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We are all Muppets: 9/26/2015 14:21:18

Level 54

Oscar the Grouch = Fizzer...who likes to ruin our fun with bad ladder templates: "One of the first Muppets created for Sesame Street, and a 'surprising success,' Oscar gives kids 'permission to feel grouchy — and to demonstrate differing opinions,' as well as serving as a model for lessons in how to adapt to different personalities."

The Count = Szeweningen...who sounds like The Count, is black, and loves to calculate/count in his games: "Count von Count is a number-obsessed vampire who craves counting with a single-focused passion."

The Cookie Monster = HHH...who is blue, has bad (but improving) English, and wins coins in coin games like how the Cookie Monster eats cookies.

Grover = Chris...who talks a lot and tries to be helpful. "Finch calls Grover 'an infinitely optimistic soul.' Finch goes on to state that although Grover has a facility for self-deception, he is also honest and wise."

Big Bird = JSA..."Big Bird stands at eight feet two inches, and has a slightly quirky and naive outlook on the world. Residing in a large nest alongside the "123 Sesame Street" building, he was the first Muppet to appear on the show and is intended to represent a six-year-old child who questions everything."

Snuffleupagus = JSA's "brother"..."Created to represent the psychological age of a four-year-old, Snuffy at seven feet tall and twelve feet wide is the largest Muppet on Sesame Street. He was Big Bird's 'imaginary friend' until 1985, when he was finally revealed to the adult cast."

Elmo = Lolowut...because he is always happy and has his own show.

Bert & Ernie = kcsrag & Mythonian...because they talk about their moves on YouTube in great detail, like how Bert and Ernie talk too much to each other.

Kermit the Frog = dead piggy...similar temperament: "Borgenicht calls Kermit 'funny, ironic, and always the voice of reason amidst the insanity around him; the calm in the eye of the storm.'"

Ms. Piggie = Summer...

Herry Monster = Gnuffone..."Herry is a blue and burly monster who does not know his own strength [usually this means someone doesn't know how strong one is, but in Gnuffone's case, he doesn't know how weak he is]. His voice is gruff but he has a gentle heart. He appears in many unscripted scenes with children, and 'is written to represent a monster with the psychological age of a six-year old.'"

Two-Headed Monster = Gnuffone's alts...

Roosevelt Franklin = Arlecchino..."An African-American Muppet who attended Roosevelt Franklin Elementary School and was so popular, he recorded his own album. He was dropped from the show because 'he was thought by some to be a negative cultural stereotype.'"

Telly = BostonNZ..."Telly is 'the Woody Allen of Muppets: the neurotic one, the one who overthinks everything, the worrier.'"

Grundgetta = Mercer..."A Grouch who is Oscar the Grouch's 'trashy girlfriend.' She has Oscar's grouchy temperament and also likes everything trashy. She wears tattered hats and veils."

Sherlock Hemlock = MathWolf..."Hemlock solves mysteries by 'concentrating on the little clues and overlooking the big ones' that his dog Watson tends to find."

Watson the Dog = Yeon...he helps MathWolf win on the 2v2 ladder.

Prince Charming = Me..."Not so charming Prince Charming...clueless and self-absorbed..."

Aristotle = myhandisonfire...he is Greek, doesn't show up in many episodes, and sometimes helps people how to play better..."He shows his friends how to use their sense of touch, taste, and smell to learn more about the world."

Frazzle = Richard Sharpe... https://www.sesamestreet.org/muppets/frazzle

The Amazing Mumford the Magician = Timinator...His tricks and guesswork are great, but sometimes he gets himself in trouble when straight up power, positioning, and more elegant/simpler technique would win the day. http://www.sesamestreet.org/muppets/mumford

Barkley the Dog = Skunk... http://www.sesamestreet.org/muppets/barkley

Hoots the Owl = PS.. http://www.sesamestreet.org/muppets/hoots

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We are all Muppets: 9/26/2015 14:21:27

Level 54
Count Szeweningen talks with Fizzer the Grouch about how many players will enjoy playing the new counting ladders. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jwoWBrT-FyU

Count Szeweningen teaching us how to play the new ladders.

Fizzer the Grouch singing about his ladders.

HHH and Count Szeweningen in their 2v2 ladder team chat.

Chris talking on the forum about settings and strategy.

JSA when I agreed to allow him to manage 20 tournaments.

Chris and Lolowut working their way through the fog in a 2v2 and discussing their discoveries in team chat.

HHH when he sees a 1v1 coin game with one open seat :) but then the seat is filled :( and then another game is opened :) but then he wins coins :) and discovers that there is no more game to play :( until Crazy Chew opens up a new coin tournament for HHH to join :)

HHH using uservoice for the first time.

How Mythonian helped kcscrag to think more so they could win more 2v2 ladder games.

dead piggy talking with HHH in team chat after picks have been given and they are thinking where the enemy might be.

Summer when playing coin games.

Gnuffone talking with his alts in team chat.

Gnuffone's alts talking about picks in a broadcast...nobody can understand him.

MathWolf solving problems on the forum.

Count Szeweningen checking his WL mail (that he wrote to himself) after his most recent broadcast.

Count Szeweningen excited after winning a game with good counting and calculations.

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We are all Muppets: 9/26/2015 14:31:14

The Glorious Koala
Level 60
We are all Muppets: 9/26/2015 14:37:50

Cata Cauda
Level 58
Omg thank you so much!
We are all Muppets: 9/26/2015 14:38:45

Level 59
This is the new "1v1 Ladder According to Lion"

Keep it going!
We are all Muppets: 9/26/2015 14:50:28

Level 59
Knyte = Trump
Fizzer = Obama

Knyte talking about Fizzer

We are all Muppets: 9/27/2015 00:45:19

professor dead piggy 
Level 59
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Kc-G4obKicY When I try to discuss new template ideas with lolowut on the live stream.

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TLs5FI9Wxxg Fizzer alters the fuckin 1v1 ladder
We are all Muppets: 9/27/2015 14:21:36

Level 61
That was pretty great.
We are all Muppets: 9/27/2015 14:43:12

Level 54
This is me as I am raping and pillaging my way to the pinnacle of glory on the old 1v1 Ladder. But at the last moment, Fizzer changes the rules of the game. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QRhgqZcpFdw

myhand tries to teach JSA how to play 3v3 Europe with intuition and proper tactical maneuvers from behind the fog, but JSA can only understand what he sees.

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We are all Muppets: 9/27/2015 18:19:39

professor dead piggy 
Level 59
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