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Save single player game - new format?: 5/3/2016 22:35:59

Level 54
Hello, it looks like there were changes to the single player games. In particular, there is no "Saved Games" tab like there was before. It looks like I can leave the page and then resume the game later by clicking the challenge again. The problem is that I want to save one of my games for long-term reference (I just beat the insane challenge for the 2nd time, and it's a personal best). But the hyperlink is not game-specific; it is just warlight.net/Play.

Is there a way I can save this game long term? As it is, I'm afraid to close my browser, because I don't want to lose it.

Thanks for any feedback.
Save single player game - new format?: 5/4/2016 08:10:50

Level 62
Single player games are automaticaly saved. See https://www.warlight.net/blog/index.php/2016/04/update-3-13-new-ai-custom-single-player-levels-autopilot/ for the other new changes to single player.
Save single player game - new format?: 5/5/2016 01:06:25

Level 57
But are //completed// single player games saved? Based on what I have read and what I have personally seen from the single player levels, it appears that the answer to this question is no, completed games are not saved.
Save single player game - new format?: 5/5/2016 02:19:09

Level 60
Completed games are saved for me. But.... not all completed games. Dunno why/why not.


Use that link. Note that single player is saved locally, and certain things can remove your saved games.

Edited 5/5/2016 02:53:34
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