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Gengamubbal Album Conclusion "Hopes": 1/6/2016 06:05:52

Level 54
Aiiiiight MC/Detective Genghis been workin' on his craft recently, and he's finally ready to release the gengammubbal saga as a whole with this final installment! Here it is, he callin it "Hopes". Says it's a capella/no beat whatever/freestyle. Fucking retard choir queer boy.

Verse 1

What the f!ck is this, I see before me?/
A new place to research, like a laboratory/
Starting from the beginning now, I don't know how/
I just typed in some shit, back when youtube was ape-sh!t/
Came across a website or two, found a por-uh-tal/
Then I found the future of my life, was an Oracle/
Played a match or two, while i read an article/
Searched up some info, after whackin' it to a ho/
F!ck my life's a mess, male models in a dress/
I must confess, sh!t wasn't hard/
But I was a tard, and didn't rise above the lard/
I slipped into the trance, and like those men I did a dance/


But I felt much better, like listening to Bedletter, or smokin' a blood thinner/


If I keep driftin' this way, I won't feel better no way/
If I disobey Yahweh, then maybe I won't achieve Nirvana, yeh/
Just a nerd with his dungeons, high hopes in the sky/
I wanted to fly, but I flew too high, sh!t call that 1 band 'cuz lyrical copyright/


Like a black hole, it never lets- you go/
There's something better, you just gotta let- it go/

Verse 2

Months passed, time flew, playing Skyrim makin' Venison stew/
When "what am I to do", yeah that thought crashed my mind/
Running out of fun, don't want the high to be undone/
I clicked some more links, and found that old sh!t/
Restarted playing it, 'till I grew addicted/
Like pseudofed, damn, who am I kiddin'/
I'm clean, least as I was, till I saw this mass produced machine/
And the people with their comments and replies, couldn't see past the lies, so I testify../
against all this bullsh!t, n!gs like me never quit/
Keepin' this beautiful place legit, but what if I ain't a part of it?/





Running out of fun, don't want the high to be undone, thought that I was a number one, must apologize cuz now I realize that I wasn't wise but I'm smarter than before and maybe, just maybe, I won't be an attention wh!re/

Verse 3

It hit me like a mother-f!cking plan, from the sky/
Had a feeling like I was the Buddy Holly guy, he had the glasses?/
I was a product for the masses, to be consumed like molasses/
Constitution was strong, my mana was high/
Majestically providing my followers, with pride/
And a sense of belonging, but now I see/
This is not the life, I was meant to be/
Gotta recess and retread, gotta collapse in my bed/
But I know that if I give up, there'll be squirrels in my head/
And if I trip over that line, or if I commit crime/
Where will I be with that dumb, witty line?/


Verse 4

What am I now, I'm a shell/
This whole thing's a living hell/
A sequel? What am I, walt disney?/
That sh!t make me dizzy, where'd it all go wrong?/
Why can't I get answers to my questions, where'd these new guys come from?/
I thought these were my friends, I thought the fun never ends/
But now that I see the lies, I guess I realize/
Gotta practice what I preach, so while I deliver this speech/
Learn from my mistakes and don't copy me/


*ending skit*

Unknown Man 1 : Hey genghis... long time, no see

Genghis : Yeah

Unknown Man 2 : Well, let's get you through this crowd.

*door opening sound effect*
*cameras snapping, flashes going off, the sound of an uproarious crowd*

Genghis : Yeah

Gengamubbal Album Conclusion "Hopes": 1/6/2016 06:22:18

Major General Smedley Butler
Level 51
Gengamubbal Album Conclusion "Hopes": 1/6/2016 07:14:06

Level 54

Hope I'm not coming off as emo just penning some current feelings about warlight as well as a loose narrative.
Gengamubbal Album Conclusion "Hopes": 1/6/2016 07:19:57

Level 51
5/7 better than DJ Khaled
Gengamubbal Album Conclusion "Hopes": 1/6/2016 12:53:28

E Masterpierround
Level 56
I feel like I was born to play Unknown man 2, so hit me up when you wanna record/shoot the music video. Kappa.
Gengamubbal Album Conclusion "Hopes": 1/6/2016 21:03:28

Level 54
Yeah i get the same feeling about playing genghis.

Gengamubbal Album Conclusion "Hopes": 1/8/2016 02:08:27

Level 54
Quick poll!

What should genghis' next album be?

A. Experimental
B. Rock-Blues Fusion
C. Mo' Rap nig
D. Hybrid Album (mix of all)


The complete Gengammubal Album will be linked on this thread shortly!
Gengamubbal Album Conclusion "Hopes": 1/8/2016 03:39:13

King C******* V 
Level 58
What a nerd.
Gengamubbal Album Conclusion "Hopes": 1/8/2016 22:49:27

Level 54
Well that's just like your opinion man
Gengamubbal Album Conclusion "Hopes": 1/8/2016 23:43:07

Major General Smedley Butler
Level 51
If you actually made the songs I might suggest something.
Gengamubbal Album Conclusion "Hopes": 1/9/2016 00:23:43

Level 54
Well at best i could add a single guitar accompaniment. I don't like dubbing things. Don't got much experience with other instruments that aren't my voice.
Gengamubbal Album Conclusion "Hopes": 1/9/2016 02:42:35

Level 60
what voice? those are words on a screen.
Gengamubbal Album Conclusion "Hopes": 1/9/2016 02:54:27

[AOE] JaiBharat909
Level 56
someone make a kickstarter so Genghis can make a music video out of this.
Gengamubbal Album Conclusion "Hopes": 1/9/2016 06:40:21

Level 54
Lol well

If i were to do q music video I'd have to make it a pretty big musical number. It's intended a capella but it could easily have some cool symphony, drum or guitar shred parts.
Gengamubbal Album Conclusion "Hopes": 1/11/2016 19:06:29

Level 54
Okay here's the complete collection of the rest of Gengammubal album!







1. Mo' Picks Mo' Problems
2. Fact Check
3. Diplomacy N*gga
4. Hopes
5. Obscure

"Mo' Picks Mo' Problems" Vinyl Single Tracks

A Side : Mo' Picks Mo' Problems
B Side : Started in East China

Here's a bonus thread that I enjoy linking because it raises my confidence.


Edited 1/11/2016 22:20:30
Gengamubbal Album Conclusion "Hopes": 1/11/2016 21:55:11

Level 60
I vote C :D

The first one of the album was the best.
Gengamubbal Album Conclusion "Hopes": 1/11/2016 22:09:28

Level 54
Well yeah that's why it's called the Gengammubal Album.

It was produced by Genghis, Hannibal and Hammurabi, so it had to be the sickest bars on the whole thing.

Diplomacy n*gga has good lines too so o wouldn't underestimate it.
Gengamubbal Album Conclusion "Hopes": 1/11/2016 22:21:41

Level 54
It was recently decided that Mo Picks Mo Problems would be the album's lead and primary single.

We already have it on vinyl, now we are deciding what will be the album's second and last single.
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