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What Happened On Your Birthday?: 4/15/2016 20:45:55

Darth Darth Binks
Level 56
(*) = Events you find especially cool

April 11:

491: Flavius Anastasius becomes Byzantine Emperor, with the name of Anastasius I.

*1471: Wars of the Roses: King Edward IV of England conquers London from Henry VI.

1512: Battle of Ravenna: French forces under Gaston de Foix defeat Holy League in a major battle of the Italian Wars.

1564: England & France sign Peace of Troyes.

1713: Peace of Utrecht; France cedes Maritime provinces to Britain - English, Prussian, Savoois, Portuguese & French peace treaty.

1775: The last execution for witchcraft in Germany takes place.

*1783: Hostilities formally cease in the American Revolutionary War.

*1814: Napoleon abdicates unconditionally; he is exiled to Elba.

*1868: The Shogunate is abolished in Japan.

1890: Ellis Island, New York, designated as an immigration station.

1898: President McKinley asks for Spanish-American War declaration.

1899: Treaty of Paris ratifies ends war; Spain cedes Puerto Rico to US.

So what happened on your birthdays? Go to http://www.onthisday.com to find out.
What Happened On Your Birthday?: 4/15/2016 20:47:58

Level 60
374 9th recorded perihelion passage of Halley's Comet
600 Pope Gregory the Great decrees saying "God bless You" is the correct response to a sneeze
1249 Andrew of Longjumeau is dispatched by Louis IX of France as his ambassador to meet with the Khan of the Mongols.
1486 Maximilian I is elected King of the Romans at Frankfurt
1512 Battle at Valeggio: French troops beat Venetianen
1559 Pope Paul IV calls for deposition of sovereigns supporting heresy
What Happened On Your Birthday?: 4/15/2016 21:07:18

Level 55
On my birthday, loads of bad things happened, but I'm not naive enough to put it on here.

More happening on April 11:

1979: Idi Amin is overthrown by Tanzanian military forces.
1241: Khan Bat decisively slays the military forces of Béla IV, and Hungary is taken by the Mongol forces with little further resistance.
What Happened On Your Birthday?: 4/15/2016 21:11:11

Level 58
I cried
What Happened On Your Birthday?: 4/15/2016 21:15:07

Level 60
some of the ones I got:

28 Gaius Carrinas' triumphant procession through Rome

1418 An insurrection delivers Paris to the Burgundians.

1442 King Alfonso V of Aragon occupies Naples

1665 New Amsterdam legally becomes an English colony and renamed New York after English Duke of York

1673 Charles II's brother duke James of York resigns as Lord High Admiral

1714 Prussia & Russia sign secret treaty

1830 Beginning of the French colonization of Algeria: 34,000 French soldiers land 27 kilometers west of Algiers, at Sidi Ferruch.

1898 Filipino revolutionary forces under General Emilio Aguinaldo proclaimed the sovereignty and independence of the Philippine Islands from the colonial rule of Spain

1931 Al Capone is indicted on 5,000 counts of prohibition & perjury

1942 Anne Frank gets her diary as a birthday present (Amsterdam)

1942 Hitler orders enslavement of Slavic peoples

1968 U.S. premiere of horror film "Rosemary's Baby", based on the bestselling novel of the same name by Ira Levin

1981 "Raiders Of The Lost Ark", the 1st an Indiana Jones film directed by Stephen Spielberg, produced by George Lucas and starring Harrison Ford premieres

2007 Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn, Russian novelist and historian, is awarded the State Prize of the Russian Federation for his humanitarian work by President Putin
What Happened On Your Birthday?: 4/15/2016 21:33:26

Level 46
November 3:
507 - Leonardo DaVinci was commissioned by the husband of Lisa Gherardini to paint her. The work is known as the Mona Lisa.

1631 - The Reverend John Eliot arrived in the Massachusetts Bay Colony. He was the first Protestant minister to dedicate himself to the conversion of Native Americans to Christianity.

1793 - Stephen F. Austin was born. He was the principal founder of Texas.

1796 - John Adams was elected the 2nd U.S. President.

1839 - The first Opium War between China and Britain erupted.

1892 - The first automatic telephone went into service at LaPorte, IN. The device was invented by Almon Strowger.

1900 - The first automobile show in the United States opened at New York's Madison Square Garden.

1903 - Panama proclaimed its independence from Columbia.

1911 - Chevrolet Motor Car Company was founded by Louis Chevrolet and William C. Durant.

1934 - The first race track in California opened under a new pari-mutuel betting law.

1941 - U.S. Ambassador to Japan John Grew warned that the Japanese may be planning a sudden attack on the U.S.

1952 - Frozen bread was offered for sale for the first time in a supermarket in Chester, NY.

1953 - The Rules Committee of organized baseball restored the sacrifice fly. The rule had not been used since 1939.

1957 - Sputnik II was launched by the Soviet Union. It was the second manmade satellite to be put into orbit and was the first to put an animal into space, a dog named Laika.

1973 - The U.S. launched the Mariner 10 spacecraft. On March 29, 1974 it became the first spacecraft to reach the planet Mercury.

1975 - "Good Morning America" premiered on ABC-TV.

1979 - Five members of the Communist Workers' Party are shot to death in broad daylight at an anti-Ku Klux Klan rally in Greensboro, NC. Eight others were wounded.

1986 - The Ash-Shiraa, pro-Syrian Lebanese magazine, first broke the story of U.S. arms sales to Iran to secure the release of seven American hostages. The story turned into the Iran-Contra affair.

1987 - China told the U.S. that it would halt the sale of arms to Iran.

1991 - Israeli and Palestinian representatives held their first-ever face-to-face talks in Madrid, Spain.

1992 - Carol Moseley-Braun became the first African-American woman U.S. senator.

1994 - Susan Smith of Union, SC, was arrested for drowning her two sons. Nine days earlier Smith had claimed that the children had been abducted by a black carjacker.

1995 - U.S. President Clinton dedicated a memorial at Arlington National Cemetery to the 270 victims of the bombing of Pan Am Flight 103.

1998 - Bob Kane, the creator of Batman, died at the age of 83.

1998 - A state-run newspaper in Iraq urged the country to prepare for to battle "the U.S. monster."

1998 - Minnesota elected Jesse "The Body" Ventura, a former pro wrestler, as its governor.

2002 - At Kai Tak Airport in Hong Kong, 777 people assembled a 58,435 square foot jigsaw puzzle with 21,600 pieces.

2003 - In Kabul, Afghanistan, a post-Taliban draft constitution was unveiled.

2005 - Walt Disney Pictures released "Chicken Little." It was the first Disney film completely created with computer animation.

2014 - In New York City, One World Trade Center opened for business.
Share birthday with:
Gabe Newell
Emperor Meiji
Osman II

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What Happened On Your Birthday?: 4/15/2016 21:47:13

MightySpeck (a Koala) 
Level 58
May 2

1536 – Anne Boleyn, Queen of England, is arrested and imprisoned on charges of adultery, incest, treason and witchcraft.
1611 – The King James Bible is published for the first time in London, England, by printer Robert Barker.
1876 – The April Uprising breaks out in Bulgaria. ... April?
1945 – World War II: Fall of Berlin: The Soviet Union announces the capture of Berlin and Soviet soldiers hoist their red flag over the Reichstag building.
2011 – Osama bin Laden, the suspected mastermind behind the September 11 attacks and the FBI's most wanted man is killed by the United States special forces in Abbottabad, Pakistan.
What Happened On Your Birthday?: 4/15/2016 21:49:32

Level 62
I was born.
What Happened On Your Birthday?: 4/15/2016 22:07:29

Level 54
Not many interesting events on December 22nd, mostly relatively mundane stuff.

