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Best Guitar Solo In 20 Years: 9/21/2015 20:15:42

Level 54
Story Time :

I bought the new Weezer album about 6 months ago. I of course jammed out to it, it's good and such. I would always immediately jump over to the tracks I liked after I heard one song. I decided to pop it back in when I was driving along and I looked at the CD's case, and I popped in the CD. It's at this point in the year where I don't have the energy to press the back button to go to the first track again. So I let it play out in the intended order. I realized I had skipped over an entire song (or 3 songs, whatever. It's just one big song really) because I had never paid much attention to the tracks and such. What I found was this song that reminded me of "Only In Dreams" the way there was this long intro, and then this middle part with lyrics. But then the outro came along. I'll give you the links because no further talking is necessary.


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Best Guitar Solo In 20 Years: 9/21/2015 20:25:43

Level 49
I checked out the rock critic and watched the rise and fall of Weezer. Great watch. Weezer never really recovered after pork and beans though
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