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What would you suggest?: 10/5/2015 04:23:10

Level 30
Players in search of a clan to join often post threads in the clan forums looking for an accepting community. What clans would you suggest to the following hypothetical players?

lvl 57
Joined WL: January 2012
"I'm looking for a strategic clan that participates in the clan league and isn't filled with ten year olds."

lvl 34
Joined WL: November 2014
"Ugh! Like I LOVE clan politics! Everything about play-pretend king and queen just gets me all horny! I get abused and bullied in real life so uhh it would totally be my thing to do fake social hierarchies."

lvl 42
Joined WL: February 2015
"I want to get better and improve at the game. My 1v1 record is so embarrassing that I hide all the records of the ranked games on my profile. Help!"

lvl 27
Joined WL: September 2014
"I'm mainly interested in playing diplomacies. Strategic games r like ahh supah booooooring and lame."

lvl 8
Joined WL: October 2015
"Umm not sure if this is the right place to post but how do I change my color??"

lvl 48
Joined WL: March 2013
"Okay so yaaaaaaaaa I'm an unstable gurl with emotional issues. Looking for a totally non-judgmental community."

lvl 19
Joined WL: September 2015
"I'm an anti-homo religious extremists with strong conservative values and I love letting everyone know about them on the forums. I'm also an alt since my main account got suspended for trolling and posting racist hate. Direct me to a good clan y'all."

lvl 52
Joined WL: June 2013
"I have pretty good stats, done well in ladders, and have won multiple tournaments. However I'm semi-retired and not always very active."

Recommend a clan for PERSONS A, B, C, D, E, F, G, & H that you think would be a good fit for them!

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What would you suggest?: 10/5/2015 04:34:00

[Wolf] Relmcheatham
Level 56
for the lost wolves...
A-yes-Me and Zeph are planning to join the clan league and we have 1 person who acts like a ten year old... other then him were good
B-no-bit pushy...
C-Mostly- we are nowhere close to being good trainers...however stick around long enough and you will pick up some things.
D-2/5-no comment
F-4/5- Unless skourby is the welcoming commitee then they would be fine here
G-no=i myself am conservative,antihomo, and am rooted in it, however i unlike this (theoretical person) no how to put it aside and not make hate speeches or troll...
H-YES- basically most of our clan XD houston,semi, and a few others are active on media other then warlight, not to mention that we have skype,kik, and the warlight page for communication if you do go inactive, opening them to a big community should they fully retire

(im not suggesting other clans due to the fact i dont like bashing other clans nor do i feel right to judge clans when i havent personally met the leaders and members)

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What would you suggest?: 10/5/2015 04:53:13

Level 55
A: League of Erroneous Applications
B: Lost Wolves
C: League of Erroneous Applications
D: Lost Wolves
E: Lost Wolves
F: Royal Falcons
G: Darklords
H: [WG]

My opinions.
What would you suggest?: 10/5/2015 04:56:13

[Wolf] Relmcheatham
Level 56
why E for us?
What would you suggest?: 10/5/2015 05:29:39

Level 55
Is this a trick question?

I'm pretty sure all those hypothetical people belong in Darklords
What would you suggest?: 10/5/2015 07:37:25

[WL] Colonel Harthacanute
Level 51
A - USSR, LEA, Vitrix
B - TLW, Falcons
D - USSR, CORPF, TLW, Falcons, Mongols, After_Dark, DARKLORDS
F - Falcons, T4R
G - Royal Entente, TLW, DARKLORDS
H - Every single clan on WarLight...

Personal opinions.
What would you suggest?: 10/5/2015 07:53:30

Level 58
A: M'Hunters, Illuminati, 101st, LEA, VS, Icelandic Turtles, WarLighters
B: Darklords, Lost Wolves, Falcons
C: Illuminati, 101st, LEA (stats will be crucial, though)
D: Lost Wolves, CORP, Falcons, {W.U}, Mongols, {rp}
E: Why is this here
F: Poon Squad
G: Darklords
H: 80% of all clans (Well, there is at least one I know of that the owner is banned from WL, so it can't be 100%)
What would you suggest?: 10/5/2015 14:29:30

Level 55
why E for us?