I was born on the same day as Giacomo Puccini which i take as a large compliment. But also on the same day as Ted Cruz and Meghan Trainor which is a gigantic bitch slap. On the upside, born on same day as re-opening of Brandenburg gate in 1989, on the down side, born same day as Bernhard Goetz subway shooting uproar. On the up side, born on same day as the first prime minister of Japan was chosen, on the down side, born on same day as Ted Cruz.

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What Happened On Your Birthday?: 4/15/2016 22:16:13

Major General Smedley Butler
Level 51
What Happened On Your Birthday?: 4/15/2016 22:50:45

Level 55
Not many interesting events on December 22nd, mostly relatively mundane stuff.

Guess the Terror Archives are mundane, or Lech Wałęsa getting elected to be president of Poland.

Seriously, don't be arrogantly wrong - this wouldn't nearly be so mind-numbing if you said "I don't think many interesting happenings happened on December 22".
What Happened On Your Birthday?: 4/15/2016 22:56:16

Melisandre (the Red Woman)
Level 5
Tons of awesome sh*t went down on my birthday.

404 BC – Peloponnesian War: Lysander's Spartan armies defeated the Athenians and the war ends.

1644 – The Chongzhen Emperor, the last Emperor of Ming dynasty China, commits suicide during a peasant rebellion led by Li Zicheng.

1846 – Thornton Affair: Open conflict begins over the disputed border of Texas, triggering the Mexican–American War.

1847 – The last survivors of the Donner Party are out of the wilderness.

1859 – British and French engineers break ground for the Suez Canal.

1898 – Spanish–American War: The United States declares war on Spain.

1945 – Elbe Day: United States and Soviet troops meet in Torgau along the River Elbe, cutting the Wehrmacht of Nazi Germany in two, a milestone in the approaching end of World War II in Europe.

1945 – Liberation Day (Italy): The Nazi occupation army surrenders and leaves Northern Italy after a general partisan insurrection by the Italian resistance movement; the puppet fascist regime dissolves and Benito Mussolini is captured after trying to escape. This day was set as a public holiday to celebrate the Liberation of Italy.

1954 – The first practical solar cell is publicly demonstrated by Bell Telephone Laboratories.

1961 – Robert Noyce is granted a patent for an integrated circuit.

1974 – Carnation Revolution: A leftist military coup in Portugal overthrows the fascist Estado Novo regime and establishes a democratic government.

1983 – American schoolgirl Samantha Smith is invited to visit the Soviet Union by its leader Yuri Andropov after he read her letter in which she expressed fears about nuclear war.

2007 – Boris Yeltsin's funeral: The first to be sanctioned by the Russian Orthodox Church for a head of state since the funeral of Emperor Alexander III in 1894.

2015 – Nearly 9,100 are killed after a massive 7.8 magnitude earthquake strikes Nepal.

People I share a birthday with:

Oliver Cromwell

Al Pacino
What Happened On Your Birthday?: 4/15/2016 23:18:46

Level 54
153 BC Roman consuls begin their year in office.
45 BC The Julian calendar takes effect for the first time.
1 Origin of Christian Era
69 Roman garrison of Mainz uprising
89 Gov Lucius Antonius Saturninus of Germany becomes emperor of Rome
313 Start of Roman (Pontifical) Indiction
404 Last gladiator competition in Rome
630 The Prophet Muhammad sets out toward Mecca with the army that captures it bloodlessly.
722 Hofmeier Charles Martel flees from bishop Willibrord
990 Russia adopts Julian calendar
1259 Michael VIII Palaiologos is proclaimed co-emperor of the Empire of Nicaea with his ward John IV Laskaris.
1430 Jews of Sicily are no longer required to attend conversionist services
1438 Albrecht II von Habsburg becomes king of Hungary
1494 Juw Dekama elected potentate of Frisia
1502 Portuguese navigators discover Rio de Janeiro
1504 King Louis XII loses last bulwark in Naples, Caeta
1515 Francis, Duke of Angouleme succeeds King Louis XII as Francis I of France
1515 Jews are expelled from Laibach Austria
1527 Croatian nobles elect Ferdinand I of Austria as king of Croatia in the Parliament on Cetin.
1573 Geuzen sets fire to Woudrichem
1583 1st day of the Gregorian calendar in Holland & Flanders
1600 Scotland begins its numbered year on January 1 instead of 25 March.
What Happened On Your Birthday?: 4/15/2016 23:47:58

chuck norris
Level 58
1st of july:

sunglasses were invented in china

1st burning of protestants at stake in netherlands by the spanish

lithuania and poland became 1 country

1st vote on declaration of independence

napoleons fleet reaches alexandria

central america gains independence from mexico

slavery abolished in suriname and dutch antiles

dominion of canada formed

treaty of berlin divides africa for colonialism

start of sherlock holmes

1st tour de france

albert einstein introduces his theory of relativity

orange free state is granted self government

union of south africa becomes a dominion

UK loses 19,240 men in the battle of the Somme

communist party of china is formed

popeye created

iraq gains independence

FDR nominated for president

Australia refuses entry to WWII dutch jewish refugees

sevastopol conquered by germans

atomic bomb dropped on bikini atoll

vietnam gains independence from france

somalia gains independence from italy and UK

ghana gains independence

algeria votes for indepedence

burundi and rwanda gain indepedence

britain and argentina sign accord about falkland islands

pinochet becomes president of chile

madeira gains autonomy from portugal

sony introduces the walkman

first search and rescue satelite launched

hong kong given to china

oresund bridge(connecting sweden and denmark) opened to trafic

The International Criminal Court is established to prosecute individuals for genocide, crimes against humanity, war crimes, and the crime of aggression.

croatia becomes a member of the EU

Greek Credit Crisis: Greece becomes 1st developed country to default on debt to the International Monetary Fund (1.7 billion)

US and Cuba announce agreement to re-open embassies and establish full diplomatic ties

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What Happened On Your Birthday?: 4/16/2016 00:32:47

Level 53
Aug. 3
1492 - Christopher Columbus left Palos, Spain with three ships. The voyage led him to what is now known as the Americas. He reached the Bahamas on October 12
1914 - Germany declared war on France. The next day World War I began when Britain declared war on Germany.
1923 - Calvin Coolidge was sworn in as the 30th president of the U.S. after the sudden death of President Harding.
1949 - The National Basketball Association (NBA) was formed. The league was formed by the merger between the Basketball Association of America and the National Basketball League.
2009 - Bolivia became the first South American country to declare the right of indigenous people to govern themselves.
What Happened On Your Birthday?: 4/16/2016 01:12:20

Level 55
Christopher Columbus left Palos, Spain with three ships. The voyage led him to what is now known as the Americas.

No, common misconception. He really left for America from San Sebastián, in the Canary islands (since it's a tad wester).
What Happened On Your Birthday?: 4/16/2016 01:17:18

Level 24
Pie, you and I share a birthday :P
What Happened On Your Birthday?: 4/16/2016 01:33:20

Level 60
October 8th. Sharing only interesting-ish ones I found. Bold = Specially interesting or just fun to know.

