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new feature: 5/21/2016 08:11:48

Level 55
just realized a new feature on my profile: created maps. thats nice and even helpful, if you want to search the maps of a specific mapmaker. thanks for this feature. and: maps can be rated after a single player game, again. =)

Edited 5/21/2016 08:20:42
new feature: 5/21/2016 08:59:13

Level 56
Definetly fine changes. Now mapmakers dont have to advertise their own maps at their favorite maps :)

Ease the rating good change as well. For a big multi-day map too long to wait maybe months for the first rates. And 1500 maps already too much to play all but why not rate them?

Rate after single player game is almost a freedom of rating due to early surrender, then why not make a real freedom of rating and dont hide the rate button but attach to all maps?
new feature: 5/21/2016 16:00:44

Level 53
Oh wow, this is actually really awesome.
new feature: 5/21/2016 16:06:25

zxctycxz [Ollie Bye] 
Level 57
I'd just like to say I support these changes, but I see Urfang's point - we might as well be allowed to rate a map regardless now. I know there's the issue of spamming high ratings with Alts, but Fizzer can detect that I think.

Edited 5/21/2016 16:08:12
new feature: 5/21/2016 16:57:37

Level 60
It's still spammable, anyway. It should be simplified. Most people can figure out a map without playing it...
new feature: 5/21/2016 16:59:59

Level 59
This is great!! Thanks Fizzer!
new feature: 5/21/2016 17:40:08

Level 30
Shame it doesn't give the ratings in the created maps list.
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