TLW has loads of noobs, as I remember. You're like Darklords except you don't literally invite everybody, you invite just about everybody.
What would you suggest?: 10/5/2015 16:16:33

Level 58
A: M'Hunters, CORP, ILLUMINATI, AWF, LEA, {Olympus}, Yin-Yang, TJC
B: The Lost Wolves, The Royal Falcons, Royal Entente
D: The Lost Wolves, USSR, The Royal Falcons, Mongols - small% of CORP, TJC.
F: The Poon Squad
G: Royal Entente, DARKLORDS
H: [20]
What would you suggest?: 10/5/2015 16:19:24

Lolicon love
Level 56
person F seems to miss that the fact that she is on the internet. This is the worst place for non-judgeing even on WL.
What would you suggest?: 10/6/2015 12:10:22

Fan the Apostle
Level 56
I can coreolate the letters to the players

D=A Talking Fan
E=every newbie
F=Every Ladder player
What would you suggest?: 10/6/2015 14:56:42

Lolicon love
Level 56
What would you suggest?: 10/6/2015 17:16:33

Level 60
I like the idea of this thread (matching a player type to a list of clans).

But, why levels? Levels mean nothing. You can get to level 41 in a few rigged games, as shown on the forums. You should take levels out of your player list and just put skills in there. Something like "win X percent of auto games" or "Rated 1800 on 1v1 ladder" or something tangible because levels are not a measure of skill or activity really.
What would you suggest?: 10/6/2015 17:19:11

Level 58
Agreed here ^ Levels mean nothing, but newbies often look up to the higher levelled players, despite the fact that a good level 10 could destroy a bad level 50. A good player tends to destroy a bad player, despite levels.

Edited 10/6/2015 17:19:23
What would you suggest?: 10/6/2015 17:26:35

Level 60
Yeah, there could be more indicators too. Like the player prefers 3v3 games. Or the player only likes %0 SR games. Or is solid at 1v1, but would like to find a clan to learn team games.

There are lots of ways to break down the right clan for someone that are more accurate than levels.

I am guessing this was done with real players and that there is some secret motivation here.
What would you suggest?: 10/6/2015 19:55:42

Level 48
Damn, that's a lot of alts you got there.
What would you suggest?: 10/6/2015 23:49:33

Kenny • apex 
Level 59
The top competitive clans atm (WG, GG, Apex) rarely recruit clanless people, just pointing that out. So normally our target are people who perform excellently in tournaments/ladder. It takes awhile to get there, so normally the people recruited are from other clans.
What would you suggest?: 10/7/2015 00:19:01

Level 57
Anyone may also be slightly extreme, my entrance to TLW was beating relm and semice getting auto-booted during a tournament
What would you suggest?: 10/7/2015 02:35:17

[Wolf] Relmcheatham
Level 56
SEMICE! back in your inactivity cage!
What would you suggest?: 10/10/2015 00:05:42

Level 60
I couldn't help but think of some names everytime I read one of these. xD
What would you suggest?: 10/10/2015 03:05:48

Level 57
But, why levels? Levels mean nothing. You can get to level 41 in a few rigged games, as shown on the forums.

Levels aren't a perfect indicator of anything, but what is? As imperfect as they are, I think levels do tell you at least roughly how familiar someone is with the game. Does level 60 mean you're better than a level 40? Not at all. But you've probably played more types of games on more maps with a wider variety of settings. Probably. Meanwhile a level 10 probably has a lot to learn, even if they have great natural talent. Of course this is all assuming the accounts aren't multis.

Those who rig games to get levels... well, I assume they're a minority, but at least they know enough to know how to rig the games. Congratulations on deflating an almost meaningless stat.

Edit: Case in point, I'm only level 55, so I didn't know that if you bold and italic something, you have to put the closing tags in the reverse order of the opening tags. ^_^;

Edited 10/10/2015 03:08:21
What would you suggest?: 10/10/2015 03:16:41

Level 57
Eh, Majority of what I know in playing the game strategically evolved from player against other players, so to a certain degree level could be important (I doubt we will see a new player(level 1, not an alt) ever defeat a level 60 in a competitive game), but after a certain point, it just comes down to skill and experience, which levels should show, but as proven commonly don't(I think games played is a better indicator).
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