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Best Warlight stratagey tips: 9/27/2015 17:32:26

Level 36
im not very strategic when at warlight what are the best strategy's that will catch the other players off guard and destroy there bonuses and armies
Best Warlight stratagey tips: 9/27/2015 17:38:37

Level 54
Spelling 10/10

The first rule is Territory : Income ratio. You want the bonus with the least territories and the most income. A 3:2 would be nice, but 5:4 is very good, having less than 2x more territories but 2x income.

Use analyze attack. It is your best friend.

History button is useful for determining your opponent's possible locales.

If you didn't get your first x picks and instead got your y picks, it's because your opponent also picked there but they received them. Use history to determine what picks were lost.

Pick 2x the amount of picks you will receive for 1v1. In fact, multiply that number by the number of players in lobby.

Warlight has settings that vary greatly. That's the best i could do while being ambiguous.
Best Warlight stratagey tips: 9/27/2015 17:43:09

Level 58
Read the M'Hunters or GG guide :)
Best Warlight stratagey tips: 9/27/2015 17:50:36

Cata Cauda
Level 58
Do it like me: Dont take any tips from others, learn the game by yourself and crush others by being unpredicable.
Best Warlight stratagey tips: 9/27/2015 17:51:45

Level 60
Genghis - don't forget to tell him secret cheatcode for infinite armies.
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