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USA Rules for North American Diplomacy: 4/6/2016 04:07:19

Level 48
NOTE: Any of these rules can be changed in game by Bills and Laws

[Basic rules:
*No attacking other states unless PE or left the Union.
*Who ever is President gets Delaware, it's the capital. Must be gifted every time a new president is elected.
*At game start, who ever gets VIRGINIA is president. Th3 election process starts as well
*No one can be president more then 2 terms in a row

[Passing Laws and Bills or Orders as President
The President can pass anything he wants as long as he gets 2 or more Yes's from the H.O.E

[The Party's:
There is..
The Democratic Party
The Republican Party
(To start a New Party..
1. 5 players must accept (Not join or even support) this as a true party
2. Have a name
3. Show its view and opinion on any 5 issues (I.E Border Security)

[House of Executives
The House of Executives are as follows (If President is booted, this is also the order of back ups)..
1. Vice President
2. Executive Of Foreign Policy (In charge of keeping track of NAPS, ALLIANCES, AND WARS across the world.)
3. Executive Of Bills & Laws (In charge of deciding if laws are constitutional, and if so keeping track of the votes for the law.

[Passing Laws and Creating Bills as anyone else
Creating a bill..
(1) The creator Names it, gives a description of the bill and what it will do, and sends it to the Executive of B&L.
(2) The Executive Of B&L then decides if its Constitutional, and if it should be considered
(3) If denied, he tells the creator what's wrong with it and then the creator may fix it and send it back. If accepted, he announces that the bill is being voted on and collects votes for 2 turns.
(4) If more people vote yet then no, it goes to the VP and Executive of Foreign Policy, if at least one votes yes it moves on to the president
(5) If the president says yes, it Passes and becomes Law. If he says No, and only one of the 2 Executives say yes, it is vetoed. If he says No  and both Executives say yes, it passes with Veto Override.

[Presidential Terms
*A term lasts 15 turns
*On The 6th turn the Election starts

For votes, send your vote to General first election, then to the Executive of Bills and Laws. The election process takes 10 turns...

(1) Primaries Start: Everyone who wants to run declares there entry by, Choosing a party, then Giving a presentation of main issues (Basically why you should vote for me speech).

(2) Primary Election: No more Candidates may enter. Everyone (Except candidates) votes, choosing a Democratic and/or Republican (You may vote for one, or both) Candidate they want to run for President

(3) Primaries End/Presidential Campaign starts/Independents join: The votes get added up and the winner of each party run for president (IN CASE OF TIE, All tied candidates enter the President Campaign, and no independents can join OR the Candidates can work a deal where one backs out to be VP or join the House of Executives.). Then the Winning Candidate(s) Give there first speech and choose a VP (Vice President). If there is no tie, Other candidates may join as a Independent. To do so they must Have 5 players support them and Have choosen a VP before turns end.

(4) Campaign continues: Presidential Candidates may give speeches, start debates, ect. To gain support

(5) Same as 4

(6) Voting starts: Everyone (Except Candidates and VPs) votes

(7) Last turn of voting

(8) Winner is declared/Choosing of new Executives: The new President is named and he has this and next turn to choose his House of Executives

(9)  President names his Executives

(10) Former Presidents last turn

[Leaving the Union
Leaving the Union means Declaring Independence from the USA. To do this you must..
(1) Declare your Independence in Public chat
(2) Wait 1 turn to Declare or Join any wars
(3) Then you may start your own new nation OR join a different nation (I.E Mexico, Canada)
(In return the US will A. Accept the Declaration and let you leave. or B. Denie the Declaration and declare war.
USA Rules for North American Diplomacy: 4/6/2016 04:17:52

Troy Triedntrue
Level 47
Cool. Explain the positions more. Also when are you starting the game. Invite me
USA Rules for North American Diplomacy: 4/6/2016 04:48:07

M. Poireau
Level 55
What is the purpose of the game? What is the objective?

Edited 4/6/2016 04:48:16
USA Rules for North American Diplomacy: 4/6/2016 10:56:53

Level 57
A proper North American diplomacy would consist of blowing up anything that moves, and blaming it on someone else.

All these rules are pointless.
USA Rules for North American Diplomacy: 4/6/2016 14:01:27

Level 48
@Troy, I have already started it and I will invite you

@M. Poireau, Just a normal diplomacy game but the USA gets more in depth. Basically just for Sh*ts and giggles
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