1480 – Great stand on the Ugra River, a battle between the Muscovy and the Golden Horde that resulted in the De Jure independence of Russia from mongol influence since Genghis Khancer.

1582 – Because of the implementation of the Gregorian calendar, October 8th did not exist in this year in Italy, Poland, Portugal and Spain.

1850 – Henry Louis Le Châtelier, French chemist and academic, is born.

1862 - Otto Von Bismarck becomes chancellor of the German Empire.

1871 - The Great Chicago Fire happens in... Chicago.

1895 – Eulmi incident: Queen Min of Joseon, the last empress of Korea, is assassinated and her corpse burnt by Japanese infiltrators inside Gyeongbok Palace.

1895 – Juan Perón, Argentinian general and politician, 29th President of Argentina, is born; he was the second to last president before the argentinian army striked a coup as part of the multiple coups in south america during the 1960s and 1970s. The last president, Isabel Perón, was his wife. He is also suspected of protecting Nazi War Criminals.

1912 – First Balkan War begins: Montenegro declares war against the Ottoman Empire.

1918 – World War I: In the Argonne Forest in France, United States Corporal Alvin C. York kills 28 German soldiers and captures 132, for which he is awarded the Medal of Honor.

1939 – German annexation of (Western) Poland, as part of the Molotov-Ribbentrop deals.

1967 – Che Guevara and most of his men are captured in Bolivia. He was executed the following day. This would eventually be the base for the name "Movimento Revolucionário Oito de Outubro" (October 8th Revolutionary Action), also known as the MR-8, a guerilla group in Brazil that seeked to take over the country and start a communist government (though they claimed their goal was only democracy)

1971 - John Lennon releases his megahit "Imagine".

1974 – Franklin National Bank collapses due to fraud and mismanagement; at the time it is the largest bank failure in the history of the United States.

1985 - Bruno Mars is born.

1991 – Croatia votes to sever constitutional relations with Yugoslavia, rendering the country fully independent.

1997 - Bella Thorne, american actress and singer, is born, literally on the same day as yours truly.

2001 – U.S. President George W. Bush announces the establishment of the Office of Homeland Security.

2015 - Actress and singer Selena Gomez reveals she has Lupus.

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What Happened On Your Birthday?: 4/16/2016 01:41:38

Empire of Kilos
Level 32
What Happened On Your Birthday?: 4/16/2016 01:53:52

Stonedwall Jackson
Level 5
No one showed up
What Happened On Your Birthday?: 4/16/2016 03:12:27

Level 54
Sorry xy, but no.
What Happened On Your Birthday?: 4/16/2016 13:07:40

Okabe Rintarou ( AKA Hououin Kyouma)
Level 56

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What Happened On Your Birthday?: 4/16/2016 13:08:52

Okabe Rintarou ( AKA Hououin Kyouma)
Level 56
197 – Emperor Septimius Severus defeats usurper Clodius Albinus in the Battle of Lugdunum, the bloodiest battle between Roman armies.
356 – Emperor Constantius II issues a decree closing all pagan temples in the Roman Empire.
1539 Jews of Tyrnau Hungary (then Trnava Czech), expelled BEST ONE YET ( I wonder why not executed though)
1594 – Having already inherited the throne of the Polish–Lithuanian Commonwealth through his mother Catherine Jagiellon of Poland in 1587, Sigismund III of the House of Vasa is crowned King of Sweden, having succeeded his father John III of Sweden in 1592.
1600 – The Peruvian stratovolcano Huaynaputina explodes in the most violent eruption in the recorded history of South America.
1649 – The Second Battle of Guararapes takes place, effectively ending Dutch colonization efforts in Brazil.
1674 – England and the Netherlands sign the Treaty of Westminster, ending the Third Anglo-Dutch War. A provision of the agreement transfers the Dutch colony of New Amsterdam to England, and it is renamed New York.
1726 – The Supreme Privy Council is established in Russia.
1807 – Former Vice President of the United States Aaron Burr is arrested for treason in Wakefield, Alabama and confined to Fort Stoddert.
1819 – British explorer William Smith discovers the South Shetland Islands, and claims them in the name of King George III.
1846 – In Austin, Texas the newly formed Texas state government is officially installed. The Republic of Texas government officially transfers power to the State of Texas government following the annexation of Texas by the United States.
1847 – The first group of rescuers reaches the Donner Party.
1859 – Daniel E. Sickles, a New York Congressman, is acquitted of murder on grounds of temporary insanity. This is the first time this defense is successfully used in the United States.
1878 – Thomas Edison patents the phonograph.
1884 – More than sixty tornadoes strike the Southern United States, one of the largest tornado outbreaks in U.S. history.
1913 – Pedro Lascuráin becomes President of Mexico for 45 minutes; this is the shortest term to date of any person as president of any country.
1915 – World War I: The first naval attack on the Dardanelles begins when a strong Anglo-French task force bombards Ottoman artillery along the coast of Gallipoli.
1937 – Yekatit 12: During a public ceremony at the Viceregal Palace (the former Imperial residence) in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia, two Ethiopian nationalists of Eritrean origin attempt to kill viceroy Rodolfo Graziani with a number of grenades.
1942 – World War II: Nearly 250 Japanese warplanes attack the northern Australian city of Darwin killing 243 people.
1942 – World War II: United States President Franklin D. Roosevelt signs the executive order 9066, allowing the United States military to relocate Japanese Americans to internment camps.
1943 – World War II: Battle of Kasserine Pass in Tunisia begins.
1945 – World War II: Battle of Iwo Jima: About 30,000 United States Marines land on the island of Iwo Jima.
1948 – The Conference of Youth and Students of Southeast Asia Fighting for Freedom and Independence convenes in Calcutta.
1949 – Ezra Pound is awarded the first Bollingen Prize in poetry by the Bollingen Foundation and Yale University.
1953 – Censorship: Georgia approves the first literature censorship board in the United States.
1959 – The United Kingdom grants Cyprus independence, which is then formally proclaimed on August 16, 1960.
1960 – China successfully launches the T-7, its first sounding rocket.
1963 – The publication of Betty Friedan's The Feminine Mystique reawakens the feminist movement in the United States as women's organizations and consciousness raising groups spread.
1965 – Colonel Phạm Ngọc Thảo of the Army of the Republic of Vietnam, and a communist spy of the North Vietnamese Viet Minh, along with Generals Lâm Văn Phát and Trần Thiện Khiêm attempted a coup against the military junta of Nguyễn Khánh.
1972 – The Asama-Sansō hostage standoff begins in Japan.
1976 – Executive Order 9066, which led to the relocation of Japanese Americans to internment camps, is rescinded by President Gerald Ford's Proclamation 4417
1978 – Egyptian forces raid Larnaca International Airport in an attempt to intervene in a hijacking, without authorisation from the Republic of Cyprus authorities. The Cypriot National Guard and Police forces kill 15 Egyptian commandos and destroy the Egyptian C-130 transport plane in open combat.
1985 – William J. Schroeder becomes the first recipient of an artificial heart to leave hospital.
1985 – Iberia Airlines Boeing 727 crashes into Mount Oiz in Spain, killing 148.
1985 – EastEnders, BBC's flagship soap opera, broadcasts for the first time.
1986 – Akkaraipattu massacre: the Sri Lankan Army massacres 80 Tamil farm workers in the eastern province of Sri Lanka.
2001 – The Oklahoma City bombing museum is dedicated at the Oklahoma City National Memorial.
2002 – NASA's Mars Odyssey space probe begins to map the surface of Mars using its thermal emission imaging system.
2003 – An Ilyushin Il-76 military aircraft crashes near Kerman, Iran, killing 275.
2006 – A methane explosion in a coal mine near Nueva Rosita, Mexico, kills 65 miners.
2011 – The debut exhibition of the Belitung shipwreck, containing the largest collection of Tang dynasty artefacts found in one location, begins in Singapore.
2012 – Forty-four people are killed in a prison brawl in Apodaca, Nuevo León, Mexico.

