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Rise of Rome Level: 4/15/2016 02:09:29

Level 59

Pretty darn fun level. I managed to beat it in 31 turns, but it is quite difficult. Enjoy!
Rise of Rome Level: 4/15/2016 04:59:07

M. Poireau
Level 55
I haven't played the scenario just yet, but on first glance this looks clever:

It's a scenario which (as far as I can see) represents the *Rise of Rome*! The scenario matches (historically - the starting position looks like the early Roman Empire) the title of the map, and therefore needs no explanation. Cool.

Edit: I've tried it now. It's a tough one! I'd love to hear what winning strategies are on this scenario. It sounds like it would be easy: an FFA with four AIs... but your position makes it very challenging. Nice scenario!

Edited 4/15/2016 06:19:20
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