv8O0g4UK2

It will help me judge how to improve the league for next season.
The USA League - Season II: 6/5/2016 22:37:42

Level 63
The Group F Tiebreaker has finished.


Congrats to DontAttackMe for going undefeated! Des has retired and was booted from both his games, so he will be removed from the league. I'll wait for the results from the polls and the other tie-breaker to determine what this means, but DontAttackMe will not relegate for sure.

The Group A Tiebreaker...looks the same almost two weeks after I created it. Good news though, people can still join while we wait! Join!


Edited 6/5/2016 22:43:10
The USA League - Season II: 6/7/2016 13:20:20

Level 61
Hey "Tony" thanks for the league, I won't be in next season.
The USA League - Season II: 6/7/2016 20:48:30

Level 63
RIP jefferspin
The USA League - Season II: 6/7/2016 22:17:09

Master Moto - モトキ
Level 61
what is happening with jeff?

Edited 6/7/2016 22:17:40
The USA League - Season II: 6/7/2016 23:07:35

Level 56
I'll join if there are still spots
The USA League - Season II: 6/8/2016 03:06:51

Level 59
@Motoki, Jeff is retiring from multiday play
The USA League - Season II: 6/28/2016 06:12:22

Level 63
As feared, the group A tie-breaker ended in yet another tie...

I will figure out what to do later, but for now I am thinking of forgoing a Season I champion and having ACL Tears, Master of the Dead and USA Biches as the joint winners of Season I.
The USA League - Season II: 7/7/2016 23:40:40

Level 63
Since there's no point in redoing the tie-breaker, I've decided that ACL Tears, Master of the Dead and USA Biches are the joint winners of Season I. Congratulations to all three!

Poll results are as follows:

I also got excellent suggestions for changing the league for next season. I appreciate all the constructive criticism!

I may need to decide myself for Smaller vs. Bigger Groups depending on the amount of players we have for next season. As is, the amount of Dropped/Inactive players is greater than newcomers. I cannot stress enough that this league is for all US Citizens regardless of whatever your skill level might be (Illegal Immigrants only have about one more season to play until Trump gets elected, so I won't worry about them joining).

However, since there is a clear majority of players who want rotating templates, I see no issue implementing that for Season II. As there was a three-way tie for Seasonal Winner, I will let ACL Tears, Master of the Dead, and USA Biches decide.

In the meantime, we are still open for newcomers, up until a template for Season II is decided. I will give a few days grace period if the template is chosen quickly, but considering how long both Group A and its tie-breaking tournament went on, I doubt we'll get results that soon.

I am roughly estimating Season II starts about two weeks from now, so that's when I'll stop accepting new players.
The USA League - Season II: 7/7/2016 23:44:39

Level 63
    List of Newcomers
  • slothpope
  • [FCC] Aura Guardian
  • Beren • apex (potentially)
  • Captain Black
  • Dogberry
  • Andersault
  • DonkeyTeeth
The USA League - Season II: 7/8/2016 15:13:22

Level 57
You forgot me
The USA League - Season II: 7/8/2016 15:33:23

Level 58
The USA League - Season II

Platinum tries to join

plays from Ireland

really? Go learn geography
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