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What Happened On Your Birthday?: 4/22/2016 05:50:47

Level 57
some of the important things

37 – Roman emperor Caligula accepts the titles of the Principate, entitled to him by the Senate.
193 – Roman Emperor Pertinax is assassinated by Praetorian Guards, who then sell the throne in an auction to Didius Julianus.
364 – Roman Emperor Valentinian I appoints his brother Flavius Valens co-emperor.
1566 – The foundation stone of Valletta, Malta's capital city, is laid by Jean Parisot de Valette, Grand Master of the Sovereign Military Order of Malta.
1776 – Juan Bautista de Anza finds the site for the Presidio of San Francisco.
1794 – Allies under Prince Josias of Saxe-Coburg-Saalfeld defeat French forces at Le Cateau.
1802 – Heinrich Wilhelm Matthäus Olbers discovers 2 Pallas, the second asteroid known to man.
1809 – Peninsular War: France defeats Spain in the Battle of Medellín.
1814 – War of 1812: The Royal Navy of the United Kingdom defeats the United States Navy in the Battle of Valparaíso, Chile.
1854 – Crimean War: France and Britain declare war on Russia.
1862 – American Civil War: Battle of Glorieta Pass – in New Mexico, Union forces stop the Confederate invasion of New Mexico territory. The battle began on March 26.
1871 – The Paris Commune is formally established in Paris.
1910 – Henri Fabre becomes the first person to fly a seaplane, the Fabre Hydravion, after taking off from a water runway near Martigues, France.
1939 – Spanish Civil War: Generalissimo Francisco Franco conquers Madrid after a three-year siege.
1941 – World War II: Battle of Cape Matapan – in the Mediterranean, British Admiral Andrew Browne Cunningham leads the Royal Navy in the destruction of three major Italian heavy cruisers and two destroyers.
1942 – World War II: St Nazaire Raid: In occupied France, British naval forces successfully raid the German-occupied port of Saint-Nazaire.
1951 – First Indochina War: In the Battle of Mạo Khê, French Union forces, led by World War II hero Jean de Lattre de Tassigny, inflict a defeat on Việt Minh forces commanded by General Võ Nguyên Giáp.
1959 – The State Council of the People's Republic of China dissolves the government of Tibet.
What Happened On Your Birthday?: 4/22/2016 06:34:49

