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Alternate nations creation: 1/12/2016 23:08:58

Level 56
Alright so this is basically going to be a forum "game". The map will be a Warlight map of the world (more than likely the World nations 2014), which will show where your nation is. No nation is to big, however I may knock off some land if you are to larger for others to be present.

So how about the nation creator? Copy and paste this, then post it if you want to participate.

Government Type:
Leader Name:
Leader Stats (0-6):
-Administrative (how well your country holds together)
-Diplomatic (how NPC nations will view you)
-Military (how effective you nation's military is)
Founding Date: (Must be 2016 or after)
Culture: (irl or made up)
Culture description: (Describe customs, exceptions, hate/love/envy to other cultures,etc)
Population: (can be from 100k to 500mil)
Economy: (Type, like Capitalist, Communist, Control, or Traditional)
Treasury: (Size of you economy is US$)
Backstory: (How your nation was formed, Civil War, reforms, unions?)
Territories: (Description/map of you nation)


Government Type:
Leader Name:
Leader Stats:

Founding Date:
Culture description:
Alternate nations creation: 1/12/2016 23:09:05

Level 56
Name: American Empire (Empire of America, or EoA)

Government Type: Benevolent Dictatorship

Leader Name: (Emperor) Akan Apire

Leader Stats:
-Administrative 3
-Diplomatic 3
-Military 4

Founding Date: 2024

Culture: American (1920's-60's)

Culture description: A high tech, modern evolution of the American 1900's. Happy, middle class families of all races and religions. In-door and drive in cinemas, fast food, guns, football, basketball, baseball, races, and high tech fusion and hydro-powered vehicles. Modern recording systems mixed with the musical talent of the old America.

Population: 435,769,458

Economy: Capitalist

Treasury: 4.5 Trillion US$

Backstory: After an attempted Government ban on any and all guns, from a simple squirt gun to the automatic military and police grade weapons still in civilians control, in 2017, the American populous rioted, refusing the new law. Small forces rose up, primarily in the Appalachians and Rockies, where many areas were remote enough to hide a small army. After a week, an American Green Beret team went AWOL, and several US Navy Seal teams declared a state of rebellion. Soon the armies of Appalachia and the Rockies had enough following that they could occupy cities as their very own capitals, with the entire Midwest, west coast, and the South west (including Texas), supporting either or both movements. After a year the two joined, forming the EoA. Akan Apire was named Emperor, a former US special operations operative. The armies of the EoA, with backing from Canada, marched on the South east and North east, taking them in mere weeks. All that stood was D.C., Maryland, Eastern Virginia, and Delaware. An astounding 4 million men and women entered D.C., forcing the President to take a helicopter out of the city, only to be forced to land after the Green Beret team was spotted patrolling the city. To make things even more grim for the small, under-equiped pro-government forces, the Navy Seal teams that had declared a state of Civil war were spotted dropping out of a C-130 plane, dropping to roof top targets to provide support the the EoA militias and the major fractions of the US military that sided with their family over government. After the battle ended, a stunning display of military tactics from both sides of the conflict, the entire US government was found guilty of disobeying the constitution, with 1/3 sentenced to death by fire squad, and the rest faced with life in prison. The White house was built over into the Tower of Empire, which is 30 stories high, replacing both the White House, Capital building, Pentagon, and the Senate offices. The US was entered into a self reliant state gradually in only 5 years, with rapid job growth and the removal of heavy importing. Taxes were made to 10% of anyone making less than the average (55k/year), and 20% for those making between 56k and 75k a year. Those making 76k or more were taxes 25% of their pay, with much of the tax income being put into free health care, lower prices for items, and even government funded tech research. Soon Canadians were flocking to the US, with that the US had to force higher border protection. Canada soon had it's own rebellion, between US separatists and the Canadian government. after a 6 month period of fighting, the US allowed Eastern Canada to join the Empire. Within a year of the Canadian annexation, the EoA invaded Cartel-controlled areas of Mexico, with mild support from the Mexican military (due the high amount of US troops). By 2021, the EoA and Mexico had completely eradicated the Cartel. The EoA took Baja California as a reward to the aid given to Mexico.

Territories: Entire US (including Puerto Rico, Alaska, Guam, and Hawaii), Baja California, Eastern Canada.
Alternate nations creation: 1/12/2016 23:31:29

E Masterpierround
Level 56
This sounds like a slightly less detailed and less balanced version of Genghis's game...
Alternate nations creation: 1/12/2016 23:39:56

Level 55
Alternate nations creation: 1/12/2016 23:57:25

[AOE] JaiBharat909
Level 56
Name: Akhand Bharat (Southeast Asia)
Government Type: Theodemocracy
Leader Name: Shivaji
Leader Stats:

-Administrative (2)
-Diplomatic (4)
-Military (5)
Founding Date: 2020
Culture: India Mid-1600s
Culture description: Hindu nationalism mixed with a trade-centered economy. Although we are culturally ancient we exhibit the prowess in computers and science that have led to our economic boom.
Population: 1.5 billion
Economy: Mixed
Treasury: $2 Trillion
Backstory: In the year 2016 Narendra Modi launched an offensive campaign against Pakistan and Bangladesh, unifying them under the Indian banner.
Territories: Bangladesh, Pakistan, and India
Alternate nations creation: 1/12/2016 23:59:21

Level 54
Yeah again do not worry the big roadblock to world nations right now is failure to connect with some of the players.

