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Bonuses or Boni?: 4/7/2016 16:15:57

҈ TeeMee123 ҈
Level 50
The word 'boni' sounds pretty weird and isn't recognized by spelling correctors, but following normal english grammar it should exist.
Bonuses or Boni?: 4/7/2016 16:20:53

Luna {TJC}
Level 56
Bonsi would be a really nice plural form of bonus.
Bonuses or Boni?: 4/7/2016 16:40:40

Level 57
Boni sounds Latin. Admittedly, lots of English words come from either Latin or French. But I'm fairly sure we use the word 'bonuses'.
Bonuses or Boni?: 4/7/2016 18:36:20

Level 60
Bonuses in english, Boni in latin.

The word is originally latin but has been anglicized.
Bonuses or Boni?: 4/7/2016 18:51:47

Level 60
Boni is the plural form of the latin word "bonus". (Or it is the genitive singular, but never mind about that one).
The word usually means "good", although it has multiple other similar meanings.

I believe the english word bonus does come from the latin version. But all sources say that the correct english form is "bonuses". So, if you are writing in English, you should write down bonuses and not boni.
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