Level 57
1049 Bruno count of Egesheim & Dagsburg crowned Pope Leo IX
1111 German King Hendry V arrives at St Peter, Rome
1130 Pope Innocent II elected
1502 Muslims in Granada forced to convert to Catholicism
1502 Vasco da Gama sets sail from Lisbon, Portugal on his second voyage to India.
1528 Treaty of Dordrecht between emperor & ecclesiastical power
1541 Santiago, Chile founded (or Feb 24)
1554 Queen of England for nine days, Lady Jane Grey is executed for treason.
1577 Spanish land guardian Don Juan of Habsburg signs "Eternal Edict"
1624 English "Happy Parliament commenced
1700 The Great Northern War begins in Northern Europe between Denmark–Norway, Saxony and Russia and the Swedish Empire.
1719 The Onderlinge van 1719 u.a., the oldest existing life insurance company in the Netherlands is founded.
1733 Georgia founded by James Oglethorpe, at site of Savannah
1762 British fleet occupies Martinique
1763 John Casteret appointed British minister of foreign affairs
1771 Gustav III becomes the King of Sweden.
1772 Yves de Kerguelen of France discovers Kerguelen Archipelago, India
1793 1st US fugitive slave law passed; requires return of escaped slaves
1797 Haydn's song "Gott erhalte Franz den Kaiser" premieres in Vienna
1818 Chile gains independence from Spain
1821 Mercantile Library of City of NY opens
1825 Creek Indian treaty signed. Tribal chiefs agree to turn over all their land in Georgia to the government & migrate west by Sept 1, 1826
1832 Ecuador annexes Galapagos Islands
1839 Aroostoock (or "Pork & Beans) War: Boundary dispute between Maine & New Brunswick
1840 Housatonic Railroad opens
1848 Ballet "Faust" premieres in Milan
1850 Original Washington's Farewell Address manuscript sells for $2,300
1855 Michigan State University was established.
1861 State troops seize US munitions in Napoleon, Arkansas, during the US Civil War
1865 Henry Highland Garnet is 1st black to speak in US House of Reps
1870 Official proclamation sets April 15 as last day of grace for US silver coins to circulate in Canada
1873 US Congress abolishes bimetallism & authorizes $1 & $3 gold coins
1874 King David Kalakaua of Sandwich Is Hawaii, is 1st king to visit US
1876 Al Spalding opens his sporting good shop
1877 1st news dispatch by telephone, between Boston & Salem, Mass
1877 US railroad builders strike against wage reduction
1878 Frederick Thayer patents catcher's mask (pat # 200,358)
1879 1st artificial ice rink in North America (Madison Sq Garden, NYC)
1879 News about slaughtering of Isandlwana reaches London
1880 US National Croquet League organizes (Phila)
1882 Social-Democratic Union forms in Amsterdam
1885 Carl Peters founds German East-Africa Society
1886 2nd British government of Salisbury forms
1889 Caesar Franck's Symphony in D premieres
1889 Henrik Ibsen's "Fruen fra Haven" premieres in Oslo
1894 Anarchist Émile Henry hurls a bomb into Paris's Cafe Terminus, killing one and wounding 20.
1899 -47°F (-44°C), Camp Clarke, Nebraska (state record)
1899 1st 2-man team 6-day bicycle race in US begins, Madison Square Garden, NYC
1901 Dutch Penitentiary children's law proclaimed
1906 George Cohan's musical "George Washington" premieres in NYC
1908 Anna Jeanes bequeaths $1,000,000 to Swarthmore to become all female
1908 NY to Paris auto race (via Alaska & Siberia) begins in NYC George Schuster wins after 88 days behind the wheel
1909 National Association for the Advancement of Colored People (NAACP) forms
1909 Netherlands' SDAP suspends Marxist Tribune group (Gorter & Wijnkoop)
1909 Robert Fowler runs world record marathon (2:46:52.6)
1912 China adopts Gregorian calendar
1912 Last Ch'ing (Manchu) emperor of China, Hsuan T'ung, abdicates
1914 Dedication ceremony for the about to be constructed Lincoln Memorial in Washington, D.C.
1914 "The Squaw Man", 1st feature-length film shot in Hollywood, directed by Cecil B. DeMille and Oscar Apfel, is released in the US
1915 Adolf Hitler receives the relatively common Iron Cross second class for bravery in World War I
1916 1st edition of Joseph Patterson/Sidney Smith's strip "The Gumps"
1920 -Apr 26] 14,000 Rotterdam/Amsterdam harbor workers strike
1920 NL votes 6-2 for 1 commissioner AL votes 6-2 to keep group commission
1921 Soviet troops invade Georgia
1921 Winston Churchill becomes British Minister of Colonies
1924 George Gershwin's "Rhapsody In Blue" premieres at Aeolian Hall, NYC
1924 George Kaufman's "Beggar on Horseback" premieres in NYC
1925 1st federal arbitration law approved by Congress
1925 E Thieffry departs with Handley Page for the Belgian Congo
1925 Estonia bans communist Party
1926 Barendrecht soccer team forms
1927 British expeditionary army lands in Shanghai
1929 Karst Leemburg wins Dutch 11 cities skate (11:30)
1931 Vatican Radio begins broadcasting with the callsign HVJ
1932 Communist Party of Holland forms Unemployed Combat Committees
1933 German vice-chancellor von Papen demands Catholic aid for Nazis
1934 Export-Import Bank incorporates
1934 France hit by a general strike against fascists & royalists
1934 The four-day February Uprising, sometimes called the Austrian Civil War, begins.
1935 Great airship, USS Macon, crashes into Pacific Ocean
1937 Cleveland (now Los Angeles) Rams granted an NFL franchise
1938 Austrian chancellor Schuschnigg visits Hitler in Berchtesgaden
1938 German troops entered Austria
1938 The first 'Kindertransport' carrying Jewish refugee children from Nazi Germany arrives in Britain.
1938 3rd British Empire Games close in Sydney, Australia
1941 Jewish Council for Amsterdam forms under Ascher/Cohen
1941 Occupation Police arrest "Jewish Foursome"
1942 German battle cruisers Scharnhorst and Gneisenau and heavy cruiser Prinz Eugen escape from Brest to Germany in a dash up the English Channel
1943 General Eisenhower departs Algiers for Tebessa
1944 Wendell Wilkie (R) enters presidential race
1945 SF selected for site of UN Conference
1946 World War II: Operation Deadlight ends after scuttling 121 of 154 captured U-boats.
1947 Daytime fireball & meteorite fall seen in eastern Siberia
1947 Record 100.5-kg sailfish caught, C W Stewart, Galapagos Islands
1947 French fashion designer Christian Dior presents his first influential collection, named the "New Look"
1948 1st Lt Nancy Leftenant becomes 1st black in army nursing corps
1949 "Annie Get Your Gun" closes at Imperial Theater NYC after 1147 performances
1949 Panic in Quito, Ecuador, after "War of the Worlds" played on radio
1949 Team Canada beats Denmark 47-0 in hockey
1949 Unidentified aircraft bomb Jerusalem
1950 Albert Einstein warns against hydrogen bomb
1950 Sen Joe McCarthy claims to have list of 205 communist government employees
1953 USSR breaks relations with Israel
1954 The UK government establishes an organisation to control atomic energy in the country under The Atomic Energy Authority Bill
1955 McGuire Sisters' "Sincerely" single goes #1 & stays #1 for 10 weeks
1955 President Eisenhower sends 1st US advisors to South Vietnam
1955 Soviets decides space center built in Baikonur, Kazachstan
1955 WTVY TV channel 4 in Dothan, AL (CBS) begins broadcasting
1956 Fay Crocker wins LPGA Miami Beach Golf Open
1957 Researchers announce Borazan (harder than diamonds) been developed
1958 Celtic Bill Russell grabs 41 rebounds to beat Syracuse 119-101
1958 Gen Miguel Ydegoras Fuentes elected president of Guatemala
1960 Chinese army kills 12 Indian soldiers
1961 Celtic Bill Russell grabs 40 rebounds to beat Warriors 136-125
1961 Mickey Wright wins LPGA St Petersburg Golf Open
1961 Mushtaq Mohammad scores 1st Test Cricket century at 17 yrs 82 days
1961 USSR launches Venera 1 toward Venus
