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Wastelands + Manual Distribution Conflict: 3/10/2016 14:19:15

Level 57
How does the community feel about this particular setting conflict?

If you do not know what I speak of then let me explain:
When you use Wastelands with Manual distribution (Warlord) then there is possible option that wastelands could cover a Territory that essentially were pickable. So now certain Bonuses in Warlord settings can´t be picked in Zero Turn at all, just because Random Warlord territory and Wasteland Territory managed to betide same territory.

This is probably not a error, mistake nor glitch to be reported, but just a minor issue. Why? Because if you play a game where all Pickable territories ought to be distributed among all players, then when this happens it could distort the Template a lot. As we all know if you assign 3-Territories to each player, but there is only 5 Total to be picked, then 2-players end up having 2 territories each, not 3 and 2. So this can´t be used to get advantage as each players ends up equal number of territories.

But if you are this kind of person who likes to play Manual-RW distribution with Wastelands and assign all pickable territories to each player, then instead of X you could end up with much less territories depending on Map size and number of territories to be assigned relative to count of wastelands. This just makes the Template what it should not be, especially if you play rather unique settings!

What I would suggest is make a change in code: IF Warlord or Random Warlords is Picked as distribution, then add Wastelands after Territories are tagged to be picked! This prevents the issue, that there could be less Pickable territories, only wasteland count would be reduced if there ain´t enough free territories. At moment Wastelands are priority over Distribution Territories, and I understand that to be true in Full Distribution, but should not be in case of Warlord + Random Warlord.

And I also understand uservoice would be useless, because probably less than 10 people would be interested in his! Should not be that complicated code to rewrite?

Edited 3/10/2016 14:19:55
Wastelands + Manual Distribution Conflict: 3/10/2016 14:36:37

Scorched Earth 
Level 49
I don't agree.

I don't see why bonuses being unpickable is bad. Those bonuses likely shouldn't be picked regardless of whether they can be or not.

In your scenario of only 5 pickable warlords and 2 players starting with 3 spots, that's actually better. I'd prefer they each start with 2 than pick lottery decide which player has to start in a wastelanded bonus.
Wastelands + Manual Distribution Conflict: 3/10/2016 14:49:30

Level 57
I hope this is more understandable!

The idea is that for example a map of 12 Bonuses and 1v1 Template with each player to get 6 Territories. In Warlord settings this means each player gets 6 Bonuses. Now to make picking phase more interesting I would like to add around ~ 4-6 Wastelands. But on some instances 1 or even 2 wastelands lands just on top of Territory that primary was pickable, so now I am left with 11 or 10 territories and each player gets 5 in both cases.

Good thing is, if players knows how to count, that instead of 12 there were 11 or 10 picable-territories then he should understand that Game Automatically reduces the territory count assigned from 6 to 5. I would like a Setting function that would reduce the possibility, that Warlord Territories would be replaced with Wasteland and game left with less assigned territories. Not because one player could have advantage, but because it changes in my opinion the game concept totally - especially in some maps ... I do not want to leave that up to chance!

Furthermore I do not see much benefit that the code works in Warlord mode at moment prioritizing Wastelands instead Manual-Territories? If I want to make game with X assignable territories, then this is what I want, not a chance that Wastelands could reduce it?

Edited 3/10/2016 14:49:56
Wastelands + Manual Distribution Conflict: 3/10/2016 15:12:16

Level 59
Hmmm, maybe there could be an option in the setings of the game for creators:

Wastelands can be in pickable provinces? Yes/No
And in case there is not enough non-pickable provinces, the wastelands will then be placed in pickable ones (this would work for the manual full-distribution and avoid non-existance of wastelands).
Wastelands + Manual Distribution Conflict: 3/10/2016 15:39:40

Level 62
I sometimes use 2-army wastelands to reduce the number of pickable territories.
Wastelands + Manual Distribution Conflict: 3/10/2016 15:45:09

Timinator • apex 
Level 64
There are mutiple templates using what Алексей is referring to. please don't kill that feature.
Wastelands + Manual Distribution Conflict: 3/10/2016 16:01:15

MightySpeck (a Koala) 
Level 58
I thought it wasn't possible to have those types of games (Warlight says there aren't enough starting spots for each player)
Wastelands + Manual Distribution Conflict: 3/10/2016 16:10:07

Timinator • apex 
Level 64
that error only appears if there are more wastelands than the minimal amount of warlords (1) for each player to be available.
Wastelands + Manual Distribution Conflict: 3/10/2016 16:15:35

Level 57
@Timinator & @Алексей
I agree I also use that feature, but as TeamGuns said, an Option version would do? I use both styles in many templates, but the concept I described above, sometimes it kind of messes things up when it reduces territories initially planned to be in distribution.

Edited 3/10/2016 16:17:54
Wastelands + Manual Distribution Conflict: 3/10/2016 17:44:18

Level 60
Wastelands + Manual Distribution Conflict: 3/10/2016 22:18:02

Level 56
Simple solution might be a setting, "Allow wastelands in distribution" (default, and the way it currently works) vs. "Do not allow wastelands in distribution".

For "Do not allow", wastelands will only be possible in non-distribution territories. If there are more wastelands specified than there are non-distribution territories, then reduce the number of wastelands to be equal to non-distribution territories (in the case of full distribution, this would mean there would be zero wastelands regardless of the 'number of wastelands' setting).
Wastelands + Manual Distribution Conflict: 3/12/2016 20:29:05

Level 57

- Yes thats what I mean. Thanks for putting it into logical English :)

I understand there is not probably much of market for that function, but I do hope Development Team considers it for benefit of future warlight. As pointed above by Timinator and Aleksei the opposite is used quote often, so do I, But why not add both-door way.
Wastelands + Manual Distribution Conflict: 3/14/2016 05:01:34

M. Poireau
Level 55
If the wasteland distribution settings are going to be modified, I would love to see the following options:

1) Wastelands seeded before distribution (as is currently the case)

2) Distribution mode selected first, then wastelands seeded in non-distribution territories

3) Full distribution first (included players choosing territories), and THEN wastelands seeded among remaining territories.

The third option would allow templates where you have manual distribution but do NOT know where the wastelands will be. I know this is anathema to standard strategic Warlight play, but it would enable some other very interesting templates (particularly for multi-attack games; a sort of "exploration mode").
Wastelands + Manual Distribution Conflict: 3/14/2016 05:16:04

Level 59
I agree with the option method, particulary the way Pior mentioned it, but even just having the option for wastelands to spawn after picks would be great :)

I can see how this would be difficult to impliment though...
Wastelands + Manual Distribution Conflict: 3/14/2016 07:09:40

Dublin Warrior 
Level 49
Sadly, The Development Team consists of Mr. Fizzer.

I'm sure he'd love some help, but the only supervisor available would be him...
negating many of the benefits of having a Development Team of Interns or whatever. :-\

it sounds like you are talking about wastelands in starting locations, and not just in bonuses with starting locations...

I've never seen that...

Though I do regularly play in games with both manual distribution and wastelands...

and it's not easy, maybe even difficult, depending on the size of the wasteland,

but perhaps you could also adjust the wastelands. I've played in games where the wastelands is 3 neutral armies. It's not as easy as it sounds, but it's not insurmountable either. :)

Edited 3/14/2016 08:04:14
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