I'll set aside some time to handle that.
Alternate nations creation: 1/13/2016 00:27:21

Darth Darth Binks
Level 56
Name: Scandinavian Commonwealth
Government Type: Turn-based Democratic Republic
Leader Name: Current leader: Bört Skolkar
Leader Stats:

-Administrative 5
-Diplomatic 5
-Military 3
Founding Date: November 5, 2030
Culture: Every nation comprising Scandinavia keeps their own respective culture.
Culture description: The Scandinavian countries have kept to their own cultures while gladly accepting the others. Swedish has been chosen as the official language of Scandinavia.
Population: 84 Million
Economy: Control
Treasury: 923 Billion
Backstory: In 2017, The USA had started to undergo a reformation. By 2023, the USa had become the EoA, and had gained substantial land, resources, and power. In 2021, Russia had become more scary to its neighbors than its usual self. Skirmishes had broken out on the border of the nation, and by 2027 Belarus and 1/4 of Ukraine have become absorbed into Russia. Countries anywhere near Russia began to fear for themselves, Finland especially. In 2028 Russia had attacked Finland, despite warnings against the UN figurehead, the EoA. In a stroke of circumstance and brotherhood, Sweden and Denmark had declared war on Russia for its unprovoked attack on Finland, followed by Norway in June 2029, after it had amassed an army and resources. In three months the four countries had fought Russia back completely and brought an end to the Russo-Finnish War after the UN made it painfully obvious that Russia should stop, and four months after that, in January 2030, the Scandinavian countries shared a common thought: They needed to unite. The UN proved to be useless as only the EoA helped them with supplies in the war, and if Russia, or any other major power should decide to turn on one of them again, there was no guarantee they could make it out as lucky as they did. In November 5, 2030, the Scandinavian countries of Sweden, Finland, Norway, Denmark, and Iceland merged together into one nation, in order to maximize the amount of their power and efficiency of using resources. Every six years, the leader of the Scandinavian Commonwealth switches between the former countries, to represent an equal standing within their nation. Although the AoE had helped them in the war, it had expanded more than Russia had, and Denmark did not like that. Greenland then had installed an airfield, just in case.
Territories: Sweden, Norway, Finland, Denmark (w/ Greenland), Iceland.
Alternate nations creation: 1/13/2016 00:35:06

Von Jewburg
Level 37
Name: United Kingdom of Luxembourg
Government Type: Constitutional Monarchy
Leader Name: Guillaume III Joseph-Marie
Leader Stats (0-6):
-Administrative (5)
-Diplomatic (4)
-Military (4)
Founding Date: (2290)
Culture: Luxembourgish
Culture description: A mix between beliefs in hard work and efficiency, with traces of finer cultural growth in architecture and music. This upper class culture, although staying with traditional European art, experiments with combining it with modern technology. Both cultures look down upon corruption and lawlessness.
Population: 250 mil
Economy: Capitalist
Treasury: 2.9 Trillion
Backstory: After the Civil War of the European Union, the small country of Luxembourg began to take the reigns of Europe's power away from a weak Germany and France. Although nearly destroyed by the Tulip Rebellion, comprised of Dutch nationalists, the small grand duchy adopted a constitution and has tried to rebuild Europe after that war.
Territories: Luxebar stretches from the Wesser to the Rhine, encompassing much of Western Germany, the whole of the Low Countries, and parts of Eastern and Northern France. Major cities in the United Kingdom of Luxembourg include Amsterdam, Brussels, Rotterdam, Cologne, Stuttgart, Bremen, Trier, and Nancy.
Alternate nations creation: 1/13/2016 01:50:04

The Mad Japanese
Level 51
Name: The Imperium of Russia
Government Type: Expansionist Dictatorship
Leader Name: Commissar Mikhail Zhelezo
Leader Stats (0-6):
-Administrative 4
-Diplomatic 2
-Military 5
Founding Date: 2063
Culture: Soviet
Culture description: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Culture_of_the_Soviet_Union
Population: 357 Million
Economy: Mixed Economy
Treasury: 4.1 Trillion (many factors such as Mining, Industry, and Taxes)
Backstory: After a nuclear war between the Nuclear-armed nations, an expansionist political party called the Red Dawn Party gained power in Russia. Soon, the Ex-Soviet Countries were annexed along with Afghanistan, Mongolia, and Manchuria. By the 22nd Century, Russia was at its peak, far more powerful than any of its incarnations across its history.
Territories: Russia, Baltics, Belarus, Ukraine, Central Asia, Afghanistan, Mongolia, Manchuria, Georgia, Armenia, Azerbaijan
Alternate nations creation: 1/13/2016 01:53:14