1962 Bus boycott starts in Macon, Georgia
1963 Argentina asks extraditon of ex-president Peron
1964 Beatles 1st NYC concert (Carnegie Hall)
1964 End of Richie Benaud's 63-Test Cricket career
1964 US female Figure Skating championship won by Peggy Fleming
1964 US male Figure Skating championship won by Scott Allen
1964 Fighting breaks out between Turks and Greeks over dispute islands in Cyprus and 16 are killed; the UN responds the following month by sending a peacekeeping force
1965 KHFI (now KBVO) TV channel 42 in Austin, TX (NBC) begins broadcasting
1965 Nuclear test at Pacific Ocean
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Level 57
1967 Kees Verkerk becomes world champ all round skater
1967 Keith Richards, Mick Jagger & Marianne Faithful busted for drugs
1967 Pirate Radio Free Harlem (NYC) begins transmitting
1968 25th Golden Globes: In the Heat of the Night, Rod Steiger, & Edith Evans win
1970 Anthony Shaffer's "Sleuth" premieres in NYC
1971 Only Test Cricket for Ken Eastwood, who scored 5 & 0 Aust v England
1973 1st US POWs in N Vietnam released; 116 of 456 flown to Philippine
1974 Heads of state of Algeria, Egypt, Syria, and Saudi Arabia discuss oil strategy in view of the progress in Arab-Israeli disengagement
1976 US performs nuclear test at Nevada Test Site
1977 Toronto Maple Leafs shutout Washington Capitals 10-0
1978 "Jesus Christ Superstar" closes at Longacre Theater NYC after 96 performances
1978 Debbie Austin wins LPGA American Cancer Society Golf Classic
1978 US female Figure Skating championship won by Linda Fratianne
1978 US male Figure Skating championship won by Charles Tickner
1979 Kosmos 1076, 1st Soviet oceanographic satellite, launched
1979 Bakhtiar resigns as prime minister of Iran after losing support of the military
1980 "Canterbury Tales" opens at Rialto Theater NYC for 16 performances
1980 NY Islanders 2nd scoreless tie, vs Winnipeg Jets
1980 Richard Hadlee becomes NZ's top wicket-taker with 117
1981 Admiral Bobby R Inman, USN, becomes deputy director of CIA
1981 Arbitrator Goetz declares Red Sox catcher Carlton Fisk a free agent
1981 Cape Verde amends its constitution
1981 Pete Squires sets record for 1575 steps of Empire State Bldg, 10m
1982 US performs nuclear test at Nevada Test Site
1982 Wayne Gretzky scores 153rd point of season, breaking NHL record
1982 32nd Berlin International Film Festival: "Veronika Voss" wins the Golden Bear
1984 Alice Miller wins LPGA Sarasota Golf Classic
1984 Cale Yarborough, becomes 1st Daytona 500 qualifier, above 200 MPH
1984 Jayne Torvill & Christopher Dean skate "Bolero" at Olympics
1984 West Indies beat Australia 2-1 to win cricket's World Series Cup after going undefeated in the qualifying rounds
1985 37th NHL All-Star Game: Wales beat Campbell 6-4 at Calgary
1985 West Indies beat Australia 2-1 to win cricket's World Series Cup (Australian Tri-Series)
1986 1st-class cricket debut of Curtly Ambrose, Leeward Is v Guyana
1987 Survivors of a black man murdered by KKK members awarded $7 M damages
1988 38th Berlin International Film Festival: "Red Sorgum" wins the Golden Bear
1989 39th NBA All-Star Game: West beats East 143-134 at Houston
1989 5 Pakistani Muslim rioters killed protesting "Satanic Verses" novel
1989 50th PGA Seniors Golf Championship: Larry Mowry
1989 Barbara Harris becomes 1st female bishop of a US Episcopal church
1989 Gretzky sets 2 records, his 45th hat trick & 10th 40+ goal season
1989 Thursday's Child sets sailing record, NY-Cape Horn-SF, 80 d 20 h
1989 US male Figure Skating championship won by Christopher Bowman
1989 Loyalist paramilitary group kill Pat Finucane, a Belfast lawyer who represented republican hunger striker Bobby Sands, while he is having dinner with family
1991 Iceland recognizes Lithuania's independence
1991 North & South Korea form a joint team for table tennis competition
1994 17th Winter Olympic games opens in Lillehammer, Norway
1994 20th century premiere of 6 restored Haydn-sonatas in Boston
1994 "The Scream" by Norwegian painter Edvard Munch (1893 pastel version) is stolen in Oslo
1994 Inna Lassovskaya jumps world record 14.90m
1994 Model Anna Nicole Smith hospitalized for drug overdose
1995 45th NBA All-Star Game: West beats East 139-112 at Phoenix
1995 Angela Kennedy swims woman's world record 50m butterfly
1995 Bonnie Blair skates female world record 500m (38.69 sec)
1995 Dieter Baumann runs European record 3k indoor (7:37.51)
1995 Jeff Rouse swims world record 50m backstroke (24.37 sec)
1995 Moses Kiptanui runs world record 3k indoor (7:35.15)
1995 PRI loses/PAN wins Mexican regional elections
1995 Sun Cayun pole vaults indoor female world record (4.13m)
1995 Susan Auch skates female world record 500m (38.94 sec)
1996 4th ESPY Awards: Cal Ripken, Rebecca Lobo win
1997 Fred Goldman says he will settle for a signed murder confession from O J Simpson in lieu of his $20.5 million judgement
1998 "Freak" opens at Cort Theater NYC
1998 250-car Italy pile-up due to fog, 4 die & 50 hurt
1998 Dallas Cowboys sign Chan Gailey as their 4th head coach
1998 Intel unveils its 1st graphics chip i740
1998 US district judge T Hogan declares line-item veto law unconstitutional
1999 US President Bill Clinton acquitted by the Senate in his impeachment trial
1999 Scientists warn about harmful impacts on health of genetically modified (GM) food
2000 31st NAACP Image Awards: "The Best Man" wins Outstanding Motion Picture
2001 NEAR Shoemaker spacecraft touchdown in the "saddle" region of 433 Eros becoming the first spacecraft to land on an asteroid.
2001 9th ESPY Awards: Tiger Woods, Marion Jones win
2002 US Secretary of Energy makes the decision that Yucca Mountain is suitable to be the United States' nuclear waste repository.
2002 An Iran Air Tupolev Tu-154 crashes prior to landing in Khorramabad, Iran, killing 119.
2002 The trial of former President of Federal Republic of Yugoslavia Slobodan Milošević begins at the United Nations war crimes tribunal in The Hague. He eventually dies four years later before its conclusion.
2004 The city of San Francisco, California begins issuing marriage licenses to same-sex couples in response to a directive from Mayor Gavin Newsom.
2005 58th British Film and Television Awards (BAFTAS): "The Aviator" Best Film, Mike Leigh Best Director
2006 A powerful winter storm blankets the Northeastern United States dumping 1 to 2 feet of snow from Washington, D.C. up to Boston, Massachusetts. The storm dumped a record 26.9 inches of snow in New York City.
2006 NFL Pro Bowl: NFC beats AFC 23-17
2007 A gunman opens fire in a mall in Salt Lake City, killing 5 people in the Trolley Square shooting.
2007 Marty Schottenheimer is abruptly fired as head coach of the San Diego Chargers due to lack of playoff success and a strained relationship with ownership
2009 Colgan Air Flight 3407 crashes near Buffalo in the state of New York killing 50 people.
2009 40th NAACP Image Awards: "The Secret Life of Bees" wins Outstanding Motion Picture
2010 21st Winter Olympic Games open at Vancouver, Canada
2012 Gurbanguly Berdimuhamedow is re-elected president of Turkmenistan with 97% of the vote
2012 Zambia defeat Ivory Coast 8-7 on penalties in the Africa Cup of Nations
2012 54th Grammy Awards: Rolling In The Deep, Bon Iver wins
2012 65th British Film and Television Awards (BAFTAS): "The Artist" Best Film, Michel Hazanavicius Best Director
2013 North Korea confirms it has successfully tested a nuclear device that could be weaponized
2013 At a ceremony in Philadelphia, the NFL pays tribute to the life of the late Steve Sabol and his many contributions to the league
2014 Tatyana Volosozhar and Maksim Trankov win the Olympic gold in pairs figure skating
