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Retiring... maybe: 2/20/2016 21:50:44

Level 57
TL:DR: I may be retiring.

The game has lost its spark for me. Nothing is really enjoyable for me anymore here. I had some fun times, sure, but its just too much. I will be finishing up the games I am playing now, but I will not be joining new ones. 3 years of playing the game, and I still play poorly, no matter who tries to help out with my strategy. Greatly it is taking its toll on fun. Anyways, I've just had enough, school has been kinda tough, I've become an emotional wreck as I realized a lot of things about my life, and as such, it's best I get away from stuff like this that is contributing. Anyways, bye. I was never a well-known player, so I will just fade away like most that came before me. Such is life.
Retiring... maybe: 2/20/2016 22:30:00

Level 46
Retiring... maybe: 2/20/2016 23:09:26

Master Turtle 
Level 61
See ya :P
Retiring... maybe: 2/20/2016 23:21:33

Luna {TJC}
Level 56

I've only ever seen you around a once or twice but it's a shame to see anyone go (except a few people). Hopefully you'll come sometime
Retiring... maybe: 2/20/2016 23:23:18

Dublin Warrior 
Level 49
Ouch. :-\

I'm sorry to hear that this game has caused you so much stress.

I hope the rest of your life gets better real soon. :)
Retiring... maybe: 2/20/2016 23:35:59

Level 43
lel your life must be hell.
Retiring... maybe: 2/20/2016 23:38:03

Level 58
Bye ;)

I didn't know you that well, but I once saw a stream of yours and you seemed like a cool guy! :D

Good luck.
Retiring... maybe: 2/21/2016 01:44:38

Level 33
Anyone else at the stage in life where you're just passing the time--doesn't matter what you do, what you know, or who you're with?

Not sure if this helps:
Live in the 21st century as if you were from 900B.C.
now live.

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Retiring... maybe: 2/21/2016 01:48:55

Lolicon love
Level 56
Yeah, but I feel like I've just given up.
Retiring... maybe: 2/22/2016 03:39:17

Level 60
why you created this thread in general forum? This should be in off topic or even better - recycle bin forum
Retiring... maybe: 2/22/2016 21:20:29

Level 57
@Arsteel Thanks :)
@Master Turtle Seeya, you were wonderful to talk to and play against :)
@New Luna Republic I plan to occasionally drop in
@Dublin Warrior Yeah, this doesn't bide well with the fact that I feel like shit when I screw up anything, no matter how minor
@Flowey "Don't feed the trolls"
@OxTheArtist Wow, someone actually liked my streams :D I may end up doing a "farewell for now" stream
@contrition I'll think about that. Not sure how fascinated I can be with everything when I see the same things every day, but I'll give it a shot.
@Lolicon love Don't
@Quicksand Obligatory "Don't feed the trolls", also fuck yourself with a cactus, I'll post where I feel is appropriate :)

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Retiring... maybe: 2/22/2016 21:28:29

Level 60
Bye and good luck in real life. I have something similar, I try but somehow can't improve in game...

btw I actually laugh at Quicksand's posts.

Edited 2/22/2016 21:29:46
Retiring... maybe: 2/23/2016 02:03:16

Level 43
shred pls fix your life
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