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WL stats survey: 12/7/2015 17:26:27

Fan the Apostle
Level 56
First, make a description of your stats like this :

Win rate :
Boot rate :
Level :
Points gained

Then you must choose a gameplay style

Diplo (Pure)
Team. (any)

Choose only 1!

After the survey the stats are averaged out and are given an evaluation

Edited 12/8/2015 08:22:05
WL stats survey: 12/7/2015 17:44:07

Angry Koala
Level 57
I really dont get the point of this thread...
WL stats survey: 12/7/2015 19:57:16

[AOE] JaiBharat909
Level 56
I'll do it because you asked :)

Win Rate: 22%
Boot Rate: 27.2%
Level: 51
Points Gained in last 30 days: 58,119

Gameplay Style: Diplo (Pure)
WL stats survey: 12/7/2015 20:45:18

Tiny Koala
Level 57
Win Rate: 74%
Boot Rate: 0.5%
Level: 55
Points Gained in last 30 days: 65,778
Style: Lotto
WL stats survey: 12/7/2015 21:01:21

Level 59
Ok, I'll bite on your obvious data-mining scheme.

Win rate: 62.1%
Boot rate: 2.3%
Level: 58
Points earned in last 30 days: 153,727

Gameplay Style: Team

There are some flaws in your question, most notably being that you seem to have used "start" where I'm sure you meant 'strategic 1v1" Even this isn't much better though, as you've left out players who play non-strategic 1v1s. also, would have been interesting to see whether there are more multi-day or realtime players.
WL stats survey: 12/7/2015 21:07:16

master of desaster 
Level 65
Posting cause there is no 1vs1 player yet (how is that possible?)

Win rate : 70%
Boot rate :4.5%
Level : 63
Points gained 2'080'798

Play style? Master race 1vs1 of course! Some teamgames here and there but 1vs1 is what makes fun!
WL stats survey: 12/7/2015 21:07:47

Master Bjarke
Level 63
Win rate: 71% (both total and 1v1 winrate)
Boot rate: 1.5%
Level: 61
Points earned in last 30 days: 1,679,534

Gameplay Style: Start...

Maybe except the points, you can pull all of the information yourself. (not that I know how, but I know you can :P)
WL stats survey: 12/7/2015 21:16:30

King C******* V 
Level 58
Win Rate: 100 percent
Boot Rate: 100 percent
Level: 100
Points earned in the last 30 days: 100

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