2014 Intel entrepreneur and cofounder of the X-PRIZE Foundation, Peter Diamandis, claims that 50% of US jobs are under threat of being mechanized within 10 years
2016 Pope Francis begins his visit to Mexico, arriving at “Benito Juarez” International Airport in Mexico City
2016 Pope Francis meets Patriarch Kirill in Havana - first meeting between Catholic and Russian Orthodox church heads for nearly 1,000 years
2016 Fiji becomes the first country to ratify the UN climate deal (signed Paris, December 2015)
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King C******* V 
Level 58
February 28
1066 Westminster Abbey, the most famous church in England, opens its doors.
1574 On the orders of the Holy Office of the Inquisition, two Englishmen and an Irishman are burnt for heresy.
1610 Thomas West is appointed governor of Virginia.
1704 Indians attack Deerfield, Mass. killing 40 and kidnapping 100.
1847 Colonel Alexander Doniphan and his ragtag Missouri Mounted Volunteers ride to victory at the Battle of Sacramento, during the Mexican War.
1861 The territory of Colorado is established.
1900 After a 119-day siege by the Boers, the surrounded British troops in Ladysmith, South Africa, are relieved.
1863 Four Union gunboats destroy the CSS Nashville near Fort McAllister, Georgia.
1916 Haiti becomes the first U.S. protectorate.
1924 U.S. troops are sent to Honduras to protect American interests during an election conflict.
1936 The Japanese Army restores order in Tokyo and arrests officers involved in a coup.
1945 U.S. tanks break the natural defense line west of the Rhine and cross the Erft River.
1946 The U.S. Army declares that it will use V-2 rocket to test radar as an atomic rocket defense system.
1953 Greece, Turkey and Yugoslavia sign a 5-year defense pact in Ankara.
1967 In Mississippi, 19 are indicted in the slayings of three civil rights workers.
1969 A Los Angeles court refuses Robert Kennedy assassin Sirhan Sirhan’s request to be executed.
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#The Prussian Job-Oh yeah, baby...
Level 51
250-St Fabian ends his reign as Catholic Pope (236-50)
820-Book of mother, published
1045-Giovanni di Sabina elected Pope Sylvester III
1156-According to legend, freeholder Lalli slays English crusader Bishop Henry with an axe on the ice of Lake Köyliönjärvi in Finland
1265-the first Parliament of England summoned other than by royal command (in this instance by Simon de Montfort, Earl of Leicester) met in Westminster Hall
1320-Duke Wladyslaw Lokietek becomes king of Poland
1356-Edward Balliol abdicates as King of Scots.
1502-The present-day location of Rio de Janeiro is first explored.
1503-Casa Contratacion (Board of Trade) found (Spain) to deal with American affairs
1513-Christian II succeeds Johan I as Danish/Norwegian king
1523-Christian II is forced to abdicate as King of Denmark and Norway.
1576-The Mexican city of León is founded by order of the viceroy Don Martín Enríquez de Almansa.
1613-Peace of Knarod ends War of Kalmar between Denmark & Sweden
1648-Cornerstone of Amsterdam townhall laid
1667-Treaty of Andrussovo-ends 13 year war between Poland & Russia
1778-1st American military court martial trial begins, Cambridge, Mass
1781-1st edition of Pieter It Hoens "Post of Neder-Rhijn" published
1785-Samuel Ellis advertises to sell Oyster Island (Ellis Is), no takers
1788-Pioneer African Baptist church organizes in Savannah, Ga
*1801-John Marshall appointed US chief justice
*1807-Napoleon convenes great Sanhedrin, Paris
1809-1st US geology book published by William Maclure
1839-In the Battle of Yungay, Chile defeats a Peruvian and Bolivian alliance.
1840-Dumont D'Urville discovers Adélie Land, Antarctica
1840-Dutch King Willem II crowned
1841-China cedes Hong Kong to the British during the 1st Opium War
1850-Investigator, first ship to effect northwest passage, leaves England
1860-Dutch troops conquer Watampone in Celebes
1866-Prim's Insurrection in Spain ends
1868-Florida constitutional convention meets in Tallahassee
*1869-Elizabeth Cady Stanton becomes 1st woman to testify before US Congress
1870-"City of Boston" vanishes at sea with all 177 aboard
*1870-Hiram R. Revels elected to fill unexpired term of Jefferson Davis as US Senator for Mississippi
1872-California Stock Exchange Board organized
1879-British troops under Lord Chelmsford set camp at Isandlwana
1883-Billy Barnes takes a hat-trick, England v Aust MCG
1887-US Senate approves naval base lease of Pearl Harbor
1905-The US begins supervision of the Dominican Republic's national and international debts, testing Roosevelt's 'Corollary' to the Monroe Doctrine
1914-The first group of Transvaal Indian women satyagrahis are released from Pietermaritzburg Prison in South Africa after three months imprisonment
1920-Dutch 2nd Chamber passes school laws
1920-The American Civil Liberties Union is founded.
1921-British submarine HMS K5 (which was unusually equipped with steam turbines) sank with 57 crew during exercises in the Bay of Biscay
1921-Dagestan ASSR forms in RSFSR
1921-Mountain Autonomous Republic established in RSFSR
1921-Republic of Turkey declared in remnants of Ottoman Empire
1922-Arthur Honegger's ballet "Skating Rink" premieres, Paris
1925-The Soviet and Japan sign a convention resuming relations: Russia agrees to limit revolutionary activity of the Third Communist International, while Japan agrees to leave the Sakhalin
1926-2nd German government of Luther begins
1929-1st feature talking motion picture taken outdoors, "In Old Arizona"
1930-1st radio broadcast of "Lone Ranger" (WXYZ-Detroit)
1934-Japan sends Henry Pu Yi as regent to emperor of Manchuria
*1936-Edward VIII succeeds British king George V
1937#-45°F (-43°C), Boca, California (state record)
1937-1st US Presidential Inauguration day held on Jan 20th, (previously March 4th)
1939-Charles Ives' 1st Sonata "Concord" premieres
1941-Bela Bartok's 6th string quartet, premieres in NYC
1942-Japanese invade Burma
1942-Nazi officials hold notorious Wannsee conference in Berlin to organise the "final solution", the extermination of Europe's Jews
1943-Lead, South Dakota, temp is 52°F, while 1.5 miles away Deadwood SD records -16°F
1943-Operation Weiss: German, Italian, Bulgarian & Croatian troops attempt to retake land liberated by Tito's partisans
1944-RAF drops 2,300 ton bombs on Berlin
*1945-Franklin D. Roosevelt sworn-in for an unprecedented (and never to be repeated) 4th term as US President
1945-The Hungarian Provisional Government concludes an armistice with the USSR, US, and Britain, agree to pay reparations and to join the war against Germany
1946-F Gouin follows De Gaulle as temporary leader of French government
1947-Brigadier General Edwin K Wright, USA, becomes deputy director of CIA
*1949-US President Harry Truman announces his four point program
1950-Suriname becomes independent part in Realm of Netherlands
1952-British army occupies Ismailiya, Suez Canal Zone
1953-1st US telecast transmitted to Canada-from Buffalo NY
*1953-1st live US coast-to-coast inauguration address (Eisenhower)
1954#-70°F (-57°C), Rogers Pass, Montana (US 48 state record)
1954-Dmitri Shostakovitch's' "Concertino opus 94" premieres
1954-The National Negro Network is established with 40 charter member radio stations.
1955-The first nuclear powered submarine, USS Nautilus, launched at Groton, Connecticut
1957-Gomulka wins Poland's parliamentary election
1957-Morton Gould's "Declaration" premieres in Washington, D.C.
1958-A group attempting the 1st surface crossing of Antarctic join up at the South Pole
1959-Dmitri Shostakovitch's Moscow-Tsjerjomoesjki premieres in Moscow
