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The Magic and the Wielder Album "Multi-Attack": 5/15/2016 04:31:03

Level 54
(album intro, goes with beat under it)

Aye yo, this is Genghis for his new album, "The Magic and the Wielder"! This is his Sophomore Album, a follow-up to the massively and wildly successful "Gengammubal" Album. Tell us a little bit about this album, Genghis.

"Well, it's a metaphor for how society has this racial tension between blacks and whites."

.... Uhh, anything else?

"It's full of fucking bangers, yo"
(start at that beat drop, yo)

Genghis on the attack on the mic with a run at the start poppin' out like a tart from the dark now into the light to give those fake rappers a fright/
Y'all n*ggas runnin' from the scary Mongolian, he rip yo lungs out gives 'em to Nickelodeon/
He's savage on his verbal and he's brutal in delivery, battle with Temujin and you asking for some misery/

You wanted to flank my stack, so now take my flak/
You be lucky that, this ain't Multi-Attack/
Cuz in the back, my homeboys smokin' crack/
And in Multi-Attack, they destroy a track/

I'm a monster, I'm a ghost, and when I roast yo' ass, you turn to toast/
Been slaughtering the mic since age eleven, been crushing the ladders since age seven, been f*cking your mom since your dad went to heaven/
Rappers tryna' stand up to me, like they think they know me/
But they too weak foh (for) me, I chop em 'to salami/
They go home and cry "mommy", meanwhile, I'm lovin' they mommy and they didn't have a dad cuz they black/

*instrumental stops*

Nah, that sh*t wack, back to the hook, start up the track/

*instrumental continues*


Why a cuckold wanna talk to me? Why a n*gga cock a gun to me?/
It just doesn't make sense to me, why a n*gga want a lobotomy/
As though they were tryna 1v1 me, on Local Deployment Turkey/
Sh*t, they turkey, and I hunt 'em and cook 'em and eat'em and 'sh*t em out like the turkeys they are/
Like the turkeys they are, just little children in the big ol', rap game, Papa Genghis puts their producers and songwriters to shame/
Don't they know that it no game, do they know that you gotta work at it to play?/
(super super syncopation section here, following is pretty difficult, it goes steady)
Maybe they should run off to their white neighbors and see if they willing to train em for free, and if not, then they can just pull out a little wad of cash that their label gave 'em because the label gives them a little and keeps a lot to make the profit cuz they don't care a lot about a n*gga that can't read or write and can't rap and can't boom bap and can't play a game of WarLight and can't care about what's really going on or what's gonna happen to him in 10 years or 5 years or 2 years or 2 weeks or 2 minutes because he doesn't know where the music heading/

The Magic and the Wielder Album "Multi-Attack": 5/15/2016 23:37:03

Level 54
oh crap I forgot to put up images. one second.

Edited 5/15/2016 23:39:09
The Magic and the Wielder Album "Multi-Attack": 5/15/2016 23:49:54

Level 46
It's time to find an actual social hobby
The Magic and the Wielder Album "Multi-Attack": 5/16/2016 03:40:03

Level 54
Epicular, this is something I do to maintain my presence as the only successful musician on warlight.
The Magic and the Wielder Album "Multi-Attack": 5/17/2016 12:28:40

Level 59
Successful? How so?
The Magic and the Wielder Album "Multi-Attack": 5/17/2016 12:30:41

The Mad Japanese
Level 51
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