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OT Lore: The Book of Genghisis...: 2/28/2016 19:25:23

Not Paugers' Alt Account
Level 9
In the beginning there was none. None except our lord and savior, Fizzer. Following years of darkness, Lord Fizzer in his eternal generosity deemed humanity fit for a new game, which he named Warlight. Though it was quite buggy at first, Our Lord was able to complete all that you see before you in a mere 7 days, like so:

On the first day he created the website template and dashboard.

On the second day he made the maps.

On the Third he created his account.

On the Fourth he made the forums.

On the Fifth he created the logo.

On the Sixth he crashed at somebody's house, drunk.

And on the Seventh, in a hungover state he created his first member, named Genghis.

However, deeming it unfit for poor Genghis to survive alone, he took a single rib from the man as he slept and planted it in the ground. The next day, Genghis rose to find a beautiful being and she was to be called, Lolicon Love.
Together the two lived in the Garden of Multi-Day and all was perfect, but upon a beautiful day, Lolicon happened to come across a magical place which she felt a desire to enter like none other she had felt before. So she began walking, when suddenly Lord Fizzer ordered her to stop. Genghis rushed to Lolicon's side to discover what the problem may be but when he arrived he was surprised to find Lord Fizzer yelling at Lolicon NEVER to enter the forbidden forum!
The Lord concluded and they went about their daily routine.

However, days later Lolicon crossed the forbidden domain's path once more and was surprised to hear a voice coming from it. She entered, wary of anything that may jump out at her but was surprised to find only a blank account there, his nametag '?'.

"Try it," '?' gasped as he rolled a link to her feet.

"But the Lord said we musn't, I really ought to be getting-" She stopped mid sentence.

It... It was almost as though the link spoke to Lolicon. She tried holding herself back, but was unable to and clicked it.

Before her very eyes, everything began making sense! She felt as though she was a God and began posting anything, YES ANYTHING (excluding sexual content) onto the new forum she had discovered. And so she named it, Off Topic.
Unable to hold back her excitement, she ran to Genghis who was in the middle of fighting a cancer.

"Quick!" She proclaimed, "Click it, I don't understand why the Lord did not want us to click it for it was like none other, surely it could not be bad!"

Genghis was hesitant but with the constant encouragement of his companion he finally clicked it. However, his visions were not quite the same for before his very eyes he discovered the future. A forum of sexual innuendos and trolls! WHAT HELLISH CREATION HAS HE COME UPON!?

His vision was broken by the sound of the Lord, who in the greatest burst of fury they have ever seen rained down on them! Against his wishes he threw them out of the Garden and they would never lay eyes on the perfect garden, again...
OT Lore: The Book of Genghisis...: 2/28/2016 19:26:24

Not Paugers' Alt Account
Level 9
Remember to check out the OT family tree! Created by A Talking Fan!

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OT Lore: The Book of Genghisis...: 2/28/2016 19:33:49

Not Paugers' Alt Account
Level 9
Oh, stop it you ;) <3 :*
OT Lore: The Book of Genghisis...: 2/28/2016 19:36:14

Fan the Apostle
Level 56
Lol Fizzer was renamed

Fizzer the Stupidhead.

Ain't me
OT Lore: The Book of Genghisis...: 2/29/2016 03:13:07

Empire of Kilos
Level 32
Paugers man, wtf is that link?
OT Lore: The Book of Genghisis...: 2/29/2016 06:30:03

Level 54
*sigh* only moderate cancer
OT Lore: The Book of Genghisis...: 2/29/2016 06:38:09

Lord of Turnips
Level 59
Off-topic was created because to quote you, "A forum of sexual innuendos and trolls!" was what Aranka and X turned the general forums into.
OT Lore: The Book of Genghisis...: 2/29/2016 16:37:42

Level 56
Will this continue?
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