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On Miserable A-H's: 12/4/2015 05:37:40

Level 54
There are people who pretend to be like Sheldon from BBT (hate that show) or Xy from here, but often they dohave emotion or feeling. They may try to sound detached, but they probably like your friendship or politely dislike you.

Then there are emotionless pits who replace feeling with abstract knowledge or science. This would be Xy and Statisticians and knyte (rip statisticians kekkles). But hey, they'd likely never mean to insult you personally. Often they'd argue about something and you'd learn something new to think about.

Then there are pure assholes. People who contribute nothing, constantly insult you at no prompt and never try to provide reason. I've known many pure A holes in my time, and lemme tell you, they are pure F!cktards. Often they are mentally challenged and act because of psychological damage. They probably jerk off to hentai at home because the only woman who'd date them is a submissive Asian women, but they're so racist they wouldn't want to filthy their pure blood with interracial.

No doubt, you know a-holes too. For that matter, do you think any dwell on this forum?
On Miserable A-H's: 12/4/2015 06:04:01

Level 55
I don't know if I am a 1/2 arse here, but knyte was not "emotionless pit". I recall him saying something like "Anytime I do anything remotely with a semblance of intelligent thought, Genghis and kapy have to insult me since it."
On Miserable A-H's: 12/4/2015 08:10:19

Level 49
On Miserable A-H's: 12/4/2015 16:27:04

Level 59
Then where do you go, Genghis?
On Miserable A-H's: 12/4/2015 16:33:21

Lolicon love
Level 56
he's under the third one.
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