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Hello,what´s your opinion on this.....: 8/25/2015 23:21:04

#The Prussian Job-Oh yeah, baby...
Level 51
on this:

It is after WW4-also known as "Great Thermo-Nuclear War"-in 2164.Most parts of the world are
nuclear-contaminated wastelands.Only a few people survived and they have not much food nor technology,as most of the industry-centres and the large cities got destroyed.(Except Moscow,but that´s an other topic.)However,the survivors want to spread out and search for other people,food,and other thnigs,which survived the nuclear bombing.
While this happened,a new threat appeared at Hokkaido,the most-northern island of Japan:
A giant fire,which seems to reach from the sky down to the ground.The "hellfire"-as it was named-is swallowing everything comming near to it.The hellfire is heading towards Okinawa,where the Emperor of the new dynasty fled to,together with his fellows.
At the same time,the people of the nation of Israel and Lebanon turned into evil Gremlins(due to the nuclear fallout) which try to reach the Saudis,who castled themselves in at Oman.

Moscow survived the GTNW due to a heavy electro-magnetic impulse,which appeared due to the winds of the sun caused by the eruptions at the sun...So all nukes failed to reach Moscow and hit the ground near Moscow.
North Korea survived the whole war without a scar thanks to the US-American president which commited suicide before he was able to sign the order to nuke North Korea.Only seconds after this suicide,10 nukes hit Washington D.C.(The US-president saw no other option than suicide as the total eradication of the USA was touchable.So he enjoyed his last minutes with a glass of scotch and then he pulled the trigger of his gun...)
That´s why North Korea became a super power along with Albania,Montenegro,Kosovo and 3/4th of Mongolia.

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Hello,what´s your opinion on this.....: 8/25/2015 23:52:27

Level 53
Sorry mate, you lost me at gremlins. Also remember the rule of function over fiction, there are too many wastelands and playing this map will be an annoying bother to navigate. Also why WW4? What happened during WW3?
Hello,what´s your opinion on this.....: 8/26/2015 00:06:29

Garrett C McArthur
Level 55
I would play
Hello,what´s your opinion on this.....: 8/26/2015 00:18:52

Cata Cauda
Level 58
I know not with what weapons World War III will be fought, but World War IV will be fought with sticks and stones.

Albert Einstein.

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