1960-Patrice Lumumba sentenced to 6 months in Belgian Congo
1961-Francis Poulenc's "Gloria" premieres in Boston
*1961-Robert Frost recites "Gift Outright" at JFK's inauguration
1961-Yugoslav ex-vice-president Milovan Djilas flees
1961-The Democrat J.F. Kennedy is inaugurated as President of the United States, the youngest ever sworn in
1965-The Byrds record "Mr Tambourine Man"
1965-The US Jet Propulsion Laboratory proposes modified Apollo flight to fly around Mars & return
*1965-Generalissimo Francisco Franco meets with Jewish representatives to discuss legitimizing Jewish communities in Spain
1968-US female Figure Skating championship won by Peggy Fleming
1968-US male Figure Skating championship won by Tim Wood
1969-Richard M Nixon inaugurated as US president
1969-U of Az reports 1st optical id of pulsar (in Crab Nebula)
1970-Super Fight, computer mock championship between Ali & Marciano; Marciano won.
1971-Ard Schenk skates world record 1000m (1:18.8)
1972-Six oil exporting countries conclude meetings with Western oil companies; an agreement is reached to raise the price of crude
1972-Number of people out of work and claiming unemployment benefit in UK rises to over 1 million
1973-A car bomb explodes in Sackville Place, Dublin, Republic of Ireland, killing 1 person and injuring 17 (no organisation claimed responsibility)
1974-7th ABA All-Star Game: East 128 beats West 112 at Virginia
1975-Terrence McNally's "Ritz" premieres in NYC
1977-George H W Bush ends term as 11th director of CIA
1977-Mr Knoche, serves as acting director of CIA
*1979-1 million Iranians march in Tehran in a show of support for the exiled Ayatollah Khomeini, fundamentalist Muslim leader
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#The Prussian Job-Oh yeah, baby...
Level 51
225-Gordian III, Roman Emperor (d. 244)
1292-Elisabeth I of Bohemia (d. 1330)
1358-Eleanor of Aragon, wife of John I of Castile (d. 1382)
1435-Ashikaga Yoshimasa, Japanese shogun (d. 1490)
1554-King Sebastian of Portugal (d. 1578)
1622-Susanna van Baerle, Dutch poet/wife of Geeraert Burns
1651-Edward Tyson, British Physician and father of comparative anatomy (The Anatomy of a Pygmy, 1698)
1654-Michiel de Swaen, South Netherland physician/poet
1664-Giovanni Vincenzo Gravina, Italian writer and jurist (d. 1718)
1716-Carlos III, king of Naples/Spain (1759-88) Pompei/Jesuits
1716-King Charles III of Spain (d. 1788)
1716-Jean-Jacques Barthélemy, French writer and numismatist (d. 1795)
1732-Richard H Lee, US farmer (signed Declaration of Independence)
1763-Theobald Wolfe Tone, Irish patriot
1775-André-Marie Ampère, French physicist (d. 1836)
1781-Joseph Hormayr Freiherr zu Hortenburg, Austrian politician (d. 1848)
1782-Johan B J F S, archduke of Austria
1798-Anson Jones, 5th and last President of Texas (d. 1858)
1804-Eugène Sue, French novelist (d. 1857)
1806-Nathaniel Willis, writer/editor/founder (American Monthly Mag)
1812-Ralph Pomeroy Buckland, Bvt Mjr Gen (Union volunteers), (d. 1892)
1812-Thomas Meik, Scottish engineer (d. 1896)
1813-Jacon Gartner Lauman, Bvt Mjr General (Union volunteers), (d. 1867)
1820-Anne Jemima Clough, England, promoted higher education for women
1831-Pieter J Joubert, general (South Africa)
1834-George D. Robinson, 34th Governor of Massachusetts (d. 1896)
1837-David Josiah Brewer, U.S. Supreme Court Justice (d. 1910)
1843-Pierre-Paul Cambon, French diplomat (Madrid, Constantinople, London)
1847-W R Pettiford, Founder (Alabama Penny Savings Bank)
1865-Friedrich A H von Waldeck, brother of queen Emma/last ruler of Waldeck
1866-Richard Le Gallienne, English writer (Maker of Gainborg)
1873-Charles A Ellwood, US, sociologist/psychologist
1873-Johannes V Jensen, Denmark, novelist/poet (Energy Storage, Nobel 1944)
1880-Walter W. Bacon, American politician (d. 1962)
1883-Betram Home Ramsay, English admiral/Commander Allied Naval Forces
1884-A[braham P] Merritt, US, sci-fi author (Moon Pool, Creep Shadow!)
1889-Allan Haines Loughead, American aviation executive (d. 1969)
1893-Kaj Birket-Smith, Danish etnologist/anthropologist (Eskimos)
1894-Harold L Gray, creator (Little Orphan Annie)
1898-U Razak, Burmese politician (d. 1947)
1899-Kenjiro Takayanagi, VP (JVC)
1900-Doris Deane, WI, entertainer
1903-Sybil Marion Rosenfeld, theatre historian
1904-Alexandra Danilova, Peterhof Russia, ballerina (Turning Point)
1904-Renato Caccioppoli, Italian mathematician/grandson of Bakunin
1904-Theodore Brameld, author/educator (Use of Explosive Ideas)
1907-Roy Welensky, Premier (Rhodesia/Nyasaland 1956-63)
*1910-Joy Adamson, (born Friederike Viktoria Gessner) Troppau Austria-Hungary, naturalist/author (Born Free)
1910-Lauritz Lauritzen, German politician
1915-C W Ceram, [Kurt W Marek], German/US writer (March of Archaeology)
1915-Joe Hitchcock, darts player (leader of St Dunstan's Four)
1915-Ghulam Ishaq Khan, President of Pakistan (d. 2006)
1916-Jopie [Johan A] Pengel, premier of Suriname (1963-69)
1916-Walter Bartley, biochemist
1920-Peter Clemoes, anglo-Saxon scholar
1920-Richard John Copeland Atkinson, archaeologist
1920-Sam M Gibbons, (Rep-D-FL, 1963- )
1921-Bernt Engelmann, Germany, writer
1922-Lord James Hanson, English industrialist/House of Lords (Conservative)
1925-E Cardenal, writer
1925-Edwin Gordon, VOA correspondant, born in NYC, New York
1925-Eugen Gomringer, writer
1926-Robert L Van Citters, cardiology/advisory panelist/UW dean
1926-Jamiluddin Aali, Pakistani poet, essayist and columnist
1926-Qurratulain Hyder, Pakistani novelist (d. 2007)
1927-Geoffrey WT Atkins, British World Champion racket player (1954-72)
1927-Olivier Strebelle, Belgian sculptor/ceramist
1928-Peter Donat, Kentville Nova Scotia, (Flamingo Road, Different Story)
1929-Bob Denard, French mercenary
*1930-Edwin Aldrin Jr, USAF/astro (Gem 12, Ap 11), born in Montclair, New Jersey
1931-Sawako Ariyoshi, Japanese writer (Compound Pollution, Doctor's Wife)
1931-Thomas Roy Garrett, museum curator
1935-Joan Weston, Roller Derby Queen (d. 1997)
1936-Eldred G Maduro, minister (Netherland Antilles)
1939-Nalin Chandra Wickramasinghe, Indian astronomer
1939-Paul Coverdell, American politician (d. 2000)
1943-Roeland HG "Roel" van Duyn, Dutch Provo politician
1944-Eddie Shah, English publisher (Today, Post)
1944-Lieven Soete, Dutch publicist (Molotov-Ribbentrop-pact)
1945-Peter Beckwith, English real estate developer/multi-millionaire
1948-Jerry Ross, Ind, Lt Col USAF/astronaut (STS 61B, 27, 37, 55, 74, sk:88)
1948-Natan Sharansky, Russian-born physicist and politician
1948-Nancy Kress, American writer
1949-Kieron Walsh, academic
1950-Mahamane Ousmane, President of Niger
1951-Magomed Omarovich Tolboyev, Russian cosmonaut
1955-Joe Doherty, Ireland, IRA activist (jailed in US)
1956-John McNally, Naha Okinawa, US rapid fire pistol (Oly-84, 88, 92, 96)
1956-Maria Larsson, Swedish politician
1964-Kazushige Nojima, Japanese game scenario writer
1969-Tia Marie Zorne, Miss Nevada-America (1991), born in Las Vegas, Nevada
1969-Patrick K. Kroupa, American computer hacker
1971-Karin Smith, Miss Minnesota USA (1996)
1973-Princess Mathilde, Duchess of Brabant
1979-Asaka Kubo, Japanese gravure idol of 20th Century
1980-Philippe Cousteau Jr., Freanch oceanographer; grandson of Jacques Cousteau
1980-Brigitte Olivier, Belgian judoka
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#The Prussian Job-Oh yeah, baby...
Level 51
1382-King Richard II of England marries Anne of Bohemia and daughter of the Holy Roman Emperor at Westminster Abbey. Anne died of plague in 1394.
1800-Napoleon I's sister Carolina marries King Joachim Murat of Naples
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