Level 46
Name: Empire of the Amazon
Government Type: Fascist Dictatorship
Leader Name: Juan Gabriel Hernandez
Leader Stats:

-Administrative: 6
-Diplomatic: 1
-Military: 5
Founding Date: August 1, 2025
Culture: mix of Brazilian and Argentine culture
Culture description: Most children are raised to love the military and hate Argentines, but not kill. Brazil hates American culture but loves the culture of the Nazi regime (minus the antisemitism). The three pillars of the society are Military, Religion and Economy.
Population: 421.12M citizens
Economy: Control
Treasury: GDP- $3.1 Trillion
Backstory: In July of 2016, the Russian eceonomy went into its dying breaths, as the oil profits of the past no longer held up the bankrupt nation. Russia left Ukraine, and with it, Russia's power. Russian aid to the corrupt Brazilian republic no longer had any worth. Many military leaders became anxious of the collapse of their other allies (BRICS). Their fears were proven true when the Chinese economy was in shambles as democratic movements were shot down. Violence in the Hong Kong region forced the Chinese to temporarily close the region down to trade. As weeks turned into months, Hong Kong still had no trade flowing in. Corrupt government officials leaked many wrongdoings of the government, and the nation was split. In India, the government had to deal with the enraged Pakistani government, who no longer had the aid from China. Pakistan and India moved troops to their borders, and after a 10 day standoff, Pakistan declared war and attacked India. Both countries nuked the other's important cities, and the early battles destroyed their militaries' capability to wage war. The two nations faced an economic meltdown. The stock market collapsed, and foreign trade slowed. South African iron, diamonds and other resources were not being traded as fear of WWIII loomed daily. South Africa's trade collapsed, and a radical right-wing party took control. Many citizens feared a loss of democracy, and a civil war ensued.
Brazil, the only nation not untouched by the world collapse (yet), started to align with a far right-wing party named Neuland. Fearful civilian leaders order the military to begin attacks on party members. Some military leaders obey, while others do not. In January of 2017, the attacks commence. Neuland declares that all members must fight against the Brazilian government. A civil war starts to commence.
In April of 2017, Brazil is overthrown in another military junta. The dictatorship quickly adopts right-wing policies, but not to the extent of Neuland. Neuland attempts to continue the fight, but they are pushed to the fringes of Brazil. They flee to the Guyana region.
In August of 2017, Brazil declares war on Guyana, Suriname and France for harboring extremists. France undeclares, already facing rebellions in the region. Guyana and Suriname are quickly annihilated in a four week war. The Treaty of Montevideo saw the region annexed by Brazil. Argentina and Paraguay become anxious.
In April of 2018, Brazil assassinates the Uruguayan president in order to install a friendly government. The assassination succeeds, and Uruguay joins Brazil 8 Days later. Paraguay declares war with the help of Argentina in order to restore the democracies of Uruguay and Guyana.
November 2018- Paraguay falls and joins Brazil.
November 2020- Treaty of Cairo is signed. Northern Argentina is ceded to Brazil and Argentina pays $10 million in war reparations. Argentina is humiliated.
April 2021- The postwar economy of Brazil is not strong, but slowly recovering. As national pride cools down, the government feels that the military must go to war. High government officials believe Bolivia is an easy target.
May 2021- Brazil sends a list of humiliating demands to the Bolivian government. Bolivia tears the paper up and prepares their air force.
Brazil declares war.
June 2021- After gaining air superiority, Brazil bombs many factories and shops, destroying Bolivia's ability to wage war. Bolivia surrenders.
August 2023- Argentina severs diplomatic relations after an Argentine man was executed for high treason. Seven days later, Argentina declares war.
August 2024- Brazil takes Buenos Aires
July 2025- Argentina surrenders, joining Brazil.
August 1, 2025 (Storm of August)- The Empire of the Amazon is proclaimed in Brasilia.

Territories: Guyana, Suriname, French Guyana, Modern-day Brazil, Uruguay Bolivia and Argentina

Edited 1/13/2016 02:03:38
Alternate nations creation: 1/13/2016 16:59:50

Level 18
If you are making a map, shouldn't this be in the map making forum?
Alternate nations creation: 1/13/2016 19:46:05

Level 46
I think this is more scenario-based.
Alternate nations creation: 1/13/2016 19:47:38

Level 18
designing a template/scenario would still go under map making/general
Alternate nations creation: 1/13/2016 20:03:40

Level 9
Helluz Lucar
Alternate nations creation: 1/13/2016 20:07:25

Level 18
oh hello death
Alternate nations creation: 1/13/2016 22:22:55

Level 56
It's not a map template, it's a going to be shown on a WL map (as of now)
Alternate nations creation: 1/13/2016 22:27:19

Level 58
American, I can actually draw the map if you want me to.
Alternate nations creation: 1/15/2016 15:38:28

Level 56
Sounds good, Ox.

Edited 1/15/2016